Work gloves protect construction folks and DIYers alike from cuts, bruises, scrapes, and other nasty events. They also eliminate the chafing and blistering that can result from hands coming into direct contact with construction materials or work equipment.

Get A Material Tough Enough For Your Work

The first thing to look for in good work gloves is that they are made of a tough material which can withstand rough usage that is certain to occur in work areas and at construction sites.

Reinforced Areas Protect Against Wear And Tear

In order for work gloves to be really long-lasting, certain areas of the glove should be reinforced against the extra wear and tear they will be exposed to. Likely areas are around the knuckles, the fingers, and the palms, where most of the gripping occurs in the normal activities of a work area.

Do You Need Extra Slippage Security?

For some jobs and work activities, it’s important that work gloves do not slip off and expose the wearer to potential hand damage. Some glove manufacturers anticipate this by providing a mechanism which can secure the wrist area, so that the gloves cannot fall off, and can instead be secure and comfortable on the hand.

The Best Work Gloves Available on Amazon

Carhartt Men’s Insulated Suede Work Glove with Knit Cuff

carhartt men's insulated glove with knit cuff

Estimated Price: $15

The lining of these tough Carhartt Insulated Work Gloves is made of 100% polyester, and the shell is 100% leather, to add extra toughness on the outside, where gloves come in contact with rough environments.

Thinsulate insulation provides a level of protection against cold weather, and the palms are covered with suede cowhide, as are the knuckle areas.

One reviewer mentions that they wore these gloves all through trucking school in Utah without any problems. He’s had them for a year and a half now and they’re still holding up after daily use. Another reviewer mentions that these gloves are a good choice for winter as they are insulated enough to keep your hands warm while still offering plenty of mobility.

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Ironclad TCX-23-M Tuff Chix Gloves

ironclad tuff chix gloves

Estimated Price: $15

These Ironclad Tuff Chix Gloves are made of 55% synthetic leather and 35% stretch nylon, so they’re both tough and flexible, ready for any job.

Reinforced fingernail guards protect against accidents on the fingertips, and the patented palm design promotes maximum flexibility, so you have the dexterity to accomplish any kind of job.

Reviewers mention that these gloves are thick and protective while allowing for a wide range of motion. Reviewers have used these for everything from roofing to gardening and a variety of chores in between with positive results. One reviewer does mention, though, that these gloves are warm but probably wouldn’t suffice for keeping your hands warm in the dead of winter.

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Wells Lamont Grain Leather Palm Work Gloves with Safety Cuff

wells lamont work gloves

Estimated Price: $10

These Wells Lamont Palm Work Gloves have high-quality grain leather construction through the palm, fingers, and knuckle strap, and the thumb is cut and winged for extra comfort and flexibility.

The wrist has an elastic band for comfort and to keep dirt and debris out of the glove. And if you’re not convinced that these gloves are high-quality due to the low price tag, a few Amazon reviewers mention that these stand up to, and surpass the more expensive ones available.

One reviewer mentions that these gloves work for larger hands, and stand up to a lot of work. Another reviewer raves about the quality of the leather, and that it’s flexible and comfortable while still providing plenty of support when you need it the most.

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Ironclad General Utility Gloves GUG-04-L

Ironclad general utility gloves

Estimated Price: $10

These Ironclad General Utility Gloves come with double-stitched leather reinforcement on the areas of the palm, saddle, and fingers, and the knuckles have rubberized protection that keeps your knuckles safe from impact dangers.

There is a Velcro wrist closure to keep debris and dirt out of the glove and to keep the glove securely fit to your hand. Amazon reviewers mention that the quality far surpassed their expectations!

One reviewer mentioned that they wore these daily while working at a steel mill, and they held up to some pretty rough conditions. Another reviewer mentioned that these gloves offer lots of protection while offering a breathable material that your sweaty hands will appreciate.

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Carhartt Men’s The Fixer Spandex Work Glove With Water Repellant Palm

Carhartt Men's The Fixer Spandex Work Glove With Water Repellant Palm

Estimated Price: $20

Carhartt is synonymous with all things construction, home improvement, and general fix it up projects. These Carhartt Spandex Work Gloves are constructed of 93% nylon and 7% polyurethane, which makes them resistant many of the casual scrapes and blows which might happen in a work area.

The toughness provided by these work gloves makes them a long-lasting, protective kind of glove that workers love.

The water-resistant palms prevent saturation, so they needn’t be discarded at the first contact with fluids.

Reviewers mention that the overall construction of these gloves is solid, with the velcro strap providing extra support around your wrist. However, these gloves aren’t the best option if you’re working in cold or freezing conditions.

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