Using natural materials in hardscaping is among one of most the popular trends in patios right now. Among these natural options, pea gravel is one of the best. Pea gravel is visually appealing as the small, round stones offer a soft look to the space they occupy. The gravel is also versatile and can accommodate any shape you pour it into. Best of all? The cost.Β Pea gravel is less expensive than poured concrete or other traditional patio materials.

You may have seen some hardscaping made from crushed stone, which can sometimes serve a similar purpose, though there are some obvious differences. Crushed stone is larger and can be found in sizes from Β½ to 4 inches, whereas pea gravel is typically 1/8 to 3/8 inch in size. Pea gravelΒ also comes in a variety of soft colors, and crushed stone is usually only available in gray, white, or black.

Some pea gravel patio fans love the sound that walking on pea gravel makes. Another major appeal is that homeowners can build pea gravel patios on their own. A pea gravel patio is an excellent DIY home improvement project that can be completed over a weekend.

If you’d like to learn more about how to build your own patio, check out this site for some simple instructions and this site to dig into the pros and cons of maintaining one. And, if you’d like to see some inspired and inviting pea gravel patios in action, read on.

Courtyard Gravel Patio

This sunken pea gravel patio surrounded by a paved patio provides this backyard with a combination of unique elements.

Modern Pea Gravel Patio

While this patio is certainly more modern, the pea gravel lends a natural, warm look.

Pea Gravel Patio With Trellis

The combination of pea gravel and trellis makes this patio look like an old-world hillside.

Outdoor Dining Pea Gravel Patio

You can dine in style with a pea gravel patio like this!

Pea Gravel Patio With Fireplace And Flagstone Pavers

Notice the attention to detail on this patio. The edges have been outlined in various paving stones, and the space has been divided into two zones: one for dining and one for casual conversation. They’re tied together by the gorgeous fireplace focal point.

Pea Gravel Patio With Fire Pit

There’s something almost perfect about a pea gravel patio surrounded by large, decorative stones. The fire pit in the center of this patio encourages many evenings spent with friends.

Pea Gravel Patio With Pergola

As far as a cozy patio goes, this fits the bill. In time, you could fill the above trellises with lots of natural growth to make the patio even more inviting!

Pea Gravel Patio With A Modern Pergola

If you like a pergola over your patio but are looking for a modern way to incorporate one, this option may be just right.

Pea Gravel Patio With Stacked Stone Wall

Stacked stone and pea gravel make a wonderful combination, and while this patio would be relatively simple to build, it’ll certainly add that “wow” factor to your outdoor space.

Large Pea Gravel Patio

The great thing about pea gravel patios is that they can be easily adjusted. This large one is ideal for entertaining.

Pea Gravel Patio With Pavers

pea gravel patio
reader of the pack / Flickr (Creative Commons)

To make navigating a pea gravel surface a little easier, try adding larger pavers to offer more solid footing.

Country Pea Gravel Patio

This is my new happy place friends. #ssfallproject #SLFall

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With the ease of building a pea gravel patio, they can be put just about anywhere, adjusted to any space, and they instantly create an ideal sitting area such as this.

Portable Fire Pit And Pea Gravel Patio

Don’t be fooled by the beauty of this patio and fire pit. This amazing space can be put together in a surprisingly short amount of time.

DIY Patio And Table

This pallet furniture and pea gravel patio could be a fun weekend project that would provide a beautiful entertainment space for years to come.

Pea Gravel Patio And Garden

Garden view . Fall photo shoot of our newly designed patio and garden. #belgiumblock #peagravelpatio #landscapedesign #designsbydouglas #outdoorspace #outdoorliving #lounging #vegetablegarden #backyard #beingoutside

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Incorporating a pea gravel patio next to a garden is a wonderful way to enjoy your outdoor spaces.

Pea Gravel Patio With Wooden Wall

If you don't have proper lighting around your patio/porch/deck, you're doing it wrong.

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The wooden half-wall around this pea gravel patio gives a clean, finished feeling to the space while providing an easy way to keep the gravel itself contained.

Sunken Pea Gravel Patio

The sunken pea gravel patio on the back of this home is an inviting oasis for the homeowner and their guests.

Garden Pea Gravel Patio

This backyard garden seamlessly blends a pea gravel patio in with its lush landscaping. Lemonade and a good book, anyone?

Pea Gravel Patio

There’s no doubt that the owner of this home created this pea gravel patio with a party in mind.

Stone And Gravel Patio

Once the hard work of installing a patio like this is completed, the finished product will require very little maintenance.

Pea Gravel Patio Herb Garden

Installing a pea gravel patio around your herb garden creates an easy way to get at your basil while also keeping unwanted weeds out of the raised bed.

Pea Gravel Sitting Area

This pea gravel patio is a great example of working with nature to create an inviting sitting area.

Pea Gravel Backyard

If you’re looking to go big, consider a low-maintenance backyard such as this.

Pea Gravel Patio By Stone Wall

The large, stone wall alongside this patio provides a lot of privacy, while the patio itself invites you to sit for an hour or two… or three.

Pea Gravel Patio Under Maple Trees

Pea gravel patios are an excellent way to work with existing landscaping, rather than disturbing it.

Pea Gravel Patio And Natural Vegetation

This patio blends so well into the landscaping and its natural surroundings, it’s almost hard to believe it’s man-made.

Written by Jessica Barrett Halcom

Jessica is an outdoor enthusiast who can be found dreaming up any excuse to make her way to the woods, the mountains, or the beach. Growing up in the country in a small town in Wisconsin, she had aspirations of one day moving to a big city to make her living as a writer. Her love of the country won out over the city, and though she makes her living writing, she has chosen the hills of Tennessee as her home where she lives with her family.

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