Grilling outside can get hot. You’re already contending with the heat of the grillβ€”the sun beating down on you only makes things worse. While you can buy covers that protect your grill from the elements, they don’t protect you. Adding a grill gazebo to your patio will accomplish both tasks.

Grill gazebos also serve as a decorative addition to your backyard area. There are a variety of designs to choose from, and most grill gazebos tend to be 8′ x 5′. Most include some shelving and utensil hooks. However, depending on your storage needs, you can find gazebos that come equipped with other organizational features.

Whether you’re looking for a grill gazebo with the basics or one that is more elaborate, we’ve found some of the best grill gazebos available online.

8’ x 5’ Grill Gazebo With Shelving

Dimensions: 8’ x 5’
Material: Metal
Additional Features: 2 shelves, hooks, a rack

For a grill gazebo with a unique, modern shape, check out this aluminum grill gazebo. The multi-tiered roof is a combination of both form and function, looking architecturally interesting while providing the gazebo with a ventilated top. There is a place for everything you may need while grillingβ€”hooks for your tools, shelving for serving, and a rack for your spices.

With a powder-coated steel frame and a polycarbonate roof, this grill gazebo is ready to take on the weather. Though if you have to deal with wintry weather, the manufacturer notes that you’ll need to take extra care with scooping snow off of the roof.

As for assembly, reviewers mention that you’ll need another person to help you set it up. Overall, it will be set up in a day’s work. One reviewer also mentions that the structure can be a bit flimsy while you’re putting it together, so having another set of hands will help to minimize the difficulty of managing all the pieces.

8’ x 5’ Steel Grill Gazebo

8 by 5 steel grill gazebo

Dimensions: 8’ x 5’
Material: Steel
Additional Features: 2 shelves, vented top, one hook

For a more traditional, hard-top grill gazebo, check out this 8’ x 5’ steel option. With a cupola-inspired top to encourage air ventilation and two shelves for serving, this functional grill gazebo is an attractive patio staple as well. The powder-coated frame is designed for all-weather use and helps to resist rust.

The black finish on this steel frame makes for a sleek look that will tie in with your other patio furniture. There is a single hook at the top of the gazebo designed for a lantern to add a bit more lighting.

Find it at Wayfair: 8’ x 5’ Steel Grill Gazebo

Wicker Grill Gazebo With LED Lights

wicker grill gazebo with led lights

Dimensions: 8’ x 5’
Material: Metal and wicker
Additional Features: 2 shelves, hooks, LED lights

If you prefer a soft-top gazebo to a hard-top option, check out this 8’ x 5’ wicker grill gazebo. With unique wicker and decorative details, this grill gazebo has a bit more personality than other options. It would tie in well with wicker patio furniture. The top of the gazebo is designed with ventilation in mind, and the soft top can be removed for spot cleaning.

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What really sets this gazebo apart is that it comes equipped with LED lights and seven hooks to house any grilling utensils you’ll need. The frame itself is made out of powder-coated aluminum, protecting the structure against the elements. There are two glass shelves on either side of the gazebo, providing you with a space to serve guests.

Find it at Hayneedle: Wicker Grill Gazebo With LED Lights

Arched Grill Gazebo

arched grill gazebo

Dimensions: 8’ x 5’
Material: Powder coated steel
Additional Features: 4 shelves, storage rack, hooks, wine rack

If you’ve found that the previous options don’t have enough organizational features, check out this arched steel grill gazebo. Not only does this gazebo come with the standard shelves and utensil hooks found in most grill gazebo kits, but this deluxe option has an entire wall devoted to storage. While one side of the gazebo has a towel rack and storage cups for utensils, the other side has a wine rack.

The roof and structure of this gazebo are made out of steel with a brown finish for a more rustic look. The curved roof features a cupola-inspired top to encourage air circulation and ventilation. One reviewer mentions that it took 4-5 hours to set up the structure with the help of two people.

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The manufacturer notes that this structure is not permanent, and it should be stored away in the winter months. It cannot withstand heavy winds or snowfalls, so be advised that this may not be the gazebo for you if you live in areas prone to those weather conditions. That being said, one reviewer mentioned that they live in Florida and are able to keep it up all year long.

Find it at Wayfair: Arched Grill Gazebo

Soft-Top Grill Gazebo

soft top grill gazebo

Dimensions: 8’ x 5’
Material: Steel
Additional Features: 2 shelves, hooks

If you prefer a soft-top gazebo but aren’t interested in the wicker option above, check out this 8’ x 5’ black framed gazebo. The structure is quite similar to the other soft-top option on our list, with the exception of the frame. The frame is made entirely of steel and features a slight arch on the top of the gazebo.

With two shelves and five utensil hooks, this gazebo has a water-repellent canopy that can be removed for spot cleaning. The top of the gazebo features an open-air cupola, allowing for air circulation and ventilation.

As for installation, one reviewer mentions that this grill gazebo kit is easiest to put together with two people. Another reviewer mentions that instead of securing it to the deck, they opted to use sandbags which have worked well against wind and rain. Multiple reviewers rave that the product itself is incredibly well-built, with parts that fit together snugly and securely.

Find it at Hayneedle: Soft Top Grill Gazebo