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With so many individuals and companies building tiny houses, how are you supposed to know who to choose?

Some tiny house builders can build and ship homes nationwide or send their design plans across the world. Other, smaller builders, focus on their region and work primarily with locals.

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Choosing a Tiny House Builder

The thing is, a tiny house is more than just a “normal house that is small”. Tiny houses have their own unique challenges. Make sure your builder has experience with tiny houses. Whether it is a company that specializes in tiny houses or a local builder from your region, ask these specific questions:

  • Does the builder know advanced wall framing techniques that will minimize the lumber that goes into the structure, helping the house be as light and lean as possible?
  • How do they plan to address moisture problems in your particular climate?
  • How do they plan on properly sealing up and insulating a tiny house on a trailer?
  • How will they install all appliances and systems?
  • How do they plan to engineer the structure to withstand mobility or extreme weather?

Portland Alternative Houses’ Tiny Houses’ manual, Go House Go, is a terrific resource book for tiny house builders that includes all the irregularities and uniqueness of building a tiny house.

Tiny House Shells

With full-service tiny house builders, you pay for their expertise designing furnishings, plumbing, and electrical systems for tiny homes. If you think you can handle that stuff yourself, consider a builder who focuses solely on erecting the structure of your tiny house. See Tiny House Kits & Shells for more information.

Local Builders

Finding a local builder for your tiny home is a way to support small business, invest in your local economy, and follow the mantra of “think globally, act locally.”

  • Local builders will know the zoning laws and coding for your region and can also adapt your house to your local climate.
  • Acquiring local materials is another way to invest in the local economy, as well as have a stronger connection to place. When materials are locally harvested they are usually done so in a more responsible and conscientious way.
  • More local builders might even offer the option of a work-trade with you and give the option of being involved, alongside them, in the construction of your home.

Tiny House Builders By State



Al Tiny Homes handles the entire building process of your tiny home, including electricity and plumbing. Their lead construction professional has been building homes for over 20 years and can design and build a tiny home from scratch, or build from a design you already have. From initial consultation to home delivery, the whole process takes around 6-8 weeks. Average price: $39,000.
AL tiny homes tiny house

These tiny homes are considered “park model RV’s” (also known as a recreational park trailer). Designed to provide accommodations for camping or hunting, these tiny homes seem more like a modern version of a camping RV or would be used for “glamping”.


The first tiny house company in Alaska, Tundra Tiny Houses tries their best to acquire their materials locally and be as environmentally-friendly as possible. They build their own trailers and install solar panels in all of their tiny home models. They also offer the option of incorporating other off-grid systems. Because their homes are custom-built and unique to each customer, pricing varies. A “top of the line” 24’ model is in the $60,000 range.


The design aesthetic of the 200 sq. ft. Cinderbox Dwelling was inspired by a dichotomy found in desert life. “Cacti, such as the saguaro, have rough exterior skins that can handle the intense environment while the interior plant flesh is often soft and wet, designed to hold moisture and the essentials for desert survival.” The design of the Cinderbox has a burnt, rough wood exterior and soft, clear wood interior, like the saguaro. Cinderbox Dwellings are custom designed by Damon Wake and Hunter Floyd, two architects that specialize in high-end home designs. They’re working on a tiny house on wheels, which they plan to make available in late 2016.

cinderbox interior
Interior of the Cinderbox.

Tiny Treasure Home is a family-owned tiny house building company that wishes to bring encouragement and support to homebuyers through affordable tiny homes. They offer tiny house design plans and tiny house trailers. They can design and build your house from the ground up or do a partial build and let you finish the rest. Their goal is to work with you and offer plenty of options and flexibility. Tiny House models are around $50,000 and design plans $295.


No known Tiny House Builders, please let us know if we’re missing one!


California Tiny House is a father-and-son business based out of Fresno, CA. They started building tiny homes because “Tiny is the next Big thing”. They offer the option of building their model for you, or giving you with the shell and tools to finish the rest. Prices range from $21,500-$45,000.

