Alternative Building Methods

Alternative Building Methods: Green Home Building. Info about Earth, Wood, Straw, Bamboo, Stone, Manufactured, Lightweight Concrete, Organic, Domes, Earth Sheltered, etc. Natural Building Network is a not-for-profit membership association promoting natural building principles, materials and practitioners worldwide. Good events list. Earth Bag Building– earthbag (sometimes called sandbag) construction. Lots of pictures, videos, info. Straw. US Dept of Energy “House of Straw – Straw Bale Construction Comes of Age” 22 pages, 2003. StrawBale Building Registry. Voluntarily registered strawbale structures. Some open for viewing. Earthship Design Principles:Thermal/Solar Heating & Cooling, Solar & Wind Electricity, Contained Sewage Treatment, Building with Natural & Recycled Materials, Water Harvesting, Food Production. Malcolm Wells the father of modern earth-sheltered architecture.””I…began to design underground buildings in 1964. Now, 35 years later, in spite of my having lectured at almost every U.S. architectural school, been on network tv, and written 15 or 20 books on the subject, underground architecture is still virtually unknown. So much for my effectiveness.” See the resources page for lots of great info ! *** !!! Cob Building uses earth mixed with sand and straw,this ancient technology doesn’t contribute to deforestation, pollution or mining nor depend on manufactured materials or power tools. Workshops. Low impact home dug into a hillside in Wales. Wall House: Durable $5000 Home Made from Recycled Paper. “Constructed from an innovative cellulose-based material, the Universal World House is light, cheap, well-insulated, and remarkably strong, making it an incredible asset to developing countries, the homeless, and those displaced by disasters.” Inhabitat.


Written by Keiren

Keiren is an artist who lives in New York City. A lover of animals, nature, science & green building. Keiren originally founded Inspiration Green in 2007, which merged with Insteading in 2016.

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