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All material published on Insteading is the intellectual property of either Insteading, our content providers or our authors and is protected by international copyright law. Generally speaking, all text is the intellectual property of Insteading while images are the intellectual property of the relevant photographers or other cited authors, unless otherwise stated.

Reposting Content

If you run a small blog, non-profit, or other community or government website, we are generally happy for individuals and websites to repost material from on their websites, so long as:

  • Insteading is cited as the source with a prominent credit and link to the relevant page on our site, eg “(via Insteading)” or “Seen on Insteading” or an in-text link, etc.
  • All copyright notices are respected, with credits and links to authors and photographers included next to the relevant text, images etc, and the permission of the copyright holder sought in advance.
  • Reposted content should be limited to elements of individual stories and image sets rather than copying an entire story or multiple stories. A good rule of thumb is posting a few paragraphs in a blockquote formatting, with a citation such as “The following excerpt comes from on Insteading:
  • Our reposted content is freely accessible to all internet visitors, without pay or registration barriers, and is not used for commercial purposes.
  • You take reasonable steps to ensure third-party sites do not repost our content from your site, eg by clearly publishing your own copyright notice.

For other syndication or rights clearances please contact us.

Photo/Media Usage

If you are the copyright owner of an image on our site and would like it removed, please email us at and we will get it removed. All images we have used since 2016 were used under Creative Commons, fair use, or with the author’s permission after emailing them. We have older articles imported from sites we have merged with such as,, and others, which generally sought proper copyright permissions but citations may not be current. Other images may be embedded through channels such as Instagram per the terms of those services – please contact us if you are the user/owner and would like them removed.

We do our best to properly attribute and link every image we use on this website. If you would like an image removed that you own, or would like us to fix the link/attribution, please fill out this form with the URL and the image name and we will typically reply within 48 hours.

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