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Regardless of the projects you’re tackling, chances are you could do them more efficiently with a workbench. Building your own workbench doesn’t necessarily require complex woodworking—but before you jump in to build your own, consider a few things, like your primary use for it and how much space you have for it. Be realistic about your own carpentry skill level—some of these plans are quite extensive. Here are some other basic considerations to keep in mind.

A common mistake that people are prone to make, among others, is approaching the building of their workbench as they do with other woodworking or furniture projects. Simply put, while a dresser needs to look pretty, a workbench does not.

In the long run, your workbench is going to end up with random bits of paint, stain, nail and staple holes, saw cuts, and plain old wear and tear. It doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive. The important elements of a good workbench are that it’s sturdy and durable, everything else is extra.

For a little help to get you thinking about which workbench is right for you, check out our list of 20 free workbench plans.

Classic Workbench Plans

Something only becomes a classic because it’s tried and true and can be relied upon for the long haul. For these plans, you’ll want to have the leg vise, planing stop, and holdfasts before you get started. It’s recommended that you work with a wood such as hard maple that is heavy, hard, stiff, and less expensive than other choices. With that being said, you can certainly go another route.

Find the plans at Benchcrafted

Simple Workbench Plans

simple workbench plans
Courtesy of The Family Handyman

Simple and affordable doesn’t mean low-quality. Especially when it comes to these workbench plans. While this project will leave you with a workbench that should last for years to come, it will only run you about $20-$100 to build and can be completed in one day.

Find the plans at Family Handyman

Garage Workbench Plans

Even if you’re not spending a lot of time using your workbench for carpentry projects, you could probably use one for simple tasks around the house. Chances are you’ll be tackling those projects in your garage.

These garage workbench plans require the use of a table or circular saw, Kreg jig, impact driver, and jigsaw. The materials can be found for less than $130.

Find the plans at Shanty 2 Chic

Budget-Friendly Workbench Plans

Budget Friendly Workbench Plans
Courtesy of The Family Handyman

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, the materials for this workbench cost around $50. It’s also a simple enough project for even a beginner skill level and can be made in a few hours.

Find the plans at Family Handyman

Ultimate Workstation Plans

Ultimate Workstation Plans

This workbench project is extensive and is best for those with advanced skills. Be sure that you have a garage or basement with enough space for a bench of this size. Tools needed include a pocket hole jig, miter saw, table saw, circular saw, jigsaw, and brad nailer.

Find the plans at Rogue Engineer

2′ x 6′ Workbench Plans

2X6 Workbench Plans

These 2′ x 6′ workbench plans are simple enough, and materials should only run you around $80-$100. The entire project can likely be finished in 2-3 hours and outside of a circular saw, you may already have most of the other tools required.

Find the plans at Octane Press

Heavy-Duty Workbench Plans

If you’re always moving onto the next big carpentry project, you’ll need a workbench that can do a lot of heavy lifting.

These plans will help you build a workbench ready for the job. The tools you’ll need include a drill, impact driver, metal drill bit, miter saw, and jigsaw (or hand saw).

Find the plans at One Project Closer

Woodworking Workbench Plans

Woodworking Workbench Plans

Woodworking workbenches have a variety of unique needs and requirements, and these plans accommodate for those differences. To craft this workbench, you’ll need a drill, circular saw, router, belt sander, orbital palm sander, and jigsaw, as well as some of the standard tools you’d expect such as a screwdriver, wrench, and hacksaw.

Find the plans at jdege on Instructables

Shaker Workbench Plans

The craftsmanship required to build this workbench will not go unnoticed. Be ready to spend several days and several hundred dollars to complete this project. This will be a piece you can be proud of.

Find the plans at Wood Archivist

Flip-Top Workbench Plans

Flip Top Workbench Plans

When space is at a premium, it’s time to get creative. That’s exactly what these plans are for. Flip-top workbenches are designed to act as both a workbench and storage for things like a miter or table saw.

Find the plans at Saws on Skates

Modular Workbench Plans

You may be in the market for a workbench that needs to serve multiple functions, leaving you to wonder which kind to build. You’re in luck. This workbench is designed to change with your needs. It can act as one large workbench or divide into two smaller ones. It’s also on wheels making it mobile when you need to move to another area of your garage or basement.

Find the plans at Gadgets and Grain

Folding Workbench Plans

If you’re working with a space such as a small garage that pulls triple duty, you may need a workbench that can be folded and out of the way when not in use. These plans help you build a project on a budget and in only half a day. However, you should note that these plans require a bit of an advanced skill level.

Find the plans at DIY Network

Small Workbench Plans

Small Workbench Plans

Even when a small workbench is all you need, you’ll still want something sturdy that holds up over time. Try choosing wood that adjusts with climate changes such as cedar. This project should only take a day to complete.

Find the plans at My Outdoor Plans

Corner Workbench With Lazy Susan Plans

Utilizing corners is a huge space saver. The plans for this corner workbench also include a lazy Susan for large tools. The project requires an intermediate skill level.

Find the plans at Ana White

Door-Top Workbench Plans

Door Top Workbench Plans

If you are able to get your hands on a solid core door from the ’50s, this workbench is simple enough to put together and gives you a durable, sturdy surface. This project is not complicated and comes together relatively quickly.

Find the plans at Woodgears

Workbench With Table Saw Outfeed

Workbench with Table Saw Outfeed

For a workbench that supports carpentry projects requiring a table saw, check out these plans. The bench is large, sturdy, and contains drawers on both sides, making it easy to access tools while you work.

Find the plans at Wood Magazine

Box-Beam Workbench Plans

Box-Beam Workbench Plans

Don’t be fooled by the fact that this project is simple, appropriate for all skill levels, and inexpensive. The base of this workbench is incredibly sturdy, and the entire piece is durable enough to withstand whatever you’re using it for.

Find the plans at Popular Woodworking

Two-Hour Workbench Plans

Two-Hour Workbench Plans

You guessed it—this will likely take around 2 hours to construct. Not bad for a finished project like this. Though simple in design, the bench should stand the test of time (and use). It’s made of inexpensive wood, and if you like, you can purchase the boards pre-cut.

Find the plans at Honeybear Lane

Kids Workbench Plans

The littles are never too young to learn the joy of working with their hands. Craft them a workbench of their very own, and your son or daughter can work right alongside you. You’ll need a jigsaw, face clamp, table or circular saw, miter saw, orbital sander, drill, and brad nailer.

Find the plans at Fix This Build That

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