Wheelbarrows are a big investment. They should be rugged and reliable, because any homesteader, builder or gardener will need to use them constantly. We’ve picked wheelbarrows that are worthy, long-term investments.


There’s no point in buying a wheelbarrow that’s hard to move. Moving dirt, concrete and old drywall is hard enough. Your wheelbarrow shouldn’t make the task more difficult.


In the same vein, your wheelbarrow shouldn’t threaten your back or ligaments. You’ll still need to do some heavy lifting with our choices, but they’ll make your hard work more efficient. And you’ll certainly be able to lift more than you could on your own.


You should be able to chuck any sort of material or detritus into a wheelbarrow without a second thought. If you’re throwing around masonry with any regularity, you’ll dent the bed, but you should be confident that it won’t bash a huge hole. Barrows should also be reasonably rust-proof if they’re metal.

Wheelbarrow Costs

Wheelbarrows available for sale online range in cost from approximately $50 to $300. Most wheelbarrows fall in the $100 to $200 range. The most important factors in the cost of wheelbarrows are:

  • Size & capacity
  • Wheelbarrow shape
  • Material it’s made out of

The least expensive wheelbarrow we’d recommend is the Gorilla Carts heavy-duty dump cart. The price is low because the gorilla cart isn’t a traditional wheelbarrow, and is made out of poly material.

The most expensive cedar pergola on our list is the Ames CP6PS poly wheelbarrow. The price is high because the wheelbarrow comes in a set that includes a hand trowel.

The Best Wheelbarrows On Amazon

Jackson M6T22 Wheelbarrow
jackson brand wheel barrow

Estimated Price: $150

The Jackson is super rugged. Its bed is steel, so it’s also super durable. The frame is made from wood, so it’s a little lighter than other steel barrows.

Its one wheel makes it fairly maneuverable, but the steel feet make the Jackson balanced and steady when it’s in place.

For a classic go-to wheelbarrow, the Jackson is it.

Reviewers mention that this wheelbarrow can be assembled in 20 minutes and is a heavy-duty, durable option. One reviewer, in particular, uses this wheelbarrow for hauling firewood to their wood stove with no problem.

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Gorilla Carts Heavy Duty Dump Cart
gorilla brand cart

Estimated Price: $130

This Gorilla cart is a departure from the traditional wheelbarrow: it has four wheels and a hinged dumping feature, so you won’t have to lift the whole frame to empty your load.

That feature alone is very useful. It’s also ergonomic—you don’t have to lift the whole load, just pull it like a Radio Flyer. The only trade-off is that the Gorilla might roll on a slope or be hard to get into tight spaces.

One reviewer calls this gorilla cart a super wheelbarrow and raves that the dump feature is more helpful than they’d anticipated. Other reviewers mention that this dump cart is heavy duty, and truly hauls the weight capacity that it claims.

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Ames CP6PS Poly Wheelbarrow
ames brand black wheelbarrow

Estimated Price: $250

The Ames is a traditional wheelbarrow that includes a front-facing dumping spout. If you need the traditional profile of a wheelbarrow but are going to pour a lot of concrete, gravel, dirt or the like, this is a great choice.

It’s comparable in durability and maneuverability to the Jackson.

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Worx Multifunctional Wheelbarrow
worx multifunctional wheelbarrow

Estimated Price: $140

If you’re looking for a durable wheelbarrow that has more than one function, check out this option from Worx. Doubling as a dolly and a wheelbarrow, this option features flat-free tires and includes a few beneficial accessories like a flower-pot strap and a cylinder holder.

If you want to take this wheelbarrow to the next level, they sell an optional piece you can add onto the structure, like a snow plow and a wagon kit. There’s definitely no lack of versatility here.

If you’re a homesteader who uses a wheelbarrow on a regular basis but isn’t necessarily pouring concrete or moving bricks, this is the perfect pick. It’s great for gardening chores and getting the yard and garden ready for the changing seasons.

Reviewers mention that this is a reasonably sized cart that can offer a lot to homeowners in terms of hauling soil, wood, trash, and the like. One reviewer points out, however, that if you’re planning on using this cart to haul cement mix or other heavy materials, you might want to go with a larger, more industrial wheelbarrow.

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