With a background in architecture and ecology, Alex Wyndham’s design philosophy focuses on social responsibility, sustainability, climate and site ecology. He believes that architecture has a responsibility to make things beautiful, to inspire the heart and mind. Wyndhams work joins art and his love of nature to create truly unique structures. His work has appeared in Sunset Magazine and on the TV show Tiny House Nation.

Lil Abode builds 120-480 sq. ft. tiny houses. They pride themselves on using environmentally-conscious foundations with “extremely low environmental impact”. The homes can be customized to fit your needs. Average price: $54,000.

Four Lights tiny house company designs come from a well-known tiny house aficionado Jay Shafer. As tiny house buyers have gotten more demanding, Shafer has refined his tiny house designs. The goal of Four Lights and Shafer is to “provide homeowners with everything they need or want, and nothing they don’t”.

Tumbleweed Houses
Founded 1999


  • Complete models
  • Trailers & shells
  • Building plans
  • Workshops

Tumbleweed is a world-renowned tiny house company. The name Tumbleweed comes from the mobility of the houses, “it has roots and is mobile at the same time”. Tumbleweed Tiny House Company focuses solely on tiny houses on wheels. They offer four different models and dozens of ways to customize them to your liking.

Tumbleweed Elm model

Built from the ground up at their site in Anderson, CA. With customized steel trailers and pine cabinets, Liberty Cabins hopes to please the tiny house community with inexpensive prices and high quality materials. Price: $44,000.

With the goal of bringing down the cost of a tiny home, Monarch Tiny Homes came up with the Half/Half model. The Half/Half models saves time and money by having their team of builders design and construct the first half of the house and have you finish the second half. Models start at $22,000.

Tortoise Shell Homes live up to their name. Like a tortoise shell they are cozy (starting at 130 sq. ft.), mobile (mounted on a trailer) and built strong. All homes are handcrafted and designed for optimum energy efficiency. Pricing starts at $28,000.

Each bunk house can be custom-built to meet your needs. It can come full of amenities or as basic and simple as you would like. Having been in the business for over 20 years, they have plenty of experience working with clients, they know how to work to meet your needs.

Located in Northern California, Sierra Tiny Homes offers 4 different tiny home models ranging from 260-309 square feet. They also offer custom build services to meet your needs.


Tiny Diamond Homes
Founded 2012


  • Shells
  • Finished homes
  • Consulting

Tiny Diamond Homes is one of the oldest licensed tiny home builders in Colorado—their team has built more than 1 million square feet of homes over the past 37 years. Their home options include both tiny house shells starting from $28,000, and finished homes starting from $58,000, with a wide range of sizes and customizations available. They are licensed in several Colorado counties and so they can help with the building permit process.

Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses
Founded 2013


  • Complete Models
  • Custom Homes
  • Design Consultation
  • Workshops

Greg Parham started Rocky Mountain Tiny houses in 2013, after a friend of his sent him a link about tiny houses. He knew right away he would someday be designing tiny homes. His style is contemporary meets outdoorsy, very Rocky Mountain-esque. Completed models are available for purchase as well as design plans. Prices range from $25,000-$35,000.

Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses—Boulder Model
Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses Boulder Model—starts at $34,000.

MitchCraft Tiny Homes came out of the desire to create a more sustainable lifestyle and an interest in the creativity involved in building small. Space efficiency and overall “livability” are a focus but their main priority is in creating an artistic and unique home you will love coming home to. Prices for complete tiny houses range from $40,000-$70,000.

Interior of a home by Mitchcraft
Interior of a home by Mitchcraft.

Sprout Tiny Homes pride themselves on building quality homes “with the homeowners’ personality, design, and chemical sensitivity in mind”. All their homes have chemical-free interiors and efficient, on-demand hot water systems, toilet and shower. From purchase to delivery, a Sprout home takes around 30-45 days.

