The Best Photos From The 2016 National Heirloom Exposition

In 2011, the National Heirloom Exposition started off as a simple gathering of people wanting to celebrate pure food and sustainable living. It has since blossomed into the world’s largest heritage food event. The 2016 expo attracted more than 14,000 visitors and 350 exhibitors showcasing their “cream of the crop”.

The Expo is hosted at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds, in Santa Rosa, California. All proceeds from the three day event, are donated to local schools and educational garden projects.

Setting up for the heirloom expo again today

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Featuring an abundance of gorgeous produce, speakers, educators, and musicians, the expo is guaranteed to make an impression on people of all ages.

Visitors are encouraged to participate in the Dahlia show, giant pumpkin contest, rooster crowing competition, fiddling contest, and the Master Gardeners’ kid’s growing contests for biggest sunflower.

COULD THIS BE ANY PRETTIER? ? #dahlias #heirloomexpo

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So stunning, the petals of this Dahlia look as if they were hand-painted.

Each squash is as unique as a snowflake!

The building of the squash tower at the Heirloom Expo

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This tower alone is worth the visit to the expo!

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No need to eat before visiting the expo. The complimentary heirloom tastings will not disappoint.

Black Beauty Heirloom Tomatoes are really beautiful! Kelly who works with me on my website, for almost 10 years, lives in Northern California, and she attended the #nationalheirloomexpo in Sonoma for me this week to take pics of #uglyproduce so we could share them with you! This is one of the many photos she took. She said all of the heirloom produce varieties were incredible and that #UglyProduceIsBeautiful! I'll be sharing photos with you! I must go to this someday! I'm in love! #eatasnatureintended #heresmyfood #colorsoffood #heirloomtomatoes #tomatoes #heirloomproduce #bakercreekseeds #protectwhatisprecious #variety #preciousproduce #heirloomexpo @bakercreekseeds #saveourproduceheritage #saveourheritage #blackbeautytomatoes

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We’ve never been this intrigued by black tomatoes. Those beauties are a true work of art!

#eggplanntzzz #Heirloom

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Who knew eggplants come in this many shapes, varieties, and sizes?

The beautiful array of colors, smells, and flavors are nothing short of impeccable.

#heirloomtomatoes #nofilter #colorfulveggies #yumyum #heirloomexpo

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Who wouldn’t want to learn a tip or two from a gardener who grew those tomatoes?

Get inspired for the pumpkin carving season!

What would popcorn look like if it was made out of black kernels?

The possibilities of gourds just became that much more interesting.

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The Dahlia competition is fierce.


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Those pork chop [tomatoes] will definitely have the vegetarians talking.

Flower flames.

We're here at the Heirloom Expo!! @hijkco

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Didn’t know gourds can be so spooky!

Taste the rainbow!

Oh, did we mention the expo also has canned goods?

#nationalheirloomexpo #downtherabbithole

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? #heirloomexpo

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Sweet and spicy pepper varieties.

Brad Gates showing us a cool tomato out at his patch near Fairfield!

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The coolest tomato there ever was.

New shirt. #forkways #downtherabbithole #nationalheirloomexpo

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Need we say more?

Written by Kat Shereko

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