You’ve finally put the finishing touches on your backyard oasis and want to add an entry that will make a statement. Or, maybe your daughter is getting married in your garden this summer, and you want an altar that’s both easy to put together and beautiful.

No matter what your needs may be for a wooden arbor, they make a statement in your garden or backyard and establish an entryway to your space. There are a number of wooden arbors available online, all in different shapes and sizes.

Before we get into the individual wood arbor reviews, it’s worth noting that we’ve found that Wayfair is one of the best places to find wood arbors. Here’s a selection of just a few of their wood arbor options:

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How and Where You’ll Be Using It

Consider how you want to use your arbor, whether it needs to be extra strong to support plants, or if it can be more lightweight. Also, consider your home’s location. If you live in a windier area, make sure to choose an arbor that is more heavy duty and can put up with a bit of wear and tear. If you live in an area that gets a lot of rain, go with an option that is pre-stained, or stain it yourself before putting it together.

Arbor Size

Once you have an idea of how you’re going to use the arbor and where you’re going to put it, it’s time to think about the size. Arbors are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, at times offering additional features like benches and planters.

You’ll want to consider how wide an entry you want to add the arbor to as well as any height restrictions you may have. Make sure to take note of nearby foliage or outbuildings that might affect the maximum height your arbor can be.

In addition to the exterior dimensions, it’s important to consider the height and width of the arbor interior. If you’re going to be walking underneath this arbor every time you go in and out of the garden or yard, you’ll want to have plenty of headroom so that you don’t have to duck in and out.

Treated or Untreated Wood

Pre-stained wood arbors are for those who want to set up their arbor straight out of the box without any additional work. Pre-stained is also a good choice for those who are investing in an arbor for an outdoor wedding and don’t want to spend extra time stressing over getting it stained and ready in time.

Alternatively, unfinished wood allows you to choose the stain color. Consider also if the wood is finished and weather-resistant. If not, you’ll want to consider doing that work on your own before assembling the finished product.

Arbor Costs

Wood arbors available for sale online range in cost from approximately $150 to $1000. Most wood arbors fall in the $200 to $700 range. The most important factors in cost are:

  • Size
  • Material used
  • Additional features

The least expensive wood arbor we’d recommend is the window cedar wood arbor. The cost is low because it’s a bit smaller than other options on the list.

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The most expensive wood arbor on our list is the live-edge wood arbor. The cost is high because the arbor is handcrafted out of a more expensive rot resistant live-edge hardwood.

Western Red Cedar Arbor

western red cedar arbor

Installation: Freestanding
Size: 6′ W x 3’ L x 6.5′ H
Walkway Dimension: 3.5′ W
Material: Western red cedar, stained or unstained
Design Style: Lattice

For a traditional style cedar arbor, consider this option from Wayfair. Available in either a natural or stained finish, this arbor features traditional latticework to support a variety of climbing plants. The pergola-style top makes a statement while providing support for your plants when they start to grow up and over. Choose from either natural or stained wood, depending on your needs.

Window Cedar Wood Arbor

window style wood arbor

Installation: Freestanding
Size: 6′ W x 3’ L x 6.5′ H
Walkway Dimension: 3.5′ W
Material: Western red cedar, stained or unstained
Design Style: Lattice

Similar in design to the previous option, this wood arbor from Wayfair is available in either a natural or stained finish and features a decorative window-style lattice design. The curved top of the arbor makes this a romantic style option that would be a good fit for a wedding.

Double Garden Arbor With Bench

double garden arbor with benches

Installation: Freestanding
Size: 7.8′ W x 5.4’ L x 6.75′ H
Walkway Dimension: 3.75′ W
Material: Western red cedar, stained or unstained
Design Style: Lattice

Available in unfinished or stained western red cedar, this arbor is quite a bit wider than the previous options and offers two benches for additional seating in your garden. The benches are built into the frame, making them well-supported and structured for many years of use to come. The lattice design and large pergola-style top are designed to support a variety of climbing plants.

Though there aren’t any reviews on this piece, the manufacturer as a whole has a rating of about 4.4/5 on Wayfair.

Oversized Lattice Cedar Arbor

oversized lattice wood arbor

Installation: Freestanding
Size: 7.5′ W x 4.75’ L x 6.5′ H
Walkway Dimension: 3.75′ W
Material: Western red cedar, stained or unstained
Design Style: Lattice

With a five-foot wide walkway, this oversized arbor is made out of solid Western red cedar and comes stained or unstained. The large side walls of this arbor are ideal for growing a variety of different vining plants and flowers.

Live-Edge Wood Arbor

live edge arbor

Installation: Freestanding
Size: 5′ W x 3.3’ L x 6.3′ H
Walkway Dimension: 4′ W
Material: Solid locust wood
Design Style: Pergola

Made out of solid, live-edge locust hardwood, this option from Wayfair is a more rustic take on traditional wooden arbors. Handcrafted in the United States, every wooden arbor is unique with a variety of different wood grain patterns and shapes.

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This is a heavy-duty option given that locust is a high quality, durable, and rot-resistant wood that will stand up to a variety of weather conditions.

Pagoda Arbor With Planters

pagoda style arbor

Installation: Freestanding
Size: 7.5′ W x 3’ L x 7.25′ H
Walkway Dimension: 4.5′ W x 2′ L x 6.8′
Material: Western red cedar
Design Style: Pergola

For a more pagoda-inspired arbor, check out this option from Wayfair. With a set of planter boxes, latticework, and a large roof, this arbor can support a variety of plants. All the hardware on this arbor is zinc coated to prevent rust long term. You can use this arbor freestanding, or you can anchor the planters to the ground. The arbor comes unfinished which allows you to choose the stain or paint color that you prefer.

Reviewers mention that this arbor is just as it’s described in the listing, and that it was the perfect complement to an outdoor wedding. As far as assembly goes, reviewers mention it’s a bit cumbersome and best completed with a few friends.

Deluxe Rounded Wood Arbor

deluxe rounded arbor

Installation: Freestanding
Size: 5′ W x 3’ L x 8′ H
Walkway Dimension: 4′ W x 2.8 L x 7.25′ H
Material: Solid pine wood
Design Style: Arched

Available unfinished or in a stained canyon brown color, this arched arbor offers plenty of overhead space for entering and exiting the garden. All the hardware is finished with a zinc coating to prevent corrosion and rust. The wood is sustainably harvested and grown in the United States, and Amish craftsmanship means that this arbor is built to last.

If you’re looking for an arbor that’s sturdy and tall enough to act as an entryway to your garden or backyard, this one is a good pick. If you’re wanting something to grow an assortment of thin vining plants, however, you may want to go with an option that has more latticework.