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  • dog in dog house

    7 Tips For Raising Animals In A Tiny House

    As a tiny homeowner, caring for your pets shouldn’t be affected by the size of your home. Tiny living encourages you to embrace unique ways of doing things, and looking for creative storage and organization solutions is at the top of that list. This is particularly true when you consider the needs of your pets. Food […] More

  • rustic picnic table with dining set

    Picnic Table Plans

    Picnic tables are not only a traditional backyard staple, but they’ve evolved to become so much more than a place for sandwiches and watermelon on a summer day. They’re a favorite gathering place for friends, the site of craft projects for kids, and even act as outdoor classrooms. Even for an amateur woodworker, tackling DIY […] More

  • people standing around pergola

    Pergola Plans

    Picture this: You’ve just finished your gardening chores for the weekend, and now you’re relaxing in your backyard with a refreshing glass of lemonade. You sit down in an Adirondack chair with your feet kicked up. Suddenly, you feel the heat of the day scorching your face. Relaxation is officially out the window. This is […] More

  • 5 Things To Consider Before Buying A Used Tiny House

    Buying a house, tiny or large, is a complicated affair. Most of us aren’t builders or work in construction, so it’s a challenge to make sure we are buying a quality house when we’re searching for our future home. This is especially the case when it comes to buying a used tiny house because there […] More

  • fire pit

    20 Fire Pit Ideas To Make The Summer Last All Year Long

    No matter what time of year it is, an outdoor fire always gets people excited. There’s something magical about gathering around with friends and family, making s’mores, or toasting with your favorite cocktails. When it comes to deciding which kind of fire pit makes sense for your own yard, there’s such a wide array of […] More

  • pea gravel

    Pea Gravel Patios

    Using natural materials in hardscaping is among one of most the popular trends in patios right now. Among these natural options, pea gravel is one of the best. Pea gravel is visually appealing as the small, round stones offer a soft look to the space they occupy. The gravel is also versatile and can accommodate […] More

  • quonset hut at night

    Quonset Huts

    The Quonset hut, designed for military use, is finding its way into contemporary living— with some important upgrades. The original huts, developed on Quonset Island, Rhode Island, were cheap, temporary housing for troops on the move. They were easy to put up, easy to take down and pack, and made of inexpensive materials—corrugated steel and […] More

  • the geodesic dome house

    Geodesic Domes

    Geodesic domes are enjoying a resurgence as more people seek out eco-friendly building options . Architect Buckminster Fuller invented the geodesic dome. The American Institute of Architects calls it “the strongest, lightest and most efficient means of enclosing space known to man.” No doubt you’ve seen geodesic domes before. Some as public structures, some as […] More

  • garden fence surrounded by sunflowers

    Garden Fencing

    Garden fencing serves all sorts of purposes. Those needs might be practical, or you might just want a nice accent to mark the edge of your yard. This guide will help you choose the right material and recommend a few vendors. Why Does Your Garden Need A Fence? Every land owner’s needs are different, but […] More

  • findhorn community nature sanctuary


    There’s a charm to underground homes and so-called ‘hobbit homes’, but many former owners of such buildings have moved out due to problems with moisture and related conditions. But, earth might be the best insulator available, and it’s definitely the cheapest. Permaculturalist Paul Wheaton, owner of the forums at as well as, set […] More

  • black and white lighthouse on the beach

    Lighthouses For Sale

    Buying a lighthouse is more than a real estate transaction. It’s a lifestyle change that links you to a proud American tradition. The best way to find lighthouses for sale is via a US Government lighthouse “property disposal”. These happen sporadically. When one is going on, the General Services Administration lists available lighthouses on this […] More

  • Shed Plans

    Sheds are an important asset to any garden, backyard, or homestead. They keep our spaces organized and protect our tools from the elements. Whether you’re needing a traditional, simple shed for your home and garden products or a more decorative shed to bring aesthetics to your garden, there is a design out there that is […] More

  • Installing An Interior Barn Door

    There’s something mesmerizing about a heavy door gliding silently on a steel track, especially when it’s indoors. We're loving the reclaimed wood sliding barn door in @loverdreamerathome beachside abode! The flooring is QuickStep Eligna Wide laminate in Caribbean Oak Grey and the carpet is Pavetta Stainmaster in colour 'Ixora' ? #FlooringXtra A post shared by […] More

  • How To Choose A Greenhouse Material

    By extending the growing season, greenhouse growing enables the cultivation of organic, pesticide-free produce all year around. Breaking into greenhouse growing can seem like a daunting task, but with the right information, you can decide which greenhouse is best for you.  Greenhouse Structure The design of a greenhouse greatly impacts its productivity and energy-efficiency.  Though other materials are […] More

  • How To Build A Headboard

    Your bed is your second home—a place where you’ll spend one-third of your life dreaming up your next DIY project. The bed is your safety zone, a lovers’ sanctuary, a creative child’s train, boat, or horse-drawn chariot. Yet, a bed is also just a soft and characterless loaf in need of textiles and furnishings to […] More

  • Is Tesla’s Solar Tile Roof Right For You?

