There’s something about a gazebo that makes for a picture-perfect backyard. They add class to your outdoor area and give guests a place to gather.

You’ll have a range of options when buying a gazeboโ€”from small to large, classic to modern. So, first, you’ll need to settle on some important details. You’ll want to consider how and where you’ll be using it, the size you need, and whether you want a hard or soft top.

Whether youโ€™re looking to create a shaded area in your yard or add a place to keep your patio safe from the elements, weโ€™ve found some of the best gazebo kits available online.

How And Where Youโ€™ll Be Using It

A gazebo can be a small haven in the garden, provide a bit of coverage over a hot tub, or create shade poolside. There are even tiny gazebos just for covering grills. By having an idea of what youโ€™ll be using it for, you can narrow down your options.

If youโ€™re adding a gazebo with an event like a wedding in mind, make sure to consider the size and height of the structures, and that it can accommodate the couple as well as any officiants or bridal party members.

Gazebo Size

Once you have an idea of what youโ€™re going to use the gazebo for and where youโ€™re going to put it, itโ€™s time to think about size. Gazebos range from a small 8โ€™ x 5โ€™ to an extra-large 30โ€™ x 30โ€™. Youโ€™ll want to be sure to provide yourself with plenty of room to not only house the gazebo but to assemble it as well.

You must consider two different dimensions: the size from the base to the roof of the gazebo and the overall area when youโ€™re standing inside the structure.

Exterior Dimensions

Measure out the overall length and height of the gazebo. Will it fit in the space you’ve designated? Will this new structure leave enough room for people to move around in? Does it seem like it might be too dominating of a structure for your space? Are any tree branches or roots going to interfere with the structure as you build it?

Interior Dimensions

What’s going to go inside your gazebo? Make sure your patio set or outdoor dining table isn’t too big to fit. Also, if you have any tall family members โ€ฆ remember to pick a gazebo that they can comfortably fit underneath without having to duck!

Ease Of Setup

While gazebos tend to have the same general set-up and shape, gazebos can vary from simple to complex. Traditional gazebos can be intricate and may require most of a day to set up. But soft-top steel options can only take an hour or two.

Will you be able to do it yourself? Will you need to recruit a few friends? Or do you need to budget for a professional installer?

Hard Top Vs. Soft Top

One of the most important considerations to make when choosing your gazebo is whether you want a soft or hard-top option. A soft top will flow a bit with the wind and create an airier ambiance, while a hard top is sturdier.

Additionally, hard tops cannot be removed (nor should they), while soft tops can be removed to be washed. Hardtops are more structurally sound and should be considered if you live in an area that is wind and storm-prone.

Ultimately, the top of the gazebo changes the entire design, aesthetic, and look of your gazebo.

Sunjoy Hexagonal Soft-Top Gazebo Kit

sunjoy hexagonal gazebo

Overall Footprint: 11.4โ€™ x 13.2
Roof Top: Soft Top
Material: Powder-Coated Steel

This soft-top gazebo kit from Sunjoy has a powder-coated steel frame that’s built to withstand a beating from the elements. The hexagonal shape of this gazebo lends itself to inviting more guests in. The attached serving shelf makes serving food and drinks a breeze. At 11โ€™ x 13โ€™, this gazebo is on the larger side and would be a good choice for parties or backyard hangouts.

The soft top of the gazebo is dual-layered, encouraging more ventilation and air circulation. This design also reduces the effect of windy conditions on the structure. One thing to note about this top is that it isnโ€™t UV-resistant, but one reviewer mentioned that he plans on spraying it with UV fabric protectant. Due to the soft-top nature of this gazebo, it’s on the lighter side, making it a versatile option for your backyard, patio, or garden.

Find it at Amazon: Sunjoy Hexagonal Soft Top Gazebo Kit

10โ€™ x 10โ€™ Aluminum Gazebo Kit With Lighting

gazebo with lighting

Overall Footprint: 10โ€™ x 10โ€™
Roof Top: Hard Top
Material: Powder-Coated Aluminum and Galvanized Steel

For an all-in-one gazebo kit, check out this 10โ€™ x 10โ€™ gazebo with a lighting kit included. This gazebo has an exceptionally high roof, making it an option to consider if you have taller family members. The gazebo’s polycarbonate roof blocks out 100% of UV rays, and the manufacturer mentions that it is rust and shatter-resistant. At 10โ€™ x 10โ€™, this gazebo is medium sized, easily accommodating a patio set or some Adirondack chairs.

