Cork Art

Most cork on the market is the renewable outer bark tissue peeled off the Cork Oak tree (Quercus suber) which is native to SW Europe and NW Africa. Once the trees are about 25 years old, the cork tissue is debarked every nine years. The process does not injure the treeβ€”cork oaks live for about 200 years.

A tree in its prime, at roughly 80 years old, might yield 440 pounds of cork. Currently and for many years prior, the Montado district of Portugal has produced more than half the world’s cork. As cork is harvested sustainably, the cork forest remains fairly undisturbed and has become a safe haven for many an endangered species. Cork is also easily recyclable. Cork is impermeable, buoyant, elastic, durable, rot-resistant and fire resistant.

cork art
A pair of hand-carved cork figures secured atop rubber plinths.
By Tommy Mama,

cork art
Carved Cork Sculpture by Betsy Odom.

cork art
The Cork Colosseum has taken retired postal worker, Ciro Califano more than two years and 10,000 wine corks. To date, Ciro has completed about a dozen buildings. He slices the wine corks (from his son’s restaurant) into small, workable pieces.

cork art
Used wine corks become the Coliseum. All you need: wine corks, a ruler, a level, sharp knives, glue and tons of patience. By Ciro Califano, a former postal worker.

cork art
Cork carving of the Temple of Poseidon at Paestum, Italy.
By Ciro Califano, retired postal worker.
cork art
Cork Cow with Button Hooves on wheels
at the Charles Creek Tasting Room, Sonoma, California.

cork art
Close-up of below cork portrait by Saimir Strati.
For a 3-D effect corks are stacked one on top of another.

cork art
Cork Art: The Guitarist – mosaic using 300,000 corks in a 96 square meter banner. Largest cork portrait of all time. By Albanian artist Saimir Strati,

cork art
Cork figure by Conrad Englehardt,
Conrad stains the ends of some of the wine corks.

cork art
Cork figure by Conrad Englehardt,

cork art
Cork portrait by
Scott Gunderson, scottgundersen
Great slow mo how to videos:

cork art
Cork portrait in process by
Scott Gunderson,

cork art
Cork Painting, 36″ x 48″
By Allison Baer.
How to:

cork art
Wine cork logo for Callaway Vineyard

cork art
Wine cork arrangements by Beki Morris
of Austin, Texas.

cork art
Chinese Cork Carving (also known as Cork Sculpture) is a traditional Chinese artwork typically depicting intricate landscapes. Hand carved, glued together, lacquer painted.

cork art

cork art
Chinese Cork Sculpture
Photo copyright Β© 2010, Jason Idzerda.

cork art
Wine cork Eifel Tower
by Steven Leslie?,

cork art
Cork Giraffe.
How to:

cork art
Cork Vases by Steven Leslie
This one: Approx. 670 corks, Size: 37″ tall.
Steven also employs cork-skin veneer using the outer decorative layer of thinly razor shaved corks. Then each one is wet, un-curled and then firmly pressed flat, cobbled into a tight pattern like brickwork and glued in place. He creates Lazy-Susan’s, serving platters, coaster sets, chess boards, etc with this method.

cork table
Kohler Jones custom furniture and design,
San Francisco, California,

cork walls
Cork Walls.
Cork Bark –

cork art
Cork Furniture – Cork Forest Mosaic Sideboard.
Iannone Design of Philadelphia,

cork art
Stencilled Cork Floor.
Cork can be waxed, shellacked, stained or painted.

cork art
Embroidered cork fabric.

cork fabric
Cork Fabric Handbag.
Cork fabric is sturdy enough to be used as upholstory, wallets, belts, etc… Cork Fabrics:, Cork Handbags:

cork bath mat
Cork Bath Mat
How to:

cork art
Cork Birdhouse.
Lots more:

cork art
Wine Cork Bulletin Board.
Lots of designs to choose from.

cork art
Cork Letters.
Or cut out a plywood letter and nail the corks in straight-on.

cork art
Cork Sculptures by Francesco Ferrario

Cork Art Ideas

Stamps, place card holders, trivets, mats, bulletin boards, back splash, Christmas ornaments, bowls, tableware. Cork can be crumbled and then adhesive is used to bind pieces together into a formed mass.

Cork Blocks for Carving

Cork Flooring

Is made from the left over scraps from wine cork production.
Jelinek Cork Group

Cork Fabric

Cork Wallpaper

More Cork

Portugal –
Cork Handbags:

cork bark
One mature cork tree might give enough bark every 9 years for 25,000 wine corks.

Written by Keiren

Keiren is an artist who lives in New York City. A lover of animals, nature, science & green building. Keiren originally founded Inspiration Green in 2007, which merged with Insteading in 2016.

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