Let’s face it, ladders are handy but dangerous. Often, when we want to trim back overgrowth on a tree, the ground below it is uneven, further complicating the safe use of a ladder. A pole saw is a safe way to avoid climbing a ladder when cutting back tree limbs and undergrowth.

Consider Length

A pole saw is comprised of a small chainsaw attached to the end of a pole, commonly a telescopic pole designed to extend as far as 10 feet. You want to make sure that the pole is long enough to reach what you need to cut, but not so long that you can’t control it.


Get a pole saw that runs at no less than 6-6.5 amps. You want to ensure that the chainsaw can cut through more than butter without putting too much stress on the motor. A self-lubricating mechanism is nice to have, but not crucial. Chain saws should be inspected and maintained before every use.

Electric Pole Saw Cost

Electric pole saws available for sale online range in cost from approximately $65 to $200. Most tomato cages fall in the $100 to $125 range. The most important factors in the cost of electric pole saw are:

  • Saw size
  • Weight
  • Corded vs. cordless
  • Size of motor

The least expensive electric pole saw we’d recommend is the Remington RM1025P Ranger. The cost is low because it’s corded and is on the heavier side at 12 pounds.

The most expensive electric pole saw on our list is the cordless Greenworks pole saw. The cost is high because it’s cordless, weighs only 8 pounds, and has a 40-volt battery.

The Best Electric Pole Saws On Amazon

Sun Joe SWJ800Esun joe pole saw

Estimated Price: $100

This is our top choice for many reasons. For starters, this model is light. At 7 pounds you’ll be hard-pressed to find a lighter pole saw that can match this saw’s ability.

The chainsaw on the end is comprised of an 8-inch Oregon bar and chain and maintained by a built-in auto lube system. The 6.5-amp motor means that you can cut limbs up to 7.5 inches thick with ease.

The pole itself is telescopic and reaches a max length of 8 feet, 7 inches, making short work out of tall problems. The fact that this unit is electric means zero fumes. The Sun Joe is the way to go.

Reviewers love that this pole saw is super lightweight and is easy to use and adjust. They mention that setting up this saw is a breeze, and the extension and retraction are strong and stable. Something they do mention, though, is that the trigger lock can take some getting used to.

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Sun Joe SWJ807E

sun joe pole saw

Estimated Price: $180

This pole saw is comparable to the Sun Joe described above but with a few added features.

The Oregon bar on this unit is 10 inches instead of 8 inches, which increases its maximum cut thickness to 9.5 inches.

The motor is an 8-amp for chewing through harder woods and thicker limbs. The chainsaw also disconnects from the end of the pole saw for handheld use when cutting up debris.

The pole length is the same as the latter unit, although it’s 1.4 pounds heavier. We suggest this saw if you’re expecting to cut thicker limbs than average and want to take advantage of the detachable chain saw feature.

Reviewers mention that the Sun Joe is easy to maneuver and maintain and is nice and lightweight.

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WORX WG309worx pole saw

Estimated Price: $100

The nice feature of this pole saw is that it has an auto-tensioning chain system for its 10-inch Oregon bar. This will ensure that your chain stays tight. That said, with any chainsaw, check your equipment each time before you use it to ensure a safe workspace.

The 8-amp motor will assist in quick and powerful cutting. The chainsaw is detachable for handheld use. Expect your saw to reach limbs up to 15 feet off the ground.

This is a good and reliable saw but weighs in at 10 pounds, which is something to consider if you prefer a lighter saw.

Multiple reviewers mention that the saw is more powerful than they expected it would be, with one person cutting through a log that was nearly 15 inches wide. They also mention that the saw needs to be oiled, though once you have some, it self-oils itself.

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Remington RM1025P Ranger

remington pole saw

Estimated Price: $96

Here’s a heavy-duty 10-inch bladed chainsaw with anti-kickback protection. The 8-amp motor, as described before, will give this saw the speed and power necessary to saw through limbs as wide as 9 inches.

The pole has a flip-lock mechanism to extend it to your desired length. The blade is detachable if you desire to ditch the pole all together and go rogue, which you may want to as the collective weight of this saw is 12 pounds.

The Remington comes with a 2-year warranty, but the chances are it won’t be necessary to use it with this well-made pole saw.

Reviewers mention that this pole saw is a bit heavy, which makes it a bit difficult to use on the roof or on a tall tree. However, they also mention that the saw is durable and cuts through a variety of woods fairly quickly.

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Greenworks Cordless Pole Sawgreenworks pole saw

Estimated Price: $150

This cordless Greenworks pole saw is part of a larger G-MAX 40V Li-Ion Battery System. The Greenworks goal is to get rid of the gas and limit the amount of power cords.

The saw runs on 40 volts supplied by a 2.0 AH Li-Ion battery and is equipped with an 8-inch bar and easy-to-adjust tensioned chain. The unit also contains a self-oil system to enhance the life of the bar and chain.

The pole’s max length is 8 feet and the total weight is 8.4 pounds. This is a great pole saw for clearing moderate tree overgrowth, especially if you’re working far away from a power source.

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