Fried foods at home are now more affordable than ever. You can eat perfect fries, onion rings, and mozzarella sticks in your own home, making no more effort than you would in using a stand mixer.


If you’re planning to use your deep fryer often, you should make sure that it will fit comfortably on your counter. You’ll also want to consider the quantity of food you’re planning to fry: families with children will need more capacity than someone living on their own.


This is the biggest hassle and expense of using a deep fryer at home. You’ll need to take care of all the oil. Most fryers cook well with reused oil, but you’ll need to get the oil out of the fryer when you’re done, and clean everything up. Consider how you will dispose of the oil, as this can pose an issue if you don’t have the proper container to dispose it in.


Depending on what you’re cooking, you’ll want to use different temperatures. How precise is the control on your fryer, and does it have the range you’ll need? Are the controls easy to use?

The Best Deep Fryers On Amazon

Delonghi Dual Zone Deep Fryerdelonghi deep fryer

Estimated Price: $120

The Delonghi has a clever design that will make your fry life easier.

It features a unique draining system: there’s a spigot at the front of the fryer which you can open to drain the oil.

It’s easy to reuse the oil and filter it through a cheesecloth or a strainer. The Delonghi’s controls are precise and customizable, and it can hold three pounds of food.

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Cuisinart Mini Deep Fryercuisinart deep fryer

Estimated Price: $60

This Cuisinart fryer is ideal for an apartment or small kitchen. It’s about the size of a two-slot toaster, so you’ll be able to keep it out most of the time.

However, the controls are pretty rudimentary, and changing oil can be a hassle.

Holds about three-quarters of a pound of food. This option is functional and gets the job done for any home size.

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Waring Pro Professional Deep Fryerwaring deep fryer

Estimated Price: $80

Waring’s entry is straightforward and easy to use. It doesn’t have the bells and whistles of the Delonghi, but it’s well-designed.

It features a spout for oil drainage, and the interior is nonstick.

It’s really easy to clean once it’s cooled off. It has an adjustable dial control and holds 1.7 pounds of food.

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Krups Triple Basket Deep Fryer

krups deep fryer

Estimated Price: $70

The Krups fryer is ideal for anyone who likes to entertain.

It can hold 2.6 pounds of food across its variable baskets: you can fry everything in one big basket, or you can fry two foods in two separate baskets.

You can flash fry in the Krups alongside a more serious cooking project.

The Krups’ controls feature useful presets and precise digital adjustments.

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