Recycled Glass Art

recycled glass art
Repurposed glass dishes become an apple tree.
By Alison Fox.

recycled glass art
Repurposed glass. “A Sprite’s Garden” $595, 28 x 15″
By Alison Fox.

recycled glass art
‘Downtown’ 27″ x 20″ repurposed glass.
By Alison Fox.

recycled glass bottles
Glass dishes and vase.
By Alison:

recycled glass art
A geode path with carnival glass, depression glass, a lamp base and a unique blue furniture coaster. 22″ x 19″ $595.

recycled glass art
Vintage crystal window panel. $225.
By Barbara:

recycled glass art
Crystal Cascade stained glass panel window. Vintage crystal. 14 x 18. $195. By Barbara:

recycled glass art
Glass Managerie
By Kent Sandy Larsen

recycled glass art
Found Glass Assemblage.
By Kent Sandy Larsen,
California and Utah.

recycled glass art
A work in progress – showing the three dimensionality of Kent’s work.
“The sharp edges of the glass are ground down, copper foil is wrapped around the ground edges, and then the pieces are fit together and soldered. After the bulging form is designed and soldered, the window is anchored into the frame, flipped over, and the glass is built out and soldered in the opposite way to give it the undulating surface.” By Kent Sandy Larsen.

recycled glass art
“My leaded glass windows are bas-relief or three-dimensional, made from glass shards and as-found broken glass dishes, cups, bowls and bottles that I find in thrift stores, yard sales, and scavenge from old desert dumps. In my work I try to take advantage of the contours, shapes and colors of the glass that I find to achieve a brilliant patchwork of color and texture pleasing to the eye while giving the glass a free-form undulating surface. It is as if the window was pushed inward and pulled outward at the same time.” Kent Sandy Larsen.

recycled glass art
Eyeglass Stained Glass, ‘Family Tree’ 1988.
Glass, wood sash, eyeglasses.
33″ x 34″. By John Bassett,

recycled glass art
Compound Eye, 2008, glass auto mirrors, steel, hardware,
92 x 98 x 50 inches. By Graham Caldwell.

recycled glass art
Recycled Bicycle Wheel Stained Glass Hanging Panel
by Brian Echerer. A 27″ wheel with welded stained glass bike cogs and gears suspended by bicycle spokes in an old bike rim.

recycled glass art
Recycled Bicycle Wheel Stained Glass
by Brian Echerer. Close-up.

recycled glass bottle window
Recycled glass window by Don Leedy of Oregon.

recycled glass bottle window
Recycled glass window by Don Leedy.

recycled glass art
Butterfly mosaic. Glass on glass, gems, ball chain, textured glass, stained glass, alcohol painted textured glass, agates on recycled window frame. Grout applied after glued pieces. By Mary Foley, Poppins Mosaics and Glass, Australia.

recycled glass sculpture
Recycled glass rubberband balls and cubes by Erwin Timmers. Glass fusing is a process of layering and then putting the glass into a kiln at temperatures around 1500°F (not enough to completely melt it).

recycled glass sculpture
Recycled glass knot. Erwin Timmers is originally from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and moved to California to study at the Santa Monica College for Design Arts and Architecture. In 1999 he moved to Washington DC and co-founded the Washington Glass Studio and the Washington Glass School.

recycled glass dish
Architectual glass individually cut and placed. Bowl and mold hand built from found objects. $400. Artist: Aaron Tafoya © 2008 ~18 x 18 in. sits on stand.

recycled glass lamps
Recycled grape lamps. Artiquea collects and separates glass according to color; after being smashed and washed, the fragments are melted down. They blow grapes and vases, mould spiral discs and bulbous glasses… Grapes and plate lamps and more:

recycled glass window
Pantone or Paint Chip Door – to mimic all the colors that surround in nature.
By Armin Blasbichler,

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