Located in Bliss Canyon near Boulder, CO, SimBLISSity Tiny Homes is a family-owned business with a focus on minimizing environmental impact. They try to use sustainably sourced materials as much as they can and use a PV solar system to generate power for their building facilities. Solar-tiny homes can be purchased through special order.


No known Tiny House Builders, please let us know if we’re missing one!


No known Tiny House Builders, please let us know if we’re missing one!

District of Columbia

Minim Homes wants to “fully reimagine the mobile micro home” by adding modern aesthetics, increasing off-grid options and increasing overall livability. They offer plans and ship models nationwide.


Blue Ox Bungalows wants to keep the tiny house movement going. They would love to build and sell you a fully completed model, but they also have options for the DIY types. They can send you all the materials and tools that you need to build one of their designs (like a kit) or you can purchase a custom built trailers for your own design and build. Their completed models range from $29,000-$39,000.

CEO Brett Hiltbrand worked with Habitat For Humanity for many years. After building a 6,000 sq. ft. home in 96 hours he realized that anything can be accomplished with “proper planning and positive attitudes”. Brett and his “out-of-the-box” thinking team can help you with your house from design to build. Finished models and shells are available as well.

Promise a full-service tiny home experience, including land acquisition and building. Contact them for more information.


Free Range Tiny Homes has two options for completed models for sale: Tiny Home or Tiny Office. Prices are not listed on the site. The site is under construction.

With 30 years of experience in building homes, Hummingbird TINY Housing builds “one-of-a-kind” tiny homes. Their mobile tiny homes weigh 9,500 lbs, have wood floors and retractable porches. Models shown on site in Danville, GA, by appointment.

KoKoon Homes started with the desire to be out of the city and out of debt. Before the tiny house movement, founders Dave and Kathy Rades built a small home back in 1990 and came up with a design they now use in their tiny houses. “Practical, Affordable, Logical” was the original thought process and still is. Their tiny house kits are steel-framed home kits, with a soy-based spray-in foam insulation. Their shells start at $21.95/sq. ft.
kokoon homes tiny house


Owned by women, Habitats Hawaii is focused on sustainable communities and sustainable building. Each individual feature of the homes are tailored to the idea of living lightly on the Earth. All models are fully equipped for generating solar power and have metal roof gutters for rainwater catchment.

Habitats Hawaii Paniola Model
Habitats Hawaii Paniola Model

Brandon Hardin was born and raised in Hawaii. He went off to school in Oregon and then ended up playing for the NFL. While in Eugene, OR, Brandon was introduced to the tiny house Opportunity Village, a community of tiny houses for people experiencing homelessness. He was inspired to bring this model back to Hawaii and set out with the goal of helping the homeless of Hawaii and to provide stability for the natives of Hawaii who have been displaced. Since then the goal has expanded and Tiny Pacific Houses now offers 25 different models that are built to order.


This family-owned and operated business specializes in custom RV manufacturing (tiny homes on wheels). Tiny Idahomes offers start-to-finish services, from design to build. Prices range from $24,000 to $64,500.

A father and son started Little Foot after hearing all the hype around tiny houses and decided they could start building them. “With a good amount of construction experience, a contractor’s license and some ambition, they started Little Foot Tiny Homes.” Prices range from $37,000 to $50,000, depending on finishes and upgrades.


Two finished tiny house models available with lots of style and upgrade options.


Burrow Tiny Homes believes that living in smaller spaces can help us live our ideal lives. “Everyone has a desire that is longing to be fulfilled and may only be possible when we break out of the ‘normal or ‘acceptable’, and break into what may be different.” Choose from three of their layouts or custom design your own and have them build it for you. Prices range from $27,000 to $45,000.


No known Tiny House Builders, please let us know if we’re missing one!


No known Tiny House Builders, please let us know if we’re missing one!


