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Picnic tables are not only a traditional backyard staple, but they’ve evolved to become so much more than a place for sandwiches and watermelon on a summer day. They’re a favorite gathering place for friends, the site of craft projects for kids, and even act as outdoor classrooms.

Even for an amateur woodworker, tackling DIY picnic table plans is completely doable. It’s essential to keep a few things in mind when you’re considering building your own, primarily the wood you choose. Because picnic tables are outside most of the time, it’s important to choose wood such as cedar, redwood or treated pine. Even if your table is covered, be sure that the legs of your table are a quality wood that can withstand any damp soil or ground surface.

Before starting any woodworking project, be sure to always carefully read through your plans to ensure you know what tools and materials you’ll need, and that you visualize the end product to know exactly how you want it to look. Take a look at these free picnic table plans for ideas on which might be the perfect addition to your backyard or patio.

Reclaimed Wood Picnic Table Plans

Reclaimed Wood Picnic Table Plans

If you already got wood you’d like to upcycle or would like to reclaim some wood, these plans will show you how to make use of those pieces to create your own beautiful picnic table.

These plans specifically explain how to make this project in a week with hand tools. With power tools, you can expect it to require less time.

Find the plans at quitethecontrary on Instructables

10-Foot Picnic Table And Benches Plans

10 Foot Picnic Table and Benches Plans

For large gatherings with family and friends or for those who perhaps teach classes outdoors, a 10-foot picnic table may be just what you need. Keep in mind that these plans will take roughly two days to complete, cost over $500, and are at a medium level of difficulty.

Find the plans at House One

Compact Picnic Table Plans With Stools

Compact Picnic Table Plans with Stools

For some, space is of the utmost importance. These plans walk you through the steps necessary to build a small, square picnic table and their accompanying stools.

Find the plans at Build Something

Plans For Picnic Table With Built-in Cooler

picnic table with cooler

Building a picnic table with a built-in cooler doesn’t require more skill or time than other picnic table plans. The key to choosing wood that will accommodate a wet space is to ensure that you’re choosing something durable like cedar or treated pine. These plans are for the table only but link to additional plans for benches.

Find the plans at Black And Decker

Modern Picnic Table Plans

Modern Picnic Table Plans

If contemporary or modern is more your style, consider a picnic table like this. These plans use all 2×4 construction, and this project appeals to all skill levels.

Find the plans at André B on Instructables

Kids Pallet Picnic Table

Kids Pallet Picnic Table

The uses for recycled pallets are plentiful.

These plans show you how to make quick use of old pallets to fashion a kids’ picnic table in one day.

Find the plans at Needles And Nails

Sandbox Kids Picnic Table Plans

Sandbox Kids Picnic Table Plans

Kids picnic tables that double as sandboxes are a brilliant idea, especially for anyone with limited space for a separate sandbox or who simply prefers to keep the sand contained and covered when not in use. It should take about one day to complete this project.

Find the plans at How To Specialist

Child-Sized Picnic Table

Child-Sized Picnic Table

Why is everything kid-sized so much cuter? These adorable kids’ picnic table plans are a more traditional style and is intended for kids aged six and under. It should take about a day to complete and doesn’t require an advanced level of woodworking skills.

Find the plans at kputney on Instructables

Composite Child-Sized Picnic Table

Composite Child-Sized Picnic Table

Kids may just be the perfect demographic when it comes to those who need composite materials most. This child-sized picnic table takes into consideration the rough-and-tumble nature of the wee ones, as well as their propensity for spilling. This project can be completed in about a day or so and should cost around $45.

Find the plans at Rogue Engineer

6-Foot Picnic Table Plans With Decorative Cuts

Six-Foot Picnic Table Plans with Decorative Cuts

The plans for this traditional, 6-foot picnic table include the use of a jigsaw and a router to make decorative edges to both the top and benches. This simple project can be completed in about one day.

Find the plans at My Outdoor Plans

Heavy 6-Foot Picnic Table Plans

Heavy Six-Foot Picnic Table Plans

These picnic table plans recommend the use of composite decking to ensure a durable, weather-proof table that lasts many years. This material will make the table heavier than those made of other lumber. Including the trip to the store, this project can be completed in two days.

Find the plans at Popular Mechanics

Convertible Picnic Table Plans

Convertible Picnic Table Plans

This multi-purpose table is ideal for anyone who needs to save space or appreciates minimalism. The table top converts the entire unit into two garden benches. These picnic table plans are something a beginner woodworker should feel confident tackling.

Find the plans at Build Something

8-Foot Picnic Table Plans

Eight-Foot Picnic Table Plans

Eight-foot picnic tables are ideal for large families or when entertaining large groups. Though a bit larger, this project can still be completed in about two days.

Find the plans at My Carpentry

Picnic Table Plans With Detached Benches

Picnic Table Plans with Detached Benches

You can get more people around a picnic table when the seating is detached. These picnic table plans are for exactly that. Though you’re essentially crafting three separate pieces, the table and benches can still be completed in two days.

Find the plans at My Carpentry

All-in-One Picnic Table Plans With Benches

All-in-One Picnic Table Plans with Benches

For some, getting in and out of a picnic table can prove a bit tricky. Benches can be easier to access, however, having those benches attached is a nice feature. Consider an all-in-one picnic table such as this. The author of these plans recommends building the table first and then adding the rails and benches after.

Find the plans at My Carpentry

Larger Child-Sized Picnic Table Plans

Larger Child-Sized Picnic Table Plans

As much as kids love having their own picnic table, there comes a time when they begin to outgrow it. This is where an in-between sized picnic table is just perfect. It’s sturdy and durable, yet not so large it’s frustrating to sit at. This project should only take a day or two to complete, and the materials cost anywhere from $20 to $50.

Find the plans at Ana White

Octagon Picnic Table Plans

The octagon shape makes these picnic tables easier to sit at, share food, and include everyone in the conversation. They are, however, a bit more advanced to build than a traditional picnic table. These plans are ideal for a woodworker with at least a medium skill level.

Find the plans at Bob’s Plans

Advanced Octagon Picnic Table Plans

Advanced Octagon Picnic Table Plans

Making an octagon picnic table will require more advanced woodworking skills, and you can expect the project to take several days to complete. Additionally, when crafting furniture of this level, you may want to consider investing in better materials, as you’ll want your handiwork to be around for a while. These particular plans require the use of a miter saw, jigsaw, and drill machinery.

Find the plans at How To Specialist

Hexagon Picnic Table Plans

Hexagon Picnic Table Plans

For reasons similar to the octagon picnic table, this option makes it easier to get in and out of your seat and fosters conversation and sharing. The only difference, obviously, is two fewer sides. With both the octagon and hexagon shapes, it’s critical that your angles are cut perfectly.

Find the plans at How To Specialist

Folding Picnic Table Plans

foldable picnic table

Making a folding picnic table that converts into a garden bench doesn’t necessarily require you to be an advanced woodworker, but you should plan on having a few days free to complete the project. These specific plans will also require that you have access to a drop saw, jigsaw, and circular saw.

Find the plans at Build Eazy

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