Oh, bunk beds. If you had a sibling growing up, chances are that fights ensued over who got the top bunk. The oldest almost always won, and the great pillow fight wars were never-ending.

Even if you were an only child, bunk beds made every sleepover with a friend more special. They created a world of blanket forts with space to use for playing or reading. Bunk beds encapsulate childhood and make everyone feel like a kid again when they sleep in one.

Bunk beds are every kid and parent’s dream. Check out our list of bunk bed plans to spark some inspiration for a build of your own.

A Note On Safety

As with any DIY carpentry project, make sure you choose a bunk bed plan that is within your skill set. Having basic carpentry skills is especially important if you’re building a structure that needs to be secure and stable. Always wear eye protection and make sure the bunk bed is secure before using it.

The Beginners Bunk Bed

This inexpensive DIY plan is perfect for anyone who is brand new to carpentry. The bunk bed is crafted out of construction grade pine and every cut is a 90-degree cut, so there are no complicated angles to work around. You’ll need a drill, a miter saw or circular saw, a table saw (optional), a pocket hole jig, and your safety glasses (not optional).

Find the plans on YouTube

Pretty In Pink Princess Bunk Bed

princess bunk bed

This amazing intermediate DIY plan is right up your alley if you have little ones who love everything pink and princess-y. The bed fits standard twin-size mattresses with just a little bit of wiggle room.

Find the plans at Ana White

Industrial Bunk Bed

industrial bunk bed

We love the Behr Mined Coal paint color for this industrial bunk bed. This plan takes the non-traditional route toward design and adds a very creative take on a bunk bed. You’re looking at around $115 for the wood and an additional $225 for the pipes and fitting. It’s a modern bunk bed that will grow with the child.

Find the plans at Cherished Bliss

House Bunk Bed

house bunk bed

Simplify your space with this open and spacious bunk bed. This bunk bed would complement even the smallest spaces with its slender build. Consider adding a guard rail on the top bunk for added safety.

Find the plans at The Rugged Rooster

Easy 2×4 Bunk Bed Plans

bunk bed plans

This next plan would look great in any home. For all of those relatively new woodworkers, this bunk bed made out of 2x4s can be created with ease. You’ll need your patience as this plan requires 37 separate pieces of wood, but the final project will be worth the wait.

Find the plans at Rogue Engineer

Bunk Bed Plans With A Twist

kids bunk bed

This design beautifully combines a set of stairs with bookshelves, and takes making the most out of the space you have to the next level. In total, this project should cost just about $500 in supplies.

Find the plans at Suburban Wife City Life

Bookworm Loft Bed Plans

bookworm loft bed plans

Though not exactly a bunk bed, this design is perfect for a teen who wants a bit more space for their clothes and books. Made out of 80 individual pieces of wood, the plan has the most demanding cut list and is recommended for those with an intermediate skill level. Total cost estimated at $100 to $150.

Find the plans at Ana White

Triple Bunk Bed Plans

triple bunk bed

The behemoth of bunk beds. This is an ideal plan for a home with high ceilings. For just under $200, you can have the bunk bed of slumber party dreams. These beds fit twin size mattresses and are a smart solution for siblings who share a room.

Find the plans at The House of Wood

The Triple Bunk Bed 2.0 Plans

triple bunk beds

Though this triple bunk bed is just as stacked as the one above, it is adjusted for the middle bunk extension. Don’t be swayed by the size of this bed. If you’re a beginner woodworker, ask a friend to join you on this one.

Find the plans at Kid Activities

Lumberjack Bunk Bed

loft bed plans

This truly is the bunk bed of a lifetime. Though the plan is more of a loft bed with an additional twin size bunk underneath, it still has all the makings of a bunk bed that will be in the family for generations. The design is for the more experienced builder and you can download a free plan via Google SketchUp.

Find the plans at The Project Girl

Beach House Bunk Bed

bunk bed plans

For about $250 you can brighten up any room with this bunk bed build. This bunk molds perfectly into any room and the stained railings add a touch of interior design class.

Find the plans at Young House Love

The Classic Bunk Bed

classic bunk bed

You can never go wrong with a classic bunk bed build from Ana White. Sometimes simple is just what you’re looking for and this affordable bed can match any room. For under $100, you can create this farmhouse style bunk bed for your home with a plan best suited for intermediate woodworkers.

Find the plans at Ana White

Bunk Bed Of Champions

bunk bed plans

This bed is truly one of a kind. Coming in at a whopping $700 for the total cost, this is the Rolls-Royce of bunk beds. Accompanied with a built-in staircase, we love the idea of living like bunk bed kings (or queens).

Find the plans at Chris Loves Julia

Affordable And Reliable

For those of you who have found luck in learning with YouTube, you’ll want to give these next few options a shot. This next plan can be built for under $100 and you can watch the bed being built before your eyes. For the beginners out there, it’s an ideal option.

Find the plans on YouTube

Easy Double Bunk Beds

This is an awesome plan for a large family who wants to save as much space as they can. These double bunk beds come equipped with bookshelves and are molded into the room to fit just right. This plan is simpler and could be completed by a beginner.

Find the plans on YouTube

Murphy Bunk Bed

This Murphy-style bunk bed has two twin size beds and is stored in a horizontal position. The beds pull down and unfold onto the ground with a larder and guardrail attachment. Your kids will love showing their friends their secret compartment bed!

Find the plans on YouTube

Bunk Bed With A Slide

Do you want to be the parent that gets talked about at recess? Well, this bunk bed with a slide is for you. Make a childhood dream come true by building this bunk bed with a slide. Did we already say that there’s a slide?

Find the plans on YouTube

Written by Jessica T. Brown

Jessica T. Brown is a first-generation, Guyanese-American writer based out of Austin, Texas. Jessica is originally from Rahway, New Jersey but grew up in the outskirts of Houston, Texas. Community efforts and environmental conservation are at the forefront of every decision that she makes. She has worked within the nonprofit community for four years, finding ways to combine art, community outreach, and environmental awareness. Jessica is a graduate of Texas State University with a Bachelor's degree in Public Relations with a minor in Geography.

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When Jessica isn't writing, you can find her hiking around America's national and state parks.

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