No known Tiny House Builders, please let us know if we’re missing one!”


No known Tiny House Builders, please let us know if we’re missing one!


More “small homes” than “tiny homes”, Creative Cottages uses environmentally sensitive building practices to build their energy efficient homes. They work with their clients to come up with the best use of the space while integrating function and intimacy.

Father and son Luke and Ted Lucier started Tiny Houses of Maine LLC after finishing up their first tiny house for Luke. Their goal is to get as many people into tiny houses in whatever way possible. They offer services in designing and building, on a trailer or on a foundation. Or you can purchase a shell for you to complete the rest.


Hobbitat Spaces seems like an awesome company. Their tiny homes are called “Hobs”. They range from 275 sq. ft. to 750 sq. ft. and have a very unique look to them. Owners Bill and Sue Thomas started the business after years of doing restoration construction, refurbishing old materials and buildings. They took this knack with them to start Hobbitat Spaces and their tiny house retreat center Blue Moon Rising. All their homes are built in and for the Garrett County, Maryland area, this helps them avoid working with other counties’ building and zoning laws. If you are out of the county they have designs/plans and shells for sale.

Interior of a home by Hobbitat Spaces
Interior of a home by Hobbitat Spaces.


Offering customized tiny homes as well as DIY tiny home shells, all the homes are RIVA certified and ready for the road.


Pixie Palace’s are designed to be a “garden studio, home office, guest room or for glamping”.


The weeHouse is Alchemy Architects’ prefabricated modular house. The house is built in a factory for increased accuracy. The weeHouse system is based on modern aesthetics, efficient use of space and good environmental stewardship. All houses have systems in place for rainwater catchment, passive solar heating, solar panels and radiant floor heating. Home sizes range from 350-2000 sq. ft. Prices range from $80,000 to $400,000.

Each home they build is custom-built for the customer. They typically build one project at a time and dedicate all their time to that one project. Pricing starts at $12,000.


No known Tiny House Builders, please let us know if we’re missing one!


Quality and affordability are Custom Container’s two main goals. They offer as many options as possible in their 20’ and 40’ custom built container cabins. Located 50 miles south of Kansas City, MO, they deliver their cabins to to the lower 48 states. Pricing is between $20,000 and $55,000.

Their cabin option, which is the closest thing they sell to a tiny house, can be used as a guest room or as a storage shed.


Charles Finn, founder and builder of A Room Of One’s Own, says he “approaches each build as a commissioned piece of art”. Because he uses what materials are coming into the yard at Heritage Timber, “it’s impossible to say exactly what the finished cabin will look like”. The species of wood used will all be mixed, giving the interior a very unique look. Electricity and plumbing are not included, but a woodstove, a pair of oil lamps and a copy of Thoreau’s Walden are included.

Interior of a home by A Room Of One's Own
Interior of a home by A Room Of One’s Own.

You can purchase their homes as a kit or as a finished model. All homes are built using Nordic Pine and come with the option of being on or off the grid.


Tiny Midwest offers tiny house consultation from builders who live in tiny houses themselves. They offer custom design and builds. Contact them for more information.


“No known Tiny House Builders, please let us know if we’re missing one!”

New Hampshire

Tiny House Northeast is a design consultant, designer and builder for tiny houses in New England. Their homes are adapted to the climate of the New England—from their construction methods to the utilities included. They design and build tiny houses on trailers, and also design and build larger tiny houses for delivery to a customer’s site.

New Jersey

No known Tiny House Builders, please let us know if we’re missing one!

New Mexico

Shopdog Builds is a creative services and project management organization that approaches every project with enthusiasm, grace and fun. They will build a tiny house to suit any design, environment or need. Their only criteria is that it has to be self sustaining, off-the-grid and fully-functioning in design.

