Electric kettles are a modern and more efficient version of the traditional tea kettle. For tea and coffee lovers alike, an electric kettle is a kitchen necessity.

While most electric kettles range between 1-2 liters in size and generally have most of the same basic features, there are some things to keep in mind that can differentiate one model from another.

Auto Shut Off

If you’re purchasing an electric tea kettle to get away from the fear of over boiling a traditional stove-top kettle, choosing a model with an automatic shut off is key.

This is another feature that tends to be standard, but it’s always good to check.

Multiple Settings

If you’re a diehard tea drinker, having a kettle with multiple settings is beneficial. Given that different teas steep best at different temperatures, having the ability to heat the kettle up to a specific temperature can step up your current tea-drinking game.

This setting is also beneficial for those who like their drinks super hot or at a cool 80 degrees.

How Fast It Heats Up

Chances are you’re switching to an electric kettle to save boiling time, so having a fast-boiling kettle is an essential. If you really want to save some time in the morning, look out for models that specify they are “quick boil.”

Best Electric Kettles On Amazon

KitchenAid Electric Kettlekitchen aid pistachio color electric kettle

Estimated Price: $80

This classic, aesthetically appealing electric kettle comes in 7 different colors and holds 1.25 liters. KitchenAid is also known for their solid, durable, long-lasting products, and this kettle is no exception.

Featuring an LED on/off switch with an automatic shut-off, you will have no problem worrying about whether or not you turned off your kettle.

The removable lid and lime scale filter allows for easy cleaning and comes with a 1-year limited warranty, making the higher price tag part of the investment.

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VAVA 1.7-Liter Electric Kettlevava electric kettle

Estimated Price: $42

This VAVA electric kettle is a tea lover’s dream. It’s a larger kettle at 1.7 liters and doesn’t have a problem heating up quickly.

The feature that really makes this electric kettle stand out is its temperature control. Not only can you set the temperature, but there are buttons on the control panel that let you choose a temperature that is ideal for a specific type of tea.

No need to look up what temperature is best for steeping green, black, or oblong tea. The display has buttons for each specific kind of tea!

Another beneficial feature is the 30 minute warm button. Boil your water to the desired temperature, hit the warm button, and your water will stay the same temperature for 30 minutes.

This button is especially beneficial for those of us who are notorious for letting our water go cold before we can drink it!

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BLACK+DECKER Rapid Boil Electric Kettleblack and decker black electric kettle

Estimated Price: $25

A basic electric kettle is especially perfect for those going off to college. Whether it’s boiling water for tea or ramen, an electric kettle can really come in handy. This BLACK+DECKER model has no frills and all the basic functions that make an electric kettle efficient and helpful.

This kettle is larger at 1.7 liters and features a space saving design that is perfect for cramped dorms and smaller kitchens. A lime scale filter helps to keep the water and kettle clean.

This model also has a few safety features including an automatic shut-off and a safety locking lid.

While this kettle isn’t particularly aesthetic or fancy, it gets the job done quickly and safely.

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Bella Ceramic Electric Kettlewhite and black floral bella ceramic electric kettle

Estimated Price: $45

This Bella ceramic kettle is by far the prettiest item on our list. Coming in 7 different colors/patterns, this item will quickly become the centerpiece of your kitchen counter.

The ceramic body is a traditional spin on an electric kettle, and is a good replacement for grandma’s old kettle.

While there aren’t as many features as some of the other models on the list, the on/off blue LED switch and long gooseneck for a more controlled pour are beneficial features.

The main downfall of this kettle is it’s smaller at 1.2 Liter.

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