Tiny Houses

The more you find out about the tiny house lifestyle, the more questions you have. What you need is one reliable place to get basic answers. Then, if you need more info, links to sources you can trust. Our Tiny House Guide has both.

We had a blast researching everything about tiny housesโ€”from why people choose the lifestyle to the miraculous tricks for hiding storage in tiny house stairs. So whether you are looking to go tiny right away, or are just planning for a retirement cottage in the mountains, you’ll find a place to get started.

Wherever your tiny house journey leads you, this guide has the info you need to keep moving forward.

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Tiny House Guide: Dreaming & Planning

tiny house guide living

Tiny House Living

Are you sure youโ€™re ready to live in less than 400 square feet? Itโ€™s an adjustment for all tiny house converts. We suggest strategies to help you thrive.
tiny house guide designs and styles

Tiny House Designs & Styles

Whatโ€™s your dream house look like? Tiny houses tend to come in a few common styles. See what your options are.
tiny house guide interiors

Tiny House Interiors

The biggest question of all: Howโ€™s everything going to fit? Tiny house builders have lots of tricks for maximizing space, we show you how they do it.

Tiny House Bathrooms

What bathroom amenities are non-negotiable? It’s okay to say “all of them”. We’ll explain the trade-offsโ€”and the importance of ventilation.

Tiny House Kitchens

Are you a eat-to-survive person or a dinner party fan? Be honest with yourself, then see how to design a kitchen that will work for your lifestyle.
tiny house guide books

Tiny House Books

Want more guidance? We recommend the best books for potential tiny house owners.
tiny house guide - house

Tiny House Cost

What will you have to do to make your house fit into your budget? We break down the costs and give money-saving suggestions.

Tiny House Guide: Buying & Building

building a tiny house

Building A Tiny House

Ready to go? Start here, DIYer, to understand the basics of tiny house construction.
tiny house guide plans

Tiny House Plans

Want to build from the ground up? You donโ€™t have to start from scratch. See our picks for the best, most useful tiny house plans.

tiny house guide kits

Tiny House Kits

Could assembling your house from a kit keep you under budget? Learn the difference between kits and shells, and see who sells them.

tiny house guide builders

Tiny House Builders

Who are the nationโ€™s best tiny home builders; and who are the best near you? See our picks, plus a list that shows builders near you.
tiny house guide for sale

Tiny Houses For Sale

Want to go tiny ASAP? See your options for buying a tiny home and our picks for the best models on the market.