If you live in a rainy or snowy part of the world, this is a gazebo you should consider. It has an attached gutter and downspout system that eliminates any concern of collapse due to rooftop weight. Some reviewers mention that the setup is cumbersome, and the directions are difficult to follow. However, they also mentionย that the structure is sturdy and stands up well to wind and rain.

Find it at Amazon: 10โ€™ x 10โ€™ Aluminum Gazebo Kit With Lighting

Cedar Gazebo Kit With Aluminum Top

fsc certified cedar gazebo

Overall Footprint: 14.1′ x 12.1′ x 10.4′ H
Roof Top: Hard Top
Material: Cedar and Aluminum

At 14โ€™ x 12โ€™, this FSC-certified cedar and aluminum gazebo kit is large enough to serve a variety of purposes. Add a patio set, some Adirondack chairs, or an outdoor dining set and youโ€™ve got a gathering place that the whole family can relax in. The FSC-certified cedar is stained with a mocha-brown color and is ready to assemble straight out of the box. The aluminum roof protects the structure against weather and sun damage.

The manufacturer notes that the gazebo is designed to be surface-mounted. L brackets are included with the kit. Reviewers rave that the gazebo is high-quality, sturdy, and built to withstand the elements.

Find it at Amazon: Cedar Gazebo Kit With Aluminum Top

Traditional 10โ€™ x 10โ€™ Gazebo Kit

traditional 10 by 10 gazebo kit

Overall Footprint: 10โ€™ x 10โ€™ x 12′ H
Roof Top: Hard Top
Material: Cedar

For a traditional gazebo that will last for decades, check out this 10โ€™ x 10โ€™ solid wood gazebo kit. Crafted out of Western red cedar, this gazebo comes equipped with all the hardware needed to set it up and a cupola for the top of the structure. The cedar comes unstained, so be prepared to stain or paint the structure to suit your needs.

The gazebo kit is delivered in what the manufacturer calls โ€œmanageable panel sizesโ€ for easier set up. The structure is built to stand up to 100 mph winds, and the gazebo flooring is included. This is the ideal gazebo for someone who is wanting a traditional look that will stand strong against less-than-ideal weather and seasons.

Find it at Wayfair: Traditional 10โ€™ x 10โ€™ Gazebo Kit

10โ€™ x 12โ€™ Steel Patio Gazebo

10x12 steel gazebo

Overall Footprint: 10′ x 10′ x 9โ€™ H
Roof Top: Soft Top
Material: Metal and Steel

If you want an escape from all those nasty summer bugs, check out this 10โ€™ x 12โ€™ steel patio gazebo. The canopy has draped netting that can be zipped up to protect the structure from all sorts of gnats, mosquitoes, and bees. The soft top canopy itself is vented, providing more support during windier conditions.

This gazebo can be bolted down to a deck for extra support but has an anchoring system for the backyard as well. At 10โ€™ x 10โ€™, this gazebo is large enough for everyday use or an event and could easily fit some patio furniture or a hot tub. The gazebo comes with a 12-month manufacturer warranty.

Find it at Wayfair: 10โ€™ x 12โ€™ Steel Patio Gazebo

White Traditional Solid Wood Gazebo Kit

white solid wood gazebo

Overall Footprint: 12โ€™ x 12โ€™
Roof Top: Hard Top
Material: Cedar

For another traditional, picturesque gazebo, check out this white solid-wood gazebo kit. Since this gazebo kit doesn’t include roof shingles, you can pick and choose what style you want to match your home. Tongue-and-groove roof sheeting and tar paper are included for shingle installation.

The half moon braces are both decorative and functional, adding stability and support to the roof. The gazebo is built to withstand winds up to 125 mph and is large enough to hold your patio set or hot tub.

Find it at Wayfair: White Traditional Solid Wood Gazebo Kit