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  • front porch ideas

    25 Front Porch Ideas To Spruce Up Your Entryway

    Whether you’ve been blessed with a grand wrap-around porch or you’re looking to glam up a tiny front stoop, there are countless front porch ideas to add some style to your space. From seasonal decorations to simple enhancements that boost curb appeal, adding decor to the front of your home doesn’t have to break the […] More

  • bedroom storage ideas

    25 Effective Bedroom Storage Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Space

    Your clothes are scattered in the corner. Clutter fills your nightstand because you’re not quite sure where to put your piles of books and knick-knacks. The top of your dresser is a mess of disorganized jewelry. And inside the drawers, it’s tough to locate anything in the mixed-up socks and accessories. Needless to say, you […] More

  • kitchen pantry organized

    25 Easy And Clever Kitchen Pantry Ideas

    Your kitchen is spotless. Your counters are shiny, and your fridge is immaculate. Take a peek in your pantry, though, and you may find a different situation. It can be tough to keep things neat and tidy, especially when they’re hidden behind closed doors. The kitchen pantry is an oft-accessed space where items are continually […] More

  • how honey is made

    From Hive To Table: How Honey Is Made

    One of my favorite things to do in the summer is sit quietly by my zinnias, and watch the pollinators flit around the brightly colored flowers. I don’t spend much more time than I have to outdoors when the temperatures are scorching and sunburn is eminent, but if I’m gardening in the early morning, I […] More

  • easy road trip foods

    30 Easy Road Trip Foods

    While road trips are great fun, they can also be stressful journeys if you fail to plan in advance. Aside from making sure you have everything you need once you reach your destination, you should also think about how you’ll fuel up along the way. The chance to stop by a rest area may not […] More

  • meal prep dinner ideas

    30 Meal Prep Dinner Ideas

    Although it’s a big responsibility, I absolutely love meal planning. I have a meal planning notebook that helps me outline meals for the week and a spreadsheet where I keep a running list of favorite recipes. Every entry is numbered, so when I’m feeling uninspired, I use a random number generator to make the decision […] More

  • dog on bed by window

    How To Cool Down A Room: 15 Easy Methods

    Lately, summers have been getting hotter. Without some sort of home cooling mechanism, the scorching temperatures quickly become unbearable — and in some cases, deadly. The human body isn’t designed to withstand high heat for long periods. Without reprieve, high temperatures eventually lead to heat illness and heat stroke. Discomfort, dizziness, profuse sweating, and disorientation […] More

  • how to make essential oils

    How To Make Essential Oils

    Over the last few years, essential oils have become incredibly popular. Some people use them for aromatherapy while others swear by their health benefits and healing properties. Regardless of how you use your essential oils, you’ve probably spent a pretty penny purchasing them, so why not consider making them at home? While the initial investment […] More

  • window

    How To Get Rid Of Mildew Smell To Freshen Your Space

    Mildew is a type of fungus that produces a distinct, foul odor. The growth is often confused with mold which has a different texture and is usually darker. Mildew has been linked to health issues like respiratory problems, skin irritation, and chronic fatigue. Often, the terms mold and mildew are used interchangeably. Mildew growth occurs […] More

  • pressed flowers

    How To Press Flowers For All Your DIY Needs

    Who doesn’t love to admire a gorgeous bunch of flowers in bloom? I’m lucky enough to have a patch of zinnias still going strong in my garden — despite the chilly weather of late. If I could enjoy those flowers all year round, I would jump at the opportunity. Unfortunately, a freeze will soon kill […] More

  • salad

    27 Cheap Lunch Ideas

    Whether you have a 9 to 5 job in an office or you’re someone who works from home, your stomach will inevitably start to grumble around midday. As a freelancer, I usually start to get hungry around noon, but I don’t always have a prepared lunch on hand