• After Record 2012, World Wind Power Set to Top 300,000 Megawatts in 2013

    Even amid policy uncertainty in major wind power markets, wind developers still managed to set a new record for installations in 2012, with 44,000 megawatts of new wind capacity worldwide. With total capacity exceeding 280,000 megawatts, wind farms generate carbon-free electricity in more than 80 countries, 24 of which have at least 1,000 megawatts. At the European level of consumption, the world’s operating wind turbines could satisfy the residential electricity needs of 450 million people. More

  • Wind: The Centerpiece of the Plan B Economy

    By Lester R. Brown For many years, a small handful of countries dominated growth in wind power, but this is changing as the industry goes global, with more than 70 countries now developing wind resources. Between 2000 and 2010, world wind electric generating capacity increased at a frenetic pace from 17,000 megawatts to nearly 200,000 […] More

  • Wind Chimes

    Wind chimes have been used by many cultures going back as far as 1100 BC. Believe it or not, they weren’t created to irritate cranky neighbors, but in fact were thought to ward off evil spirits. They’re considered a percussion instrument, and because their sound is created at random by the wind, their soothing, melodic […] More

  • Global Wind Power Climbs to New Record in 2011

    Wind energy developers installed a record 41,000 megawatts of electricity-generating capacity in 2011, bringing the world total to 238,000 megawatts. With more than 80 countries now harnessing the wind, there is enough installed wind power capacity worldwide to meet the residential electricity needs of 380 million people at the European level of consumption. More

  • The Great Transition, Part II: Building a Wind-Centered Economy

    Over the past decade, world wind electric generating capacity grew at nearly 30 percent per year, its increase driven by its many attractive features and by public policies supporting its expansion. Wind is abundant, carbon-free and nondepletable. It uses no water, no fuel, and little land. Wind is also locally available, scales up easily, and can be brought online quickly. No other energy source can match this combination of features. More

  • Wind Power Soared Past 150,000 Megawatts in 2009

    By J. Matthew Roney Even in the face of a worldwide economic downturn, the global wind industry posted another record year in 2009 as cumulative installed wind power capacity grew to 158,000 megawatts. With this 31 percent jump, the global wind fleet is now large enough to satisfy the residential electricity needs of 250 million […] More

  • 2013: Record Year for Offshore Wind

    Offshore wind power installations are on track to hit a seventh consecutive annual record in 2013. Developers added 1,080 megawatts of generating capacity in the first half of the year, expanding the world total by 20 percent in just six months. Fifteen countries host some 6,500 megawatts of offshore wind capacity. Before the year is out, the world total should exceed 7,100 megawatts. Although still small compared with the roughly 300,000 megawatts of land-based wind power, offshore capacity is growing at close to 40 percent a year. More

  • veritcal herb garden

    Vertical Herb Garden

    Herbs, lettuces, and strawberries do not need as much soil as many other plants, so they are good candidates for vertical gardens. 20 Of The World’s Best Vertical Herb Gardens 1) Atlanta Botanical Garden’s Herb Wall Vertical herb garden in the edible garden at Atlanta Botanical Garden. The section to the right is a water […] More

  • Offshore Wind Energy Development Picking Up Pace

    Wind power is the world’s leading source of renewable electricity, excluding hydropower, with 238,000 megawatts of capacity installed at the start of 2012. Thus far, almost all of this wind power has been tapped on land; worldwide just 4,600 megawatts of offshore wind farms were operating as of mid-2012. Offshore wind capacity is growing quickly, however, expanding nearly six-fold since 2006. Twelve countries now have wind turbines spinning offshore, and more will be joining them to take advantage of the powerful winds blowing over the oceans. More

  • Found: Thousands of Megawatts of New Renewable Energy Potential

    Great news from the United Nations Foundation: PRESS RELEASE Embargoed for 15.00 UTC/GMT, 14 April 2005(Thursday for Friday story) Found: Thousands of Megawatts of New Renewable Energy Potential UNEP releases first results from international effort to map some of the world’s best solar and wind power sites WASHINGTON D.C., 14 April 2005 – Thousands of […] More

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