12 Stunning Driveway Ideas To Transform Your Home’s Exterior

After months of planning, house hunting, and endless emails to your very patient realtor, you’ve finally found the house of your dreams — but the driveway is showing every crack and oil spill from the previous owners, and maybe even the owners before them.

Your home’s exterior is the first thing your family, friends, (and the pizza delivery guys) see when they stop by for a visit. Along with some DIY landscaping and personalizing your home’s entryway, updating your driveway can take your home’s exterior to the next level, and make it feel more welcoming to your guests. Check out some of our favorite DIY driveway ideas to give your home’s exterior a much-needed facelift.

Recycled Crushed Concrete Driveway

crushed concrete driveway
Photo Courtesy of Lady Lee’s Home

If you’re not looking for anything particularly fancy, but really need to establish a driveway, consider this project from Lady Lee’s Home. Utilizing recycled, crushed concrete, this driveway is ideal for a rural setting or an area that’s prone to heavy rains. Packed gravel does a good job of keeping muddy puddles at bay.

The trickiest part of this project is sourcing the recycled concrete. Check Craigslist and call local concrete plants to see if they have any you can take off their hands.

English Garden Inspired Driveway Ideas

If you need a driveway to your detached garage but aren’t willing to sacrifice your lawn, consider this English garden-inspired path. The stone pavers add some traction to get your car to the garage but don’t take away from the overall aesthetic of your well-manicured yard and garden.

I really like how the gaps between the pavers have grass growing through them, but you could certainly fill the space with pea gravel if you wanted a more established pathway.

Driveway Garden

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What if all driveways were planted….

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Usually, that small strip between the tracks for your tires goes completely unused, and is filled with gravel or grass. The idea of using that space to plant some succulents or ground cover is genius! It will add a pop of color to your otherwise bland driveway. Plus, who couldn’t benefit from a little extra garden space?

Driveway Art

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This is what you call an Urban Garden. ๐ŸŒน๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ’ฏ๐ŸŒน You need 3 things: Dirty concrete, pressure washer & Driveway Art Stencil! ๐Ÿคฏ #dirtneverlookedsogood #DrivewayArt #roses #urbanGarden #diy #madeinUsa #curbappeal #weekendDiy #pressurewasher

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If you’re not necessarily in the market for a whole new driveway, but want to add a little character to worn out, dirty concrete, consider this creative idea. All you need is one of these stencils and a power washer, and you’ll be able to add some really cool art to your driveway!

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The part that’s nice about this driveway art is that it’s as permanent as you want it to be. Leave it on for months, or simply power wash your driveway to start from scratch again.

DIY Driveway Apron

Maybe your driveway is in good shape but could use a more established entry. A driveway apron makes the front of your driveway a bit more aesthetically pleasing and is a good option if you want to spruce up without investing in an expensive overhaul.

The driveway apron project from This Old House utilizes cobblestone mats rather than individual stones, making the project that much more efficient to complete.

Cobblestone And Grass Driveway Path

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Farm project with reclaimed cobble tracks, 'Bonica' rose hedge and semi-dwarf fruit tree orchard. #landscapearchitecture #landscapedesign #gardendesign #grassdriveway with Morgan Wheelock's Office

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If you like the English garden-inspired driveway idea from earlier but are looking for something that incorporates traditional cobblestone, this is the driveway idea for you!

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My favorite part of this particular driveway design is the dwarf fruit trees and rose hedges that line the perimeter of the grass.

Grass and Stone Driveway

Now, you could argue this isn’t really a driveway since so much of it is grass, but I think the stones would do a good job of keeping muddy puddles at bay. This particular driveway has an almost mesmerizing look with the super green grass and bright white tiles contrasting perfectly.

The real question with this idea, though, is to mow or not to mow? If you’re not super into mowing grass, or even watering it for that matter, then perhaps that grass could be replaced with a more sustainable ground cover.

Modern Black Cobblestone Driveway

If a concrete slab is a little too modern for you, but a cobblestone and grass path is too traditional, why not go with something that’s somewhere in between? I like that this driveway idea could lean toward either traditional or modern depending on the exterior of your home and the landscaping that surrounds it.

Revived Crushed Shell Driveway

Photo courtesy of Remodeling Guy

This idea is great for a coastal area where you can utilize some crushed shells to establish a no-frills driveway that is still functional. The creator of these plans said he was able to get one cubic yard of crushed seashells for about $50 from a local supplier.

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This simple driveway does have two disadvantages: Shells aren’t super comfy to step on with bare feet, and they are prone to pesky weeds.

Concrete Slab Driveway Ideas

If you want a big driveway and are willing to sacrifice some grass to get it, check out this concrete slab driveway that’s reminiscent of a giant puzzle. For more visual interest, the sleek gaps between the concrete slabs could be filled with pea gravel or a drought-tolerant ground cover. The only downfall with this driveway idea is that it might require a bit of maintenance to keep all those cracks weed free.

Resurfaced Concrete Driveway

Maybe your driveway doesn’t need to be entirely overhauled but could benefit from a facelift. This DIY project costs a little under $700 and results in a smooth finish that’s sealed for protection against the elements.

This isn’t the most decorative driveway idea on the list, but if you’re going for something that will stand up to harsh weather conditions year after year, this is an affordable resurfacing option.

Glow in the Dark Driveway

Photo courtesy of Simplemost

If you want to make your driveway shine (literally), check out this project for a glow in the dark driveway. This project is as simple as buying some glow in the dark pebbles and mixing them in with your current gravel. Alternatively, you could scatter the pebbles in a rock garden or line them along the edge of your driveway.

Written by Leigha Staffenhagen

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