Piney Pods are kits you set up that “erect in a matter of hours with a couple of people and scaffolding”. Piney Pods have a contemporary design and sleek style. Easy to set-up and easy to take down, the panels assemble with “an interlock cam featuring tongue and groove connections”. You can order online and pay through PayPal. Prices start at $28,750 for 180 sq. ft. and $47,750 for 350 sq. ft.

Southwest Tiny Homes is an up-and-coming business with the main motivation of leaving a smaller footprint becoming more eco-friendly. They are a young business and have one tiny home model completed with more on the way.

New York

Priding themselves on building each cabin “one board at a time”, as opposed to an assembly line or mass production model, Adirondack White Pine Cabins are designed to withstand the weather of the High Peaks of the Adirondack Mountains. The building process takes months because it is carefully handcrafted and can be customized to your liking.

A family-run business in the mountains of New York, Bear Creek Carpentry will work with you to find a design that best fits your needs. To keep prices low, they have cut out the middleman and do not subcontract out any of the work. They are flexible when they work with their customers and offer options for purchasing a completed home, a half finished shell or just the design plans.

Tiny Houses Inc. is a custom design and construction company for high-end small homes. Their mission is to design living spaces as energy efficient as possible and build homes for ecologically-conscious people looking to simplify their lives. Prices range from $25,000 to $35,000.

North Carolina

With a strong belief in re-defining what they call home, Tiny Life Construction believes that decluttering and simplifying your life is the way to jump into your next adventure. Both pre-made models and custom homes are available. You can also buy the design plans for their houses. Tiny home prices range from $34,999 to $57,999.

tiny life tiny house

Perch & Nest has a team of experienced home builders, carpenters, designers, up-cyclers, and licensed professionals. They can build from scratch or work on restoring a space. They also do building and design consultation if you want to take on the project yourself.

A construction firm that is client-focused and goal-oriented. Migration Tiny Homes has a commitment to quality and sources their materials from local suppliers. All homes come with the option of having solar power and a rain catchment system installed.
a tiny house from migration tiny homes

Family owned and operated, Wishbone’s core mission is to provide financial support, employment and shelter for those who need it the most. For every tiny house they build they donate $250 to a non-profit organization.

Located outside of Asheville, NC, Brevard Tiny House is eager to work with clients in a way larger companies don’t. They want as much input from clients as they can get. They believe in creating unique and personalized home spaces, that are affordable and comfortable, and are just as “fulfilling as a typical American home”. Brevard’s staff is a combination of younger workers and more experienced folks—their master builder, Rich, has more than 30 years of building experience.

North Dakota

No known Tiny House Builders, please let us know if we’re missing one!


No known Tiny House Builders, please let us know if we’re missing one!


Family owned and operated business that sells high-end tiny homes from Rustic River Park Homes. Rustic River is located in Alabama. Tulsa Custom Buildings buys and sells their models in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.


Dee Williams, founder of Portland Alternative Dwellings and author of The Big Tiny, started PAD after re-assessing her priorities and deciding to design and build her own tiny house. Ten years later she is considered a pioneer in the tiny house movement. PAD does not sell ready-made tiny houses but instead is more about encouraging DIY tiny home building. They offer educational workshops, ebooks, and digital building plans to help get you started on your own.

Oregon Cottage Company
Founded 2008


  • Complete Models
  • Shells
  • Building Plans

Oregon Cottage Company is dedicated to providing healthy tiny homes with quality craftsmanship. Many of the wood they use is locally and sustainably harvested and milled. Because of their concern for environmental health and personal health of their clients, they limit their use of glues, paints and stains that have toxins and opt for organic alternatives instead. Finished models start at $36,500. Design plans start at $350.
oregon cottage company tiny house interior

Tiny Home Oregon uses modern and contemporary design and focuses on “aeronautical style ‘fail-safe’ engineering.” They build mobile tiny homes, ranging from 12’-32’, which are mounted on trailers and feature full amenities. They also have a DIY package that includes a shell and a trailer.

