Bench Ideas

Dozens Of Incredible Ideas For Benches

wooden bench
Centipede Bench –

Wood log bench
Tube bench

plywood bench
Ryan Dart Quarry Bench made of plywood.

bench-designer-jurgen-bey-for-droog-design2Tree trunk bench by Jurgen Bey.

Hockey Puck Bench
Hockey Stick Bench –

skateboard bench
Skateboard Bench crafted from 100% reclaimed and recycled broken skateboards. Available in a two seater (48″) or the original three seater (60″).

newspaper bench
Newspaper Bench by Charles Kaisin.
Newspapers when layered, glued and compressed have the strength of wood.

belt bench
Hongtao Zhou: Bench made of 1000 belts. Β  See more @ designboom
All the belts were donated by the folks of Madison, Wisconsin.

Cowbenches, leather benches in the shape of a cow’s body.

cement person molded into bench
Loner’s Bench.

Whippet Bench made of cement, RADI Designers, 1998.

tree branch bench
Tree branches bench.

wooden bench
Wooden Bench, John Muir Park.

bench-seesaw-by-lars-gunnars-forcityof-stockholmSeesaw bench in Stockholm.

cement bench
Peeling away the walkway.

bench-nea-oslo-geothermally-heated-cooled-concreteNea oslo geothermally heated/cooled concrete bench.

Come a little bit closer bench by Nina Farkache from Droog
The seats slide across glass marbles – the experience unites you with your neighbour!

keyboard stool
Wolfgang Keyboard Bench by designer Nolan Herbut

bench with hedge for back
Concrete planter bench.

twisted bench
Kenan Wang twist bench,

public bench
Yan Lu swarm bench. Interacts with people and the environment as the plywood pieces move from side to side. Can be extended. Ships folded.

bench-scape-reef-benches-by-remy-&-veenhuizenReef Benches by Remy & Veenhuizen.

leaf-benchOutdoor Leaf Bench by Jirachi Tankijngawmong.

wood slat bench
Itay Ohaly bench.

bench-pablo-reinosso-spaghetti-benchPablo Reinosso’s Spaghetti Bench.

Grow Up the Light Bench —Β

public bench
Bench in Hawaiian shopping center.

modern bench
Three Tier Bench. Established & Sons, London.
Designers: Sebastian Wrong and Richard Woods. Source.

reuse bench
Rainwater Pipe Bench for more pics

pipe bench
Pipe Bench by Piet Hein Eek

butt bench
Butt Bench

calculator benches
Calculator benches

Written by Keiren

Keiren is an artist who lives in New York City. A lover of animals, nature, science & green building. Keiren originally founded Inspiration Green in 2007, which merged with Insteading in 2016.

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