Cardboard Sculpture And Accessories

New or reclaimed, cheap, pliable cardboard is an irresistible material for sculptors, including some of art’s biggest names.

Cardboard Sculpture By Rauschenberg

cardboard art
Robert Rauschenberg
Cardboards 1971.

Cardboard Sculpture By Tobias Putrid

cardboard sculpture
Tobias Putrih
Macula Series B 2006
arttattler.comΒ  see another piece here:

cardboard sculpture
Tobias Putrih
Macula Series B 2006

cardboard sculpture
Tobias Putrih
Macula Series B 2006

Cardboard Sculpture By Chris Gilmour

cardboard sculpture
Triumph of Good over Evil, 2009, life-size.
By Chris Gilmour – British, living in Italy.

cardboard sculpture
Cardboard Clock and Saint Barbara, life size.
By Chris Gilmour – British, living in Italy.

cardboard reuse

Cardboard Aston Martin, life size.
By Chris Gilmour – British but living in Italy.
Pics in progress:
cardboard car

More Outstanding Cardboard Sculpture

cardboard reuse
Mark Langan of Brunswick Hills, Ohio.
Creating one of a kind sculptures via the medium of reclaimed corrugated boxes.

www.langanart.comΒ  Mark makes corporate signs as well…
cardboard sculpture
Magic Mountain, 1995
By MiikaΒ  Nyyssonen

cardboard sculpture
Tyrans statue by Main Architect of Kartonsk
9th Materialization of Cardboardia for inventors
Kartonsk. 1-6 November 2011
The Scientific Cardboard Town in Ulianovsk city, Russia.
Photo by Katja Evdokimova

cardboard sculpture
Scott Fife
Screws, glue and cardboard, put together with a hand screwdriver.
27 x 35 x 48 inches, 2011. More pics:

cardboard sculpture
Cardboard Sneaker
at Cardboardia, (Cardboard City) Ulyanovsk, Russia.

cardboard table
Cardboard Front Desk
By Ball-Nogues Studio – see their website for more cardboard installations…

cardboard room
Mafoombey Acoustic Space
Corrugated cardboard sound installation designed by Finnish architecture students Martti Kalliala and Esa RuskeepÀÀ with the aid of architect, Martin Lukasczyk.

cardboard reuse
Museum Sign by Sylvie Reno, Marseille, France. Gallery –

cardboard reuse
The Cat Cocoon is layered corrugated cardboard sculpted into a unique pod shape with playful holes bored into it that your cat can stick its paws through. A lounger, a scratching pod, a playhouse, a secured hiding place, and a piece of sculpture all in one.

cardboard magazine rack
Cardboard Magazine Rack
By Diseno Cartonero

cardboard reuse
Foldlife Lamps made by students in Latvia.Β

cardboard reuse
Cardboard Lamps made by Joe Manus of Shiner International. Made in Atlanta Georgia.

cardboard sculpture
Toilet Paper Cardboard Sculptures
By Anastassia Elias.

cardboard reuse
Toilet Paper Cardboard Sculptures
By Junior Fritz Jacquet

How To Make Your Own Cardboard Crafts

Cardboard Furniture

How to make a small cabinet with video:

Step by step photos – furniture –
Kids furniture:

How to Make a Cardboard Corner Bookshelf:

How to make a wall bookshelf with curve:

How to make cardboard furniture DVD:

Cardboard Toys

Cardboard Art


See Carboard Cloud Installation here:
3000 hanging cardboard boxes resembling a large pixilated cloud…

This animation was made in the Cartoon Studio of Cardboard Town during the 7th materialisation of Cardboardia. Credit: Yuriy Boguslavsky (animator, master of workshop) and helpers…
By cardboardia.Β

Written by Keiren

Keiren is an artist who lives in New York City. A lover of animals, nature, science & green building. Keiren originally founded Inspiration Green in 2007, which merged with Insteading in 2016.


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