    Tesla’s solar roofing tile is now available for pre-order. Should you go for it? Ultimately, Tesla’s goal is for you to use their products to power your home with 100% clean and renewable energy. Tesla’s solar tiles work in tandem with their Powerwall battery pack to power your home and save you money in the […] More

  • san juan model polycarbonate greenhouse

    Polycarbonate Greenhouses

    “Plastic” and “durability” aren’t usually words that should go together, but in the case of greenhouses they can. Long-lasting polycarbonate is worth considering as the covering material for your greenhouse, especially when compared to the traditional use of glass. In the case of modern tempered glass, rocks and hail shatter the panes with little effort. […] More

  • a complete vintage book succulent planter

    How To Make Succulent Planters From Vintage Books

    It’s hard not to love succulents—so much that they deserve a beautiful planter. Succulents are low maintenance, hardy, and look gorgeous. But they are also an incredibly odd bunch, coming in more shapes, colors and sizes than the cars on our roads. It’s for this reason that they deserve a pot that matches our love for […] More

  • root cellar

    Root Cellars: The Original Refrigerator

    Root cellars are the original refrigerator. Back in the days before refrigerators were invented, homesteaders stored their produce, among other things, in the root cellar. They have been around for a very long time. Many homesteaders still prefer letting the Earth’s natural coolness keep our vegetables fresh, rather than refrigerating. Root Cellars: The Basics Root cellars […] More

  • ladder as planter

    Salvage Inspiration From Ballard Reuse

    One of the most unique show gardens at the 2017 Northwest Flower & Garden Show was the display set up by Ballard Reuse. The entire area was decorated with salvaged items, used very creatively. This table was made out of bleachers salvaged from a school gym. The patio bricks are salvaged as well. The placesettings […] More

  • A wall marked out with blue tape before hanging

    5 Blue Painter’s Tape Construction Tips

    Painting isn’t blue tape’s only use. Blue tape comes in handy during finish work, furniture, and cabinetry carpentry, and even when cutting certain materials. Blue tape loves you and it needs to produce clean lines. Blue tape is on your side and will act as a buffer in case you make a mistake. Blue tape wants you […] More

  • Earthbag Dome House

    How To Build An Earthbag House For $6,164

    In this post, guest author Jay Eisenberg details how he and his wife built their earthbag house for $6,164, completed on Oahu recently in 2017. For years I had dreamed of building my own home and not being enslaved with a mortgage. While living in New Zealand I was connected with Shaye Boddington of DIY […] More

  • frame made from barn wood

    How To Build A Barn Wood Frame

    It is hard not to admire old barns that are resting, quietly in old, abandoned farm fields. I often wonder what stories they could tell. This insight would provide a pivotal history to its former owner and the landscape the barns guard with a watchful eye. A few months ago, a friend of mine was […] More

  • wall being removed

    How To Remove A Wall

    Like all things there’s a messy way and a clean way to go about demolishing a wall. In the lively and magical world of demolition construction nearly every challenge can generally be solved with a sledgehammer and an oversized lunch pail. However, the end result is usually a catastrophic mess and a heavy film of […] More

  • Rustic Dining Tables

    There’s something about a dining room table that suggests so much more than a practical piece of furniture. If you look carefully, you can almost see the story being told. The faded spot where the stain has worn off at the head of the table where Dad always sits with his coffee and his newspaper. […] More

  • charred wood shou sugi ban

    Charred Wood

    In the carpentry and remodel biz it’s not often one gets to burn something in order to make it more durable and fire resistant, but the centuries-old Japanese wood preserving practice known as Shou Sugi Ban does just that. If you’re looking for an immediate weathered look, or a dark natural finish to your cedar […] More

  • Garden Shed Kits

    I vividly remember parasailing across a South Dakota home improvement store parking lot. Not on purpose. I’d picked up a vinyl shed panel in the wind. It was 6:15 am and I’d just been sent to clean up after a recent blizzard. Sleeting snow and wind stung my face as I skated across the slush-filled […] More

  • greenhouse

    Greenhouse Plans

    A greenhouse is one of the most well-known garden structures. Providing shielding from extreme sun, wind, and rain — greenhouses can significantly extend your growing season. These sunny buildings come in a variety of shapes and sizes too. Heated glass greenhouses can fight against snow and cold in severe climates. Plastic sheeting can help create […] More

  • Eco-Friendly Playgrounds

    Parents know the benefits of installing playgrounds and playsets. Beyond being a fun activity that gets children outdoors, playground equipment is important for a child’s cognitive, emotional, physical, and interpersonal development. A day in the backyard or at the park does wonders for kids’ physical health, as well as improving their self-confidence and social skills, […] More

  • wood hose caddy with planter

    Planter Box Plans

    Create a true gardenscape by moving your plants beyond the pot. Create your own planter boxes with these free online designs. I searched the internet to try and find a planter box to match just about any urban homestead and found some really great projects. Planter Box Plans for All Kinds of Homesteads Carpentry projects […] More

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