The Quonset hut, designed for military use, is finding its way into contemporary living— with some important upgrades.

The original huts, developed on Quonset Island, Rhode Island, were cheap, temporary housing for troops on the move. They were easy to put up, easy to take down and pack, and made of inexpensive materials—corrugated steel and plywood. And their sturdy shape helps them withstand harsh wind and rain.

The military has moved on—shipping containers are increasingly used for temporary quarters. Quonset homes are mainly designed for civilian purposes. Not only are Quonset homes inexpensive to build, but due to the type of building materials needed, as well as the inherent benefits due to its arched shape, they are a popular choice among those looking for eco-friendly homes.

If you’re curious about learning more about what builders or building materials you have available to you, consider doing some research with a Quonset home builder or checking out what options these structures can provide.

Not only are Quonset homes energy efficient and economical, but because of their open structure, there are endless ways to fit them to suit your purposes inside. The interiors of the modern-day Quonset homes are striking, and their exteriors are quite unexpected as well. Let’s take a look at some examples.

Steel And Glass Quonset Home

Who says you can’t combine luxury with eco-friendly? This Quonset home set in the woods looks like one of the most inviting places on earth.

Quonset Hut With Rainbow Bricks

The question is where do your eyes go first? To the fun, rainbow brick or the eclectic wood features?

Jungle Quonset Hut

You can’t live much more within nature than inside of this Quonset home set in the tropics.

Double Quonset Home

SteelMaster Buildings / Flickr (Creative Commons)

This double Quonset home provides plenty of space while simultaneously providing unparalleled views.

Lakefront Quonset Home

lakefront quonset hut home
SteelMaster Buildings / Flickr (Creative Commons)

Perhaps one of the most eco-friendly lakefront homes you could get your hands on.

Alaskan Quonset Cabin

alaskan quonset hut home
SteelMaster Buildings / Flickr (Creative Commons)

Though it’s settled in the cold of an Alaskan winter, this Quonset cabin sure looks cozy!

Quonset Hut Meditation Room

I used to have dreams about running my own yoga studio, but in my sleep I never really had an exact vision of the physical space itself. I always woke up remembering the feeling, sensation, smells but never the structure. . Today it hit me when packing my bag for a solo-studio practice with no mat, no music just sun pounding on my shoulders until I’m dripping in sweat kind of practice – that all the times I tried and tried to dream what my studio would “look like” I was trying to dream with my eyes, where in fact dreams speak from the heart. I was searching for a physical yoga home that would energetically enlighten me rather than confine me and that’s something that needs to be felt. . When @brenourse & I were planning our visions for @thecollectiveattruenorth we knew we wanted somewhere that would allow our students to grow roots, learn, express, create and share. With the hut, yes we landed on gold and it’s a beautiful visual “space” but most importantly it’s the authentic experience, connection, personal and community growth that’s been happening in here every day that truly makes it feel like my dreams are finally happening here on earth. #gratefulaf . That said, signing off after a hustling + productive week so this girl can get some beauty rest. See you in the morning for 8am Up The Wall or 7:30PM Friday Nite Live with @abbyxonicole & @paramdev_kaur in Hut #8 #aspersonalaspracticegets

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Talk about taking the home yoga experience to a new level. That morning light is picture perfect!

Las Vegas Desert Quonset Home

quonset home at dusk
SteelMaster Buildings / Flickr (Creative Commons)

The ravages of the desert heat can at times be fierce, but a Quonset home may be the ideal respite. And check out the view of the city from here.

Modern Quonset Home

quonset hut home
SteelMaster Buildings / Flickr (Creative Commons)

This modern home uses Quonset hut architecture, seamlessly blending practicality with luxury.

Quonset Home With Side Windows

Breaking from tradition, this Quonset home is opened up by the use of side windows.

Vinyl And Steel Quonset Home

Another break from the traditional Quonset home made of corrugated steel, this structure is crafted of both vinyl and steel.

Quonset Home Wooden Ceiling Beams

The interior of this home boasts beautiful carved, wooden beams perfectly marrying up to the ceiling.

Quonset Home In Tuscon, Arizona

The contrast between the blue of the house and the red of the flowers is so dreamy!

Stucco Quonset Home

Finished in a stucco exterior, this Quonset home appears that it would blend well into a traditional neighborhood.

Scottish Quonset Home

Blending into the Scottish countryside, this home is made up of two unique, connected Quonset structures giving it a modern yet ethereal quality.

Interior Quonset Home Living Room

The use of natural lighting and paint colors make this room bright, warm and inviting.

Modern Eclectic Quonset Home

For anyone looking for a modern, eclectic way to design a Quonset home, this may be what you’re looking for.

Luxury Quonset Home

Scott Lorsch / Unsplash

If luxury is what you’re after, consider designing a home like this with multiple Quonset home elements in each section.

The Robert Daniel House

Located in Knoxville, Tennessee, this home was designed in 1948, and considering it’s eco-friendly elements, was ahead of its time.

Quonset Home Bedroom Interior

Galvanized steel against the arched design, coupled with the placement of the window gives this bedroom an airy, light feeling.

Deconstructed Barn House

Technically a Quonset home, but on an entirely new level, this deconstructed barn house is making the most of its enormous size.

Quonset Apartment Homes

quonset hut building
Brett VA / Flickr (Creative Commons)

These Quonset style apartment homes were part of an urban renewal project in Washington, D.C.

Timberline Lodge

Tremendous. #timberlinetruth #timberlinelodge #omht

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The iconic Timberline Lodge in Oregon’s Mt. Hood, constructed in the 1930s, has a Quonset hut over their main doorway.

Quonset Home At Night

quonset hut home at sunset
SteelMaster Buildings / Flickr (Creative Commons)

Despite the lack of side windows, notice how because of the placement of its windows, this home lights up in the evening.

Written by Jessica Barrett Halcom

Jessica is an outdoor enthusiast who can be found dreaming up any excuse to make her way to the woods, the mountains, or the beach. Growing up in the country in a small town in Wisconsin, she had aspirations of one day moving to a big city to make her living as a writer. Her love of the country won out over the city, and though she makes her living writing, she has chosen the hills of Tennessee as her home where she lives with her family.

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