If you’re serious about the DIY pact you made with yourself, then it’s time to get a table saw. A table saw makes clean, perfectly straight cuts that your circular saw cannot. A table saw uses the inside edge of its blade and an adjustable fence to guide your work material. This system ensures both accurate and consistent cuts for projects that necessitate perfect edges.

There are several types of table saws, but for the sake of the DIY consumer, this article covers the portable varieties. With that said, you’ll still want to address the scope of your current and future projects in order to choose the table saw that is right for you.

Consider A Countertop Model

Go ahead with a countertop saw if you plan on using your table saw for small cuts and narrow rips. Keep in mind that the table is relatively smaller, though it is large enough for molding, 2×4 material, and narrow sheets of plywood. The first two table saws featured in this article are countertop saws.

Go Big Or Go Home?

If you plan to cut and rip down larger pieces of lumber and plywood, you’ll want to use something with a larger table, and preferably on a stand for 360-degree access. These table saws are typically referred to as a jobsite table saw. The last three saws on the list are of this variety.

Built-In Safety Mechanisms

If you have little experience using a table saw, consider purchasing a saw with built-in safety mechanisms. Working with an exposed blade is always very dangerous, and table saws are notorious for kickback, which can shoot your work material back at you and cause serious harm. Oh, and you can also cut your fingers off, so be safe!

Use the right tool for the job, or don’t do it at all until you acquire the right tool. Safety and quality are greatly diminished when you try to do more with less. Be smart, especially with a table saw; they’re unforgiving.

The Best Table Saws On Amazon

DEWALT DWE7480dewalt yellow table saw

Estimated Price: $399

This model is a workhorse. It can do all your small cuts and rips and can handle larger rips ranging up to 24-26 inches. Its 15-amp, 4800 rpm motor will rage through most woods without leaving any chatter.

The saw also comes with a rack and pinion adjustable fence system for quick, easy, and accurate width adjustment. It also has a dust collection port to attach your shop-vac to. This is very handy, given that table saws create a lot of dust.

The 10-inch blade, at 90 degrees, cuts at a max depth of 3 ⅛ inches, and the blade’s bevel tilts at a max of 45 degrees. The unit is a mere 45 pounds and is supported by a metal roll cage for durability.

This is your best all-arounder and will last you a long time.

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Bosch GTS1031

Estimated Price: $349

Bosch designed power tools that are well-crafted and durable. This saw is no exception and is very portable. The balanced, one-hand carry design helps cut down its 52-pound weight, as you’ll have an easier time carrying the tool closer to your body.

Its all-steel base design lends the unit the support it needs to stay in place during cuts and to endure the roughest surfaces. Its 15-amp motor is also hefty and spins at 5000 rpm.

This saw is a great alternative to the Dewalt DWE7480.

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Makita 2705blue matika table saw sitting on table top

Estimated Price: $530

Built with a detachable modular blade guard, an adjustable riving knife/spreader, and two onboard anti-kickback pawls, the Makita 2705 is built with your safety in mind.

It’s 15-amp motor spins at 4800 rpm, meaning that this saw was built to be strong.

The 10-inch blade’s max height at 90 degrees is 3 ⅝ inches, which is ideal for ripping a stack of material in a single pass.

The saw’s max depth at 45 degrees is 2 ½ inches and comes equipped with a miter gauge to ensure bevel cut accuracy. The table is spacious and has a table extension to support wide material.

Weighing in at 65 pounds, the 2705 is on the heavier side, and you’ll also have to purchase a stand for it. However, this is a good saw to act as both a shop and job site saw.

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Bosch 4100-09blue bosch table saw on wheels

Estimated Price: $600

This Bosch is the full package; it’s strong, durable, and comes with a collapsible stand. The blade guard, anti-kick pawls, and riving knife also means that this table saw is safe to use.

The unit’s sturdy sub base and SquareLock rip fence encourages accuracy and efficiency. The 10-inch blade peaks at 3 ⅛ inches at 90 degrees, and has a bevel range of -2 to 47 degrees.

The stand truly makes this table saw a top sell as it’s 8-inch wheels encourage all-terrain access. The stand is collapsible, meaning that you save space storing your table saw.

You’ll have this rig for years and it’ll dominate nearly all of your small and large cuts.

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Rockwell RK7241Srockwell table saw

Estimated Price: $400

The Rockwell RK7241S gets the job done.

The defining features of this saw are a folding leg/trolley pull-cart system for easy standing and transport, a massive 30-inch folding fence extension, and a max blade depth of 4 inches at 90 degrees.

The saw also comes with a dust bag, a blade safety cover, and a laser guide. Although, I wouldn’t get in the habit of relying on lasers; count on your hand-eye coordination!

There’s word that this saw’s blade is harder to recalibrate if its alignment goes off, but with that said, this is a great table saw for both the job site and shop.

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