Fairy Houses

Supply a home to our ethereal friends in your backyard, in a park, or in your city apartment. Great fun with kids, as the activity is usually outside in nature, and sparks imagination and creative play.

Fairy Houses


Fairy House on Monhegan Island, Maine. fairyhouses.com


Fairy House. saras-toy-box.blogspot.com


Fairy House by Aviary. pinterest.com


Fairy House at Duck Mountain, fairyhouses.com


Fairy House, flickrhivemind.net


Fairy House creativeworksforchildren.com


Fairy Commune. larchmontgazette.com


A Fairy House on a tree mounted base, a bird barn, with a connecting bridge. All elements created by John Crawford for a garden in Santa Monica Canyon, Santa Monica, CA. fairywoodland.com


Fairy Birdhouses by Lynne Blackman, fairywoodland.com


Fairy House. fairyhouses.com


Fairie House © Tatiana Katara. faeriefactory.com


Fairie House © Tatiana Katara. faeriefactory.com


Riverbank Palace
© Tatiana Katara. faeriefactory.com


Fairie House © Tatiana Katara. faeriefactory.com


Shell Fairie House © Tatiana Katara. faeriefactory.com


Amusement Park
© Tatiana Katara. faeriefactory.com


Fairy House by Free Emi. flickr.com


Fairy House by Arthur Millican Jr., indulgy.com


Fairy Playhouse by Arthur Milligan, Jr., built from found materials. aplaceimagined.blogspot.com


Fairy House by Sally J. Smith ©. greenspiritarts.com


Fairy House by Sally J. Smith ©. greenspiritarts.com


Fairy House by Sally J. Smith ©. greenspiritarts.com


Fairy House by Sally J. Smith ©. greenspiritarts.com


Fairy House with Irish moss as roof. fairywoodland.com


Fairy Treehouse. An old window in a tree hollow! © Denver Post. acidcow.com

Fairy Doors


Fairy Door. jar-of-elixir.tumblr.com


Fairy Door. listplanit.com


Fairy Door. media.photobucket.com


Fairy Door, via: harleyshine.tumblr.com


Fairy Doors by Sally J. Smith ©. greenspiritarts.com


Natural Fairy Door. tumblr.com

Fairy Doors For Sale

Fairy Woodland – nice things
Fuzzy Connection – Hand crafted wooden fairy doors.
Fairy Door & Window Company – Hand crafted wooden fairy doors.
Red Shoes – Hand painted wooden fairy doors.
Mitzi.cc – Hand crafted polymer clay fairy doors.
WeeFolkOutfitters – Hand crafted wooden fairy doors (and windows).
Once Upon A Time Design – Hand painted wooden fairy doors.
Clayworks by Kim Detmers – Hand crafted polymer clay fairy doors.
SimplySucculents.com – Mini furniture and accessories.
Magical Omaha – City doors, gates, home.

Visit The Maine Fairy House Festival In August

According to The Compleat Wetlander, fairy houses are, “a 100+ year tradition in Maine, especially along the coast and on the islands, when many island communities had working farms. Traveling schoolteachers brought folk tales involving fairies that inspired islanders—children and adults alike—to build gnome homes to attract fairies in order to watch over the livestock and children during Maine winters. A fairy house traditionally included a tiny altar with a small offering, such as a coin, to pay the fairies to help the farmers.” www.mainegardens.org  More events: www.fairyhouses.com

Read about the Monhegan Island, Maine, Fairy House Tradition: www.downeast.com

Workshops in Wisconsin and Michigan: www.faeriefactory.com

Urban Fairies: If you think you have to be in woodland to attract fairies, think again. In Ann Arbor, Michigan urban fairies are quite common. See: www.urban-fairies.com

Written by Keiren

Keiren is an artist who lives in New York City. A lover of animals, nature, science & green building. Keiren originally founded Inspiration Green in 2007, which merged with Insteading in 2016.


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  1. I do believe in faieris! I do! I do! What an amazing gift to leave! Fairy Hobmother, you are definitely filling the world with joy! Thank you! May you find yourself in the presence of those who need their spirits lifted! It’s not about the things, it’s the experience of a blessing! God bless you Fairy Hobmother! Things like this really change a person. I can’t wait to see the ripple of kindness that comes from your random blessings! Ivy(www.unscriptedlife.com)

  2. What a delight to see this collection of inspiring

    gifts to the fairy world. A few years ago I created what I called Elemental Sanctuaries and really explored what these love most. I grew to understand that they are beings of constant change and are happiest when the parts of their sanctuary were movable. They asked for metals that cannot be picked up by a magnet!! They loved colour and texture. If you are interested I could send photographs of these works. I also make little fairy figures ( they love to costumes!!!).

  3. The house cluster around a tall tree stump is absolutely magnificant. Creator’s email is:


    Have a long stump that would enrich my yard.

    How do I get pics. & directions?

  4. use to live in biddeford and the daughter and i would go to an island just on the north side edge of portland to go walking. there were hundreds of little fairy houses that people had built in the woods. all different kinds.

    we built one too….

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