Gardex Poly Leaf Scoops Price: $8 (as of 23/02/2017 02:58 PST- Details)

The Gardex Leaf Scoops will help you get your yard cleaned up quickly. The leaf scoops feature multipurpose discs that are ideal for picking up leaves, pine needles, thorny or poisonous plant trimmings, trash and sharp items. It picks up lawn debris quickly while keeping fingernails clean and hands safe from thorns and other yard hazards.

This leaf scooper is also excellent for spreading mulch or peat moss in the garden and is sized to fit all yard bags and trash cans. The solid panels prevent small items, like acorns, from falling through the scoops.

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Product Description

Leaf Scoops are poly discs which are worn on your hands like mittens. Tine ends allow you to pick up pile residue and solid panels prevent small objects (i.e. acorns) from being missed. A big favorite in the Pine tree area – no needles stuck in your hands or gloves, as well as handling the messy job of picking up wet leaves in rainy climates.

  • Made in USA.
  • You get two scoops one for each hand.
  • Ideal for picking up large piles of leaves, grass clippings, twigs, mulch or anything else you need to pick up in your yard.

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