Outdoor lights can bring ambiance to a backyard, or ensure safety in a dark walkway. Many traditional outdoor lights require an excessive amount of wiring and setup. Not to mention, additional lighting means an inflation in your energy bill.

Outdoor solar lights are a cost-saving alternative that provides you the benefits of outdoor lights, without the increased energy bill.

Solar power has only gotten better with the rise in its popularity, and you can now get lots of solar lights affordably. We found the best ones on Amazon.

Size Of The Area You’re Lighting

Depending on how much space you are needing to illuminate, you may have to choose a specific set of solar lights.

When it comes to security and floodlights, the amount of space you need to light will affect how bright your bulbs will have to be. Additionally, if you’re wanting to light up a dark pathway or driveway with a floodlight, it’s important to consider how far the light will shine, and if that range is enough for your needs.

Regarding using solar lights for outdoor patio areas, the area you’re lighting will be an important consideration, because often times the number of lights in the pack aren’t enough to light up an entire entertainment space.

Light Brightness

When it comes to lights, not all bulbs are created equal. While some solar lights can brighten up an entire outdoor patio, others fall short.

If you’re going to invest in solar lights, make sure they are the brightness you need. Keep in mind what your solar lights will be used for. Whether they are going to be used as a security device or as an intimate, warm backyard light, the amount of brightness you need will vary.

Battery Capacity

As with brightness, the battery capacity of solar lights varies from product to product. If you want your lights to be lit all night, you will need a battery that can last for 8-10 hours.

Alternatively, if you want a motion-sensor solar light, the battery won’t be as much of a concern because motion sensor lights are on less frequently.

Outdoor Solar Lights Costs

Outdoor solar lights are available for sale online and range in cost from approximately $25 to $200. Most outdoor solar lights fall in the $25 to $75 range. The most important factors in the cost of outdoor solar lights are:

  • Light wattage & quality
  • Light style (i.e. string, stake, flood)
  • Number of lights

The least expensive outdoor solar lights we’d recommend are InnoGear’s 2-In-1 Outdoor Garden Lights. The cost is low because they’re garden stake-style lights that only have 200 lumens.

The most expensive outdoor solar lights on our list are the Brightech Ambience LED Solar String Lights. The cost is high because they’re string lights with 15 bulbs and are commercial grade and waterproof.

The Best Outdoor Solar Lights On Amazon

Rowner 360-Degree Rotatable Solar Lightsoutdoor solar light

Estimated Price: $40

This rotatable outdoor solar light from Rowner has twin lamps attached to one solar panel. Each lamp has 6 LEDs with 50 lumens each, making this option one of the brightest with 600 lumens total.

The adjustable lamps enable you to position the lights in the area that you want to be lit up, allowing for a decent amount of flexibility in terms of installation.

When it comes to battery power, 4.5 hours of charging results in 9-11 hours of use.

Reviewers mention that this light’s mobility makes it an incredibly functional option for a variety of applications. Others mention that the light has a surprisingly far range and the “low” mode allows for a more ambient light that will stay on all night for extra security.

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Brightech Ambience LED Solar String Lightsbrightech solar string lights

Estimated Price: $70

These plug and play solar string lights from Brightech are available in either 48 or 24 feet wire.

Each 48 feet string contains 15 bulbs that have 2 watts each.

If 48 feet isn’t enough to light your entire backyard, you can plug up to 40 more strings of lights.

These solar lights will bring the perfect ambiance to your outdoor space with their vintage look and weatherproof quality.

Reviewers mention that these LED bulbs are high-quality and exceptionally bright, so much so that you may want to install a dimmer. They also mention that the bulbs are breakable, so you’ll want to install them after you have the string hung up.

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Teaker Motion-Sensor Solar Floodlightsoutdoor solar flood light

Estimated Price: $40

Teaker’s motion-sensor solar floodlights are one of the more versatile solar lights available. With four modes, you can either have the light on all the time at dim or bright or have it only turn on with either a dim or bright light when motion is detected.

Each light has 46 LED bulbs, providing you with a total of 1100 lumens. Regarding the battery, an impressive 4500mAh allows for 6 hours of charging, resulting in 8-10 hours of use.

Reviewers mention that this is a high-quality floodlight that works just as well, if not better, than traditional electric options. They also rave about the quality of the aluminum housing as compared to more traditional plastic options. Something to note, however, is that the motion detected light only stays on for 15 seconds.

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InnoGear 2-In-1 Outdoor Garden Lightsinnogear 2-in-1 solar lights for garden

Estimated Price: $26

InnoGear’s 2-in-1 garden lights are ideal for all sorts of garden layouts, as they have an adjustable solar panel and light output. Not only are they flexible, but they pack a punch with a combined brightness of 200 lumens.

The lights can either be staked into the ground like a typical outdoor garden light, or they can be mounted to the wall with the included screws.

In terms of the lighting time itself, the lights turn on automatically at night and shut off automatically in the morning. Easy setup with just the flip of a switch.

One reviewer uses these lights as spotlights for her house and found that they were surprisingly bright for solar lights. Other reviewers mention that the lights stay on all night, turning off at dawn, making them a great security light for your home or garden.

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