Meet the 9-Year-Old With a Thriving Mushroom Business [Video]

Te’Lario Watkins Jr. is a 9-year-old entrepreneur with a dream. One day, he hopes his mushrooms will feed the world. With the help of his family, Te’Lario cultivates and harvests mushrooms to sell them at local farmer’s markets, grocery stores, and restaurants.

He started his business at just 7 years old and has sold thousands of mushrooms since, though he says he doesn’t know the exact number, with a proud smile on his face.

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Even though his business is thriving and he has plenty of loyal customers, he says it isn’t about the money. His business has brought him and his family closer, and his main goal is to make a difference in his community.

Te’Lario mentions that lots of people need lots of food to grow and be strong, and he wants to be the one to provide that food. Someday, he wants to be the President of the United States.

60 Second Docs on YouTube

And as far as the benefits of mushrooms? Te’Lario says that they can help you grow and that they’re good, even though they taste like dirt. Sounds like a sage piece of advice from a pretty smart young man.

Written by Leigha Staffenhagen

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