A log splitter will make short work of a job that’s notoriously labor intensive. A log splitter means less stress on your back, less time clearing your yard, and more time stacking firewood for the coming autumn and winter.

There are a couple of different categories of log splitters, and we’ve selected a few products for each.

Gas Or Electric?

A gas-powered log splitter is more powerful and ranges from 20-60 tons of pressure. This kind of tonnage is for large to giant rounds—especially if they’re green (freshly cut and still containing interior moisture).

If you plan to clear a few large trees on your property, or in your backyard, a gas-powered splitter can be effective. For smaller logs, up to 10-12 inches in diameter and 20-24 inches in length, go with an electric splitter.

An electric splitter will also allow for a quieter process that can be done both inside and outside. If maintenance is a concern of yours, an electric option may be for you. Electric splitters don’t require you to service the engine or change the oil like their gas-powered counterparts do.

In general, we suggest electric tools over gas-powered ones, given that gas is a fossil fuel that we all should try to limit our consumption of. In most cases, electric tools are a fair substitute, but some logs just simply cannot be cut with an electric splitter.

Simply put, buy what you need for your project, but don’t buy something that is more powerful than it needs to be. And don’t buy a gas-powered tool when you don’t need it.

Consider The Orientation Of The Splitter

In general, most horizontal splitters are electric and most vertical log splitters are gas-powered. Gas-powered splitters are more powerful.

Most splitters that have both horizontal and vertical capabilities are gas-powered. As a rule of thumb, if you can pick up the log and put it into your splitter it’s small enough to fit into a horizontal splitter.

However, if your logs are too large to pick up they need to be stood up and rolled into place on the ground and chopped vertically.

Log Splitter Costs

Log splitters available for sale online range in cost from approximately $300 to $1800. Most log splitters fall in the $1000 to $2000 range. The most important factors in the cost of log splitters are:

  • Pressure level
  • Size of logs it can split
  • Electric vs. Gas powered
  • Engine size

The least expensive log splitter we’d recommend is the WEN 6-Ton Electric Log Splitter. The cost is low because it’s a bit smaller than other options on the list and can only handle smaller logs. It has only 6 tons of pressure as compared to other models that have upwards of 25 tons of pressure.

The most expensive log splitter on our list is the NorthStar Hydraulic Horizontal/Vertical Log Splitter. The cost is high because this log splitter works both horizontally and vertically and has a pressure capacity of 32 tons.

The Best Log Splitters On Amazon

WEN 56206 6-Ton Electric Log Splitter
log splitter

Estimated Price: $251.00

This electric log splitter forces up to 6-tons of pressure through logs measuring up to 10-inches in diameter and 20.5-inches in length. The operation is easy and involves 2 hands to ensure they’re out of the way during operation.

This unit is a mere 100lbs and has two 6-inch tires for easy transport. The fumeless quality of this model ensures that you can split logs in or outdoors with zero health risk. This is a high-quality and inexpensive way to split and stack small to medium sized logs.

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Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter

Estimated Price: $449.00

This 2HP motor, 7-ton, one-handed operation machine is the boss of the electric-powered log splitter. It’s a light 106lbs and comes with no-flat wheels for easy mobility.

The auto-ram return feature means you can prep the next log while the splitting edge moves back into place. This Boss model can split logs up to 16-inches in diameter and 21-inches in length.

This is your best option for an electric-powered horizontal log splitter.

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Dirty Hand Tools 100171, Horizontal/Vertical Gas Log Splitter

Estimated Price: $1,300.00

This is a reliable, gas-powered horizontal/vertical log splitter that can meet the demand of most intensive log-splitting projects.

It’s 5.2 187cc Honda engine will push the device’s splitting wedge through logs at a maximum of 30-tons of pressure. You’ll be able to work through all softwoods, even green and knotted, and most dry hardwoods, with ease.

The horizontal/vertical feature is handy, especially when you need to bring your splitter to an upright position to split a larger log.

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Champion Power Equipment No.92221 Gas-Powered Log Splitter
25 ton log splitter

Estimated Price: $1,850.70

This Champion model packs a 25-ton punch and cycles at 12 seconds so you can keep throwing logs onto the splitter at a good pace.

The benefit of this machine is that it has a marked capacity for larger logs. From a vertical position, it can split logs up to 24-inches long.

In terms of job site accessibility, it attaches to your vehicle off a 2-inch ball hitch for easy transport. With a one-year warranty, this splitter is worth the investment for large, professional-grade splitting projects.

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NorthStar Hydraulic Horizontal/Vertical Log Splitter
red northstar brand hydraulic log splitter

Estimated Price: $1,799.99

The NorthStar is a horizontal/vertical splitter with 32-tons of crushing power. It’s auto idle/throttle control increases its engine life, improves its fuel economy, and reduces noise.

The 2-stage splitter is powered by a Honda 6X270 engine and controlled by a concentric hydraulic pump that automatically adjusts its pressure to match resistance.

The NorthStar is capable of splitting 25-inch long logs with a 16-inch diameter. It also comes with 4-way wedge wings to quarter logs in one split.

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