This Shed’s Sliding Walls Unveil A Beautiful Garden Studio

This outer shed slides away to unveil glass interior greenhouse.

You want a place to kick back and relax in your backyard, your teenager wants a space to hang out with their friends, and your kids want a place to explore their imagination. What if all those things could be accomplished with just one structure in your backyard?

When his mother requested a space she could use for dinner parties, painting, and meditating, Caspar Schols got creative and built this mesmerizing garden studio. Though he has no formal architectural education, Schols sought out to create a building that was as “flexible” as clothing.

Image courtesy of Dezeen on YouTube

Made out of Douglas fir, at first glance, Schols’ garden house looks like your average backyard shed. However, after using a bit of elbow grease to roll the walls open, the interior glass structure comes together to create a greenhouse space perfect for relaxing, reading, writing, and painting.

Image courtesy of Dezeen on YouTube

The glass walls are also designed with the weather in mind, providing a dry, covered area to enjoy when the rain starts to roll in.

The interior glass walls can also be wheeled away to create an open pavilion space for all sorts of activities. Schols calls this “dinner party mode”.

Image courtesy of Dezeen on YouTube

Sitting on the edge of his parent’s pond, the cozy cabin/pavilion/garden shed has served a variety of purposes already.

“Think of how you can sleep under the stars, go sunbathing, have a barbecue party, or just relax and enjoy your freedom while being perfectly comfortable,” said Schols.

What would you use this shape shifting garden studio for?

See the original story at Dezeen.

Written by Kane Jamison

Kane is the founder of Insteading. He lives on his own urban homestead with his family in West Seattle.

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  1. The young Mister Schols seems to be just simply brilliant! This is Maker genius taken to it’s highest. Perhaps he will help fund his future education by selling the plans?

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