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  • pokeberry ink

    DIY Pokeberry Ink

    I love experimenting and creating things! The very first time I made pokeberry ink I was just playing around and had no real instructions. I suppose you could say I was just going with the flow. I had so many poke plants in my yard, and I didn’t want to see them just shrivel up […] More

  • butterfly wing

    Microscopic Images Of Butterfly Wings

    If you’ve ever taken a look at our microscopic images of seeds, you already know just how breathtaking tiny parts of nature can be. Especially when they’re placed under a microscope. Chris Perani has used his photography skills to create microscopic images of butterfly wings that are absolutely stunning. To create these works of art, Chris has […] More

  • How To Make A Succulent Terrarium

    You’ve seen them on Instagram, Etsy, and in the windows of boutique plant shops. A succulent terrarium can be as small as a necklace pendant or as large as an upcycled fish tank. Similar to putting together a hanging basket or a flower arrangement, terrariums are an art project in their own right, making them a […] More

  • yellow dye, green dye, brown dye, purple dye

    How To Dye Fabric Naturally

    If you are a homesteader or just a do-it-yourselfer you are going to love this. Natural dyes! I once dyed my curtains using turmeric. They turned out a beautiful golden yellow that complimented the room beautifully. Natural dyes, dyes, or ants, as they are called, are derived from plants, invertebrates or minerals. Most natural dyes […] More

  • Flowers From Garden To Canvas

    I love my garden, but sadly, it’s only a seasonal thing. The remainder of the year, I look out at the bleak leaf and snow-covered earth surrounded by barren trees and shrubs. Even the fungus, which creates artistic designs during the summer and early autumn, is hidden. I can sit inside and dream about the […] More

  • Tree Cookies

    It may be difficult to find something to do with debris from a storm, but this simple project for creating art out of pine branches can help. Recently, a wet and blustery storm swept across the landscape near my home. The result of all this commotion led to a wet dog, several branches laden on the […] More

  • a complete vintage book succulent planter

    How To Make Succulent Planters From Vintage Books

    It’s hard not to love succulents—so much that they deserve a beautiful planter. Succulents are low maintenance, hardy, and look gorgeous. But they are also an incredibly odd bunch, coming in more shapes, colors and sizes than the cars on our roads. It’s for this reason that they deserve a pot that matches our love for […] More

  • edison bulb chandelier

    Edison Bulbs

    Edison light bulbs refer to those wound filament bulbs made popular by the Edison Electric Light Company. Marked by twisty and almost decorative-looking filaments of tungsten and carbonized bamboo, these light bulbs have mostly fallen out of favor due to high energy consumption. Most homes are illuminated through compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) or light emitting […] More

  • chair_1_growing_furniture

    Growing Furniture

    Train and graft a tree for half a dozen years or so and you have strong, local, one piece (tree) furniture. One piece wood chairs, no joints. Partially planed. The first chairs are expected to be in galleries mid-2017. by FullGrown, UK. One piece tree chair. The trees are harvested in winter and then allowed to […] More

  • ovum3 Angelo Musco

    Angelo Musco

    Mimics nature’s structures with the human form…hundreds of models, multiplied millions of times. Angelo was born in Naples, Italy and moved to New York City in 1997. Ovum, 2011. The human body (2 million of them in this image) is the artist’s medium. “He melds bodies like hundreds of brush strokes, creating large compositions that […] More

  • Fruit And Seed Art

    Carve and then glue together some gourds, seed pods and leaves… Don’t forget a final coat of polyurethane… Pumpkin, twigs, leaves and seed pod carriage. by Applied Imagination Gypsy seed pod wagon. by Applied Imagination Pumpkin, twig & acorn house. by Applied Imagination Gourd and seed pod train. by Applied Imagination Twig and leaf motorcycle. by Applied Imagination A farmer […] More

  • Dewdrops On Dragonflies

    Dewdrops on Dragonflies, all photos captured by Martin Amm  Red Veined Darter covered in dew – Martin Amm Dragonfly Portrait with Dew- Martin Amm Emerald Damselfly – Martin Amm Red Veined Darter covered in dew – Martin Amm Dragonfly Birth – Martin Amm Free – wings still shrivelled, colors undeveloped – Martin Amm The larva lives for several weeks (or […] More

  • vik muniz junk series

    Vik Muniz Junk Art

    Vik Muniz was born in 1961 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He currently lives in NY. Mr. Muniz uses classical master’s works as inspiration for his ‘junk’ arrangements. After he creates the composition he then photographs the work and then destroys the original collage. Mr. Muniz spends time in the slums of Brazil creating junk art […] More

  • Praying Mantis

    The word “mantis” is from the Greek word μάντις for prophet. Praying Mantis Photography By Tustel Ico Praying Mantis ‘Rate my Bike’ by Tustel Ico. Please ‘like’ Tustel’s image on above link! Praying Mantis on two spores by Tustel Ico. Praying Mantis ‘Staring at the Sun’ by Tustel Ico Praying Mantis Photography […] More

  • Cereal Box Art

    Cap n Crunch by Michael Albert. Lost in my Life (boxes), by Rachel Perry Welty, 2009, Pigment Print, available: 30 x 20 inches, Edition of 6; 56 x 35 inches, Edition of 6; 90 x 60 inches, Edition of 3. Hayes Trotter paints on recycled cereal and snack boxes. The Pledge of […] More

  • Ant Photography By Andrey Pavlov

    Mr. Pavlov sets up the props, the ants gladly raise them. According to Mr Pavlov, “I used to work in theatre which was a big help when it came to making props, and I chose ants because I respect them and their way of life.” Mr. Pavlov says that having children changed the way […] More

