A router table is an extremely useful woodworking tool if you plan to apply a specific edge, slit, or groove to your building material. The table creates a stationary surface for your router to spin, and a stable plane to pass your material over. The bottom-line here is that a router table gives you better results and a safer work environment than if you were using a hand-held router.

Table Space

You will need a router table with a large enough table to handle the size, length, and shape of your material. If you plan on routing a smaller material and trim you donโ€™t need a large table.

However, depending on the space you have in your shop, you should get something large enough to handle a variety of projects. Otherwise, youโ€™re restricting your project capabilities.

Make sure your surface is large enough, flat, and strong because youโ€™ll often be applying a substantial amount of pressure on your table.

Adjustable Fence

You want your router table to be versatile and easy to use. An adjustable fence speeds up your cut changes and allows for greater accuracy.

Decent Dust Collection

Routing tables create a lot of airborne sawdust. You should always wear protective eye-wear and a dust mask when youโ€™re operating this equipment.

With that said, consider how capable a tableโ€™s dust collector is for the sake of your lungs and shop cleanliness. Without a decent dust collector, trust us, dust will get everywhere.

The Best Router Tables On Amazon

Kreg PRS1045 Precision Router Table Systemkreg table saw

Estimated Price: $879

This is a full-scale professional model with great alignment and an enclosed fence for supreme guidance. Youโ€™ll also have no problems with bit compatibility and dust collection.

The table size is decent and the MDF top will ensure a strong and consistently flat surface. This table is also quieter than most and comes with sturdy legs to limit vibration and movement.

This router table is the whole package.

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Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Tableblue bosch brand router table

Estimated Price: $199

Bosch is the type of company where you buy one power tool from them, and then another, and before you know it, Bosch is all youโ€™ll buy. Boschโ€™s reason for success is quite simple, their tools are well designed, smart, and dependable. This router table is no exception.

The Bosch RA1181 is a professional quality router table that comes with a 27โ€x18โ€ top, two adjustable feather boards, and storage space for your routing accessories. In terms of stability, this table is solid. However, the only negative is that the tableโ€™s feet are plastic. That said, customers have had no trouble with the table moving or slipping during use.

This is the ultimate table when matching quality with affordability.

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SKIL RAS900 Router Tablered skil brand router table

Estimated Price: $140

This is a cheap and reliable router table with a medium to small size MDF top.

The two adjustable feather boards make this an overall sturdy and accurate table, and its bit height gauge also helps simplify setup and improve cut accuracy.

The SKIL RAS900 comes with storage containers to protect and store your router accessories. This router arrives to you pre-assembled and ready for immediate use.

What you lose with this unit is the ability to use any olโ€™ router bit you want and a built-in sawdust collector. Still, this is a great table for the price, and will get you far.

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