The Art Of Bernard Pras

The 3-D portraits of Bernard Pras – Look Closely!

junk portrait

Tom Murphy – Limited Edition of 8.
Pras sets up his camera at a well-defined angle so that the objects themselves merge and a portrait appears from his amalgamation. The photograph is the only remaining trace of his temporary setup. Note the lightbulbs.

junk portraits
The Black Christ – Limited Edition of 8.
Note the bones.

junk assemblage
Donkey – Limited Edition of 8.
Note the car pieces.

junk portrait
After Archimboldo – Limited Edition of 8.
Note the train tracks.

junk portrait
After Munch – Limited Edition of 8.
I would be screaming too, if surrounded by all that traffic and an overcrowded factory farm feed lot. Note the plastic chair.

junk portrait
After Rigaud – Louis XIV –  Limited Edition of 8.
Looks like the artist borrowed some new/unused products for this one…

junk portrait
Geisha –  Limited Edition of 8.
Note the signature.

junk portrait
Einstein –  Limited Edition of 8.
Note the sailboat.

junk portrait
Che G. –  Limited Edition of 8.
Note the guns.

Pras was born (1952) in the south-west of France in a toy shop. After more than 20 years as a painter, and also a sculptor of recovered objects, Pras conceived in 1997, an astonishing form of expression, using photography as a basis for the creation of what amounts to a form of installation art.”

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Written by Keiren

Keiren is an artist who lives in New York City. A lover of animals, nature, science & green building.


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  1. my assemblages have been small, this inspires me to drag home larger junk, and I’m wondering already, ‘where will I store it. Thanks Bernard, love your stuff.

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