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You can reach us by email at [Remove the hyphens].

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Please email Kane at [Remove the hyphens].

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Please check out our Write For Us page for instructions on how to, well, write for us.

Product Giveaways & Promotional Samples:

Per FTC guidelines we do not guarantee coverage of any kind for products sent to us for free. Anything you submit to us is property of and won’t be returned unless we agree in advance. You agree that we may review products, or give them out to our readers as contest prizes, or feed them to our chickens, or whatever else we want to do with them. If we do produce coverage or a review of your product, we’ll give an honest assessment of that product, and we’ll mention that we were given a free version of the product to review. If your product or service offers an affiliate program, we may choose to sign up for that at our discretion, or link to your product on a third party website like Amazon that does offer an affiliate program. If you agree to all of that and still want to send us stuff, please feel free to send useful stuff to the following address:

Kane Jamison
900 1st Ave South, Suite 205A
Seattle, WA 98134

Please don’t send us junk. Examples of junk include cheap flimsy gadgets made in China, CDs of your band, mildew-y books you no longer want, mother scobys from your latest batch of kombucha, anything owned or produced by the Koch brothers, and non-organic home and garden products.

Examples of stuff that we might actually review include organic fertilizers, compost tumblers, organic food products, Tesla vehicles (especially the ones that drive themselves), and tiny houses. Definitely feel free to send tiny houses that are towed behind Tesla vehicles. We’ll break some FTC rules for one of those.

If you send something and want to send us an email note with details like photos or other media info, please send those to [Remove the hyphens].