  • circle of stones, darkest on the outside, lightest toward the center


    Andy Goldsworthy creates both temporary and permanent sculptures, but photographs each piece right after he makes it. “Each work grows, stays, decays –-” Ice on Ice, 1980. Source Cracked Earth. St. Louis, Missouri, 1986. Source Tree Serpent. Source Carefully broken pebbles scratched white with another stone, 1985. Source Balanced river stones, 1982. Source Bird’s Nest […] More

  • Tim Pugh

    Summer Arrangement by Tim Pugh. Sand Blooms, 2004. Mussel shells on sand. Scallop Clusters. Woodland Floor Rearrangement, 2005. “Beech Weave” Beech Leaves,, 2005. Mid-summer Portrait. Beech Stars, beech leaves. “Seren” Braken Leaves, 2005. Beech Leaves, 2005. Snowball Composition, 2006. “Oak Fall” Charcoal, 2005. “There Short Respite” […] More

  • Wood Fired Pottery

    Humans have been enamoured of wood fired ceramics for thousands of years. Yet since the invention of electric and gas kilns, wood firing was pushed aside by many. Fortunately the unique beauty of wood fired pottery is again becoming a highly appreciated art form throughout the world. (The Japanese have always held wood fired ceramics […] More

  • Upcycled Maps

    Tear em, decoupage them, fold them, paint on them. Many Rivers, 2009 Inlaid maps, acrylic, on panel, 48 x 78 inches. By Matthew Cusick, Bonnie, 2004. Maps on wood panel. By Matthew Cusick, Matthew Cusick Rachael’s Wave, 2011. Inlaid maps on wood panel. Geronimo, 2007 Inlaid maps on panel, 30 x 24 […] More

  • Telephone Wire Art

    Telephone wire as an art medium. Telephone cord sheep by Jean Luc Cornec. Telephone cord sheep at the Communication Museum, Frankfort, Germany. Telephone wire Guinea Fowl by Celia Smith. Walking Puffin. Telephone cabling and copper wire. Telephone wire robin. Telephone wire Peacock. Telephone Wire Head by Hilary J. Baker. […] More

  • The Art Of Henrique Oliveira

    The artist Henrique Oliveira uses old plywood, fencing and PVC as his medium. Recycled from dumpsters and landfills from his home city, São Paulo, Oliveira shapes plywood around PVC forms. Casa dos Leoes, 2009 Biennial, Porto Allegre, Brazil. Turning a house into a sculpture. Casa dos Leoes, 2009, detail. Brazil in Portuguese is Brasil. […] More

  • Nuts And Bolts Sculpture

    This sculpture is constructed of thousands of steel nuts. By Park Chan-girl, South Korea. Steel Nut Sculpture By Park Chan-girl, South Korea. Park Chan-girl, South Korea. Park Chan-girl received his BFA in Sculpture from Chungnam National University and his MFA in Fine Arts from KyungHee University. “OTOÑO” by Manuel Marti Mareno […] More

  • Firewood As Art

    Firewood Sculpture By Jaehyo Lee Wood ring. By Jaehyo Lee. Wood chair. By Jaehyo Lee. Wood chair. By Jaehyo Lee. Wood Stool. By Jaehyo Lee. Wood sculpture, 2009. By Jaehyo Lee. Incredible Firewood Sculpture From Around The World Woodpile by Michael Buck. michael-buck.blogspot Hu Qingyan, “Firewood”, 2012; © Hu Qingyan […] More

  • Egg Shell Art

    The ancient Vietnamese technique of crushing and then applying egg shell with lacquer to a surface is beginning to find favor with some contempoarary artisans. Mother of Pearl, Egg Shell & Lacquer on Panel. By Sook ja Kong of South Korea. ‘Back’ Mother of Pearl, Egg Shell, Gold plate, Lacquer on Panel. By Sook […] More

  • VHS Tape Art

    VHS, Cassette Tape & Video Tape Art Zilvinas Kempinas – ’02’ Video tape loop, electric fan. Installation Spencer Brownstone Gallery 2007. Zilvinas Kempinas – ‘Tube’ Venice Biennial – 2009, magnetic tape, plywood. One walks through the center of the installation. Zilvinas Kempinas – ‘Columns’ Vertically streched video tape, plywood, nails. Installation Spencer Brownstone […] More

  • The Art Of Bernard Pras

    The 3-D portraits of Bernard Pras – Look Closely! Tom Murphy – Limited Edition of 8. Pras sets up his camera at a well-defined angle so that the objects themselves merge and a portrait appears from his amalgamation. The photograph is the only remaining trace of his temporary setup. Note the lightbulbs. The Black Christ […] More

  • Button Art

    Pearly Crown Jewels of Pentonville, Buttons on canvas. Button Installation, Whimsical Dream by Ran Hwang, 2011. Button Installation, Whimsical Dream, left panel, right wall by Ran Hwang, 2011. Buttons and pins. Close up of Whimsical Dream by Ran Hwang. Button Installation, Another Soaring by Ran Hwang, 2010. Buttons, beads and […] More

  • Bamboo Sculpture

    Bamboo is the biggest member of the grass family and has thousands of uses. It can be pressed, flattened, molded, sliced, burnt or carved. It is used as paper, flooring, musical instruments; its leaves, as livestock feed; and its shoots are popular in Asian cuisines. Bamboo supports millions of people in cottage industries worldwide. Bamboo […] More

  • Cork Art

    Most cork on the market is the renewable outer bark tissue peeled off the Cork Oak tree (Quercus suber) which is native to SW Europe and NW Africa. Once the trees are about 25 years old, the cork tissue is debarked every nine years. The process does not injure the tree—cork oaks live for about […] More

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