Believing that excess square footage can cause extra stress, Tongue & Groove believe living small can hugely impact how we live our lives. Tongue & Groove builds, sells and rents custom-made structures (tiny houses, mobile taverns and Auxiliary Dwelling Units). Their tiny house is ready to be lived in on or off-the-grid.

Thimble Homes teams up with the best component suppliers in the industry to build our high end custom tiny homes. From our skilled team of carpenters to our partnerships with companies like Trailer Made Custom Trailers and Volstrukt for steel framing. Their goal is to “provide the strongest, safest, most elegant and spacious home possible.”

Small Home Oregon is a design and consulting firm only, they are not builders or contractors. They can provide consultation or designs for tiny houses on wheels, off-the-grid tiny homes, garden cottages and tear-drop trailers.

Green Leaf Tiny Homes builds mobile tiny homes out of Eugene, OR. The designs of their models range from rustic to modern to traditional. Custom options include double sleeping lofts, open layouts and multiple trailer sizes. They believe that by building smaller, beautiful finishes are more accessible and sustainability is more in reach.

The mission at Backyard Bungalows is to provide affordable tiny homes that are accessible to a wide range of people and income levels. They specialize in structures under 400 sq. ft. that can be built on a trailer or on a foundation and work within the client’s budget while still holding on to their vision for the house.

Chris Heininge comes from a family of craftsmen, artists and designers. After spending 20 years in Japan, Chris was very inspired by the traditional Japanese way of living and building, which is naturally very tiny. In 1999 he built his first tiny house in Aurora, Oregon and has been building them ever since.


84 Lumber Tiny Living is dedicated to providing a spirit of adventure to their clients, encouraging them to simplify their priorities and live happily with less. All homes are under 200 sq. ft., ranging in style from classic to contemporary. The models can be purchased as a fully completed, ready-to-live-in home or as a “semi DIY package,” which includes the shell of the house and the materials to complete it.

Liberation Tiny Homes believes that everyone should have the opportunity to design, build and then live in their home. They are located right in between the farmers and tradesmen of the Amish community and the funky and creative artist community of Lancaster, PA. Their models can be purchased as fully completed homes or as shells that are waiting for you to complete. All their homes are on trailers and trailers can also be purchased separately.

Rhode Island

No known Tiny House Builders, please let us know if we’re missing one!

South Carolina

Their Indigo model, featuring a first-floor master bedroom with a Murphy bed and a sleeping loft, sells for $74,500. Contact them for more information.

South Dakota

No known Tiny House Builders, please let us know if we’re missing one!


Joe and Kristen Everson, owners and operators of Tennessee Tiny Homes, started building tiny homes after learning about the tiny house movement that was going on out west and “realized there was a need for it closer to home.” They offer products from shells up to fully-finished homes, and they deliver nationwide. All their homes are RVIA certified, ready for the road. Prices range from $25,000 to $52,000.

After years in the remodeling business, Mike Bedsole, turned his focus to building tiny homes. He was later rated Builder of the Month by Tiny House Magazine. He calls his builds “mini masterpieces” that convert dreams into reality.

Interior of a home by Tiny House Chattanooga
Interior of a home by Tiny House Chattanooga

After 17 years of custom home building, father and son Dale and Scott Geist decided to join the tiny house movement. When researching the movement they noticed a lack of focus on tiny homes for small families or retirees and felt this could be their niche. Instead of marketing towards young couples or individuals, Dale and Scott’s aim to have their tiny homes be the perfect fit for folks who are sometimes left out of the tiny house movement.

Incredible Tiny Homes strives to provide affordable and comfortable housing for everyone. They provide their customers with Tiny Home Customization options and “a unique buying experience” that has been featured on HGTV’s Tiny House Hunters.

