First off, we want to congratulate you for taking the first step towards becoming a beekeeper/advocate/supporter! The bees deserve more love and taking an interest in them is the first step towards bringing the species back from the brink.

Whether you’re looking to establish a bigger bee population in your area or are wanting to harvest and sell their honey at the market, the first step is learning more about what goes into the beekeeping lifestyle!

If you’re new to beekeeping, check out our beginner’s guide to beekeeping.

Recent Beekeeping Posts

  • how honey is made

    From Hive To Table: How Honey Is Made

    One of my favorite things to do in the summer is sit quietly by my zinnias, and watch the pollinators flit around the brightly colored flowers. I don’t spend much more time than I have to outdoors when the temperatures are scorching and sunburn is eminent, but if I’m gardening in the early morning, I […] More

  • Gardening Gifts

    ‘Tis the season of gift-giving. Since colder weather has many of us stuck inside instead of in the dirt, we figured this holiday season is the perfect time to find the best in gardening gifts including gear, decor, reading β€“ and of course, don’t forget some of those extra homesteading specialties. We’ve compiled over 70 of […] More

  • bees working

    5 DIY Beeswax Projects

    I love beeswax. It’s all-natural, versatile, and smells amazing. I used to use soy wax for everything I did, but after switching to beeswax, I have no idea why I ever used soy! I’m big into DIY projects, anything that can help me be a little more self-reliant while also saving money … I’m all […] More

  • bees on flower

    Plants That Will Help Save The Bees

    It’s no secret that our environment has been suffering over the years. The state of the bee population is one of the issues that worries me the most. Honey bees, along with other bees, butterflies and pollinators are responsible for the health and growth of a large percentage of our flowering plants. Pollinators like honey […] More

  • alan harvesting honey

    To Catch A Honeybee Swarm

    What is swarming? It’s when one colony of bees breaks off and forms a new colony. If the colony stored enough over the winter and early spring, a new brood will hatch, and the old hive becomes too small for all the bees. When the bees are calmost ready to leave the old hive, they […] More

  • Beekeeping For Beginners

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that our honeybees are in trouble these days. That should have everyone concerned seeing as how they play a vital role in the pollination of many of our crops. Plus, their honey, wax, and propolis are all incredible products that would be sorely missed if not […] More

  • bees and honeycomb


    This spring, my partner and I planted a small orchard on our new property. We ran into some confusion when deciding how far apart to plant our chestnut trees. Turns out there isn’t a simple answer, because of pollination! What Is Pollination And Why Is It Important? Briefly, pollination is how plants sexually reproduce, how […] More

  • Living Mulch of White Clover

    Beekeeping as a business

    Beekeeping is a hobby that you can easily turn into a side-business no matter where you live. Keeping bees requires a relatively small monetary investment to get started and can turn a profit within a few short years. There are many non-monetary benefits to keeping bees like better garden yields, fresh honey, and a feeling […] More