The vision of Valley View Tiny House Company is to help create a tiny house that is catered to your personal needs. They do this by discussing goals, providing space-maximizing solutions, developing efficient DIY resources and encouraging innovative craftsmanship. They also focus on doing their part to help those less fortunate along the way. Homes start at $37,000, design plans start at $300 and consultation is $45/hr.

Kenny and Julienne Richard, founders and owners of Mini Mobile Mansions, believes the tiny house movement is about more than just downsizing but about making things multifunctional. “Small spaces with Big mobile impact!” is their motto. With more than 15 years in woodworking, building and construction, their team builds safe, strong and durable products. Prices range from $17,000 and $60,000+.

Wind River Tiny Homes
Founded 2013


  • Custom homes
  • Shells
  • Building plans
  • Design consultation

Wind and River Tiny Homes believes living in a tiny home can create financial freedom for people, giving their lives more authenticity and purpose. They design and build tiny homes from their own plans or can work with “a completely custom home based on your napkin sketches.” They believe the land you put your tiny house on is just as important as how the house was built. They work to promote tiny house communities that build up diversity, sustainability and authenticity. Consultation is available for tiny house building or sustainable living knowledge.

Wind River Tiny Homes Bungalow model—starts at $50,000.


35 years of design and home-building experience helped Nomad Micro Homes designer Ian Kent come up with a space-efficient design that is innovative and creative. “My goal was to produce an efficient yet cozy home with minimal impact on yard space and the environment.” Nomad Micro Homes has an “optimum sustainability package” option and can adapt to various levels of off-grid-living. And, true to its name, Nomad Micro Homes can move and adapt to almost any location. Pricing starts at $28,000.

With a background in home building, a passion for construction and the commitment to building environmentally friendly homes, Austin Tiny Homes wants to help their clients achieve their dream of “owning their own piece of living art.” They are known for their quality construction, honest cost estimates, friendly service and beautiful designs. Some of the services they provide include complete home building, site development, interior design, engineered plans and off-grid applications.

TexZen is a small, family business located in Austin, Texas. While searching for a tiny home for their personal life and not being able to find the perfect fit, they decided to build their own. Out of this, a business was born. They believe you do not have to sacrifice beauty and comfort to live in a small home. Each of their tiny homes are built with high-quality windows, insulated with closed cell foam to ensure energy efficiency and are RVIA certified. Homes vary in price, depending on customizations, but typically range from $55,000 to $75,000.

Exterior of tiny homes by TexZen Tiny Home Co.

Aside from building tiny homes, Texas Tiny Homes is also a tiny and small home plans design company as well as residential land developers. Home sizes range from tiny to medium and can be built for you or built yourself using one of their design plans. They can also help find land for you to build on. They have four locations in Texas and work in New Mexico, Arkansas, Colorado and Oklahoma as well.


Pre-built tiny homes are available for purchase from Upper Valley Tiny Homes, as well as design plans or tiny house trailers. They deliver across the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, and offer financial and loan assistance.

Maximus Extreme Living Solutions has one thing that no other tiny house builder offers which is the “Big Stew Test”. Founder and CEO of Maximus Extreme is former NFL player Angus Stewart “Stew” MacInnes, which means he is a “big guy”. The “Big Stew Test” guarantees that their tiny houses are suitable and comfortable for “larger than average people”. They call their homes “Tiny Houses On Steroids”.

Custom-built tiny homes and floor plans, as well as help finding tiny house communities. Tiny Villa offers a free 2-hour workshop that provides information on how and where to get started when building your own tiny house.


Jamaica Cottage Shop specializes in customizable post and beam timber frame structures. They offer tiny house kits, plans and pre-built homes for sale. The are located in Vermont and ship throughout the U.S. and Canada. All kits are shipped free, are pre-cut and come with detailed DIY instructions.

Tiny House Crafters is made up of a triad of Northeastern University graduates with a passion for building and creating. A lifelong contractor, an environmentally-forward thinker and an architect work together with their clients to make their dreams reality. As the first step in consulting with their clients, they have a Tiny House Builders form that consists of basic tiny house design questions to help everyone get a clear understanding of what the end goal looks like.


Virginia’s first tiny house building company, Tiny House Building Company designs and builds self sufficient tiny homes on wheels. Their tiny homes are designed to comply with safety standards and can easily be financed and insured. Custom built homes and pre-made models are available. Prices are around $65,000.


After over a decade in the construction industry, Handcrafted Movements owner and builder, Matt Impola, traveled around the world. During his travels he experienced many different cultures and saw all sorts of different design principles and use of materials, which have strongly influenced his own craftsmanship. “In a world of homogeneous overproduction I strive to go against the grain and alter the natural materials as little as possible.” His Artisan Retreat Tiny House Model is listed on Tiny House Listings for $69,950.

Woman-owned Greed Pod Development is a Seattle-based company that offers “healthy, sustainable, site-built modular homes”. They provide architectural design and construction services, focusing on energy-efficient and low-maintenance homes. “GreenPod Intelligent Environments selects only sustainable, socially responsible and traceable sourced material”.

At Wolf Industries, they know that “shortcuts won’t work when making a house a home”. Having lived in a tiny house, Wolf’s designer and builder knows that small details make a big difference. Their homes are built on steel trailers and come with wood ceilings and granite countertops. Complete homes start at $32,500.

Located in Olympia, WA, Zyl Vardos “builds functional, well-built and artistically-cohesive diminutive structures.” Their homes are funky and unique, with specializing in shaped windows and doors, curved rooflines and off-grid features. Prices range from $43,000 to $96,000.

MoonDragon House by Zyl Vardos.

Seattle Tiny Homes
Founded 2010


  • Custom homes
  • Trailers
  • Design consultation

Seattle Tiny Homes believes “moving into a tiny house should be the happiest day of your life”. They specialize in completely custom-designed RV homes. Founder and designer, Sharon Read, personally connects with her clients to get a clear understanding of the clients vision for their home. During the build Seattle Tiny Homes maintains their connection with the client and sends them pictures every step of the way. Their homes can be delivered in the 48 contiguous states and can be sent to shipping docks in Portland and Seattle for delivery to Alaska, Hawaii and international destinations. Pricing starts at $55,000.

The Alki by Seattle Tiny Homes.

West Virginia

“No known Tiny House Builders, please let us know if we’re missing one!”


Using all natural materials and an energy-efficient design, ESCAPE is an eco-conscious Park Model RV company. “Park Model RV’s are for seasonal use, normally in a campground, are on their own chassis and by law cannot exceed 400 sq./ft. in size. ESCAPE is not a modular home and is not made to be put on a foundation.”

Utopia Villas are defined as “high-end luxurious park model home designed and handcrafted to surpass any other manufactured park model homes.” Their tiny house design, the Dragonfly Unique, is a 160 sq. ft. luxury home with drop down decks on either side. The Dragonfly Unique is also available in larger sizes.


By incorporating sustainable building practices and innovative design, Wheelhaus CEO and founder, Jamie Mackay believes in living large with less while providing efficient and convenient luxury. Wheelhaus homes, called Rolling Cabins, are high end 400 sq. ft. homes that focus on energy efficiency, progressive space management, and top of the line building materials. Pricing starts at $90,000.

Teton Buildings, a modular construction company, now has Tiny Houses for sale out of their Casper, Wyoming facility. Their tiny houses are built under the same factory controlled settings they have used on their modular buildings for decades. Their tiny houses are versatile in design, layout and building material.


Inspired by old British Romani vardos, Hornby Island Caravans are built with a similar charm, aiming to create a sense of warmth and character in every home. Using natural materials and a design process that is mindful of the clients needs, Hornby Island Caravans wishes “each client feels a sense of wellness and comfort” in their new home. Pricing is $200 CAD per square foot.

Hornby Island Caravans “Little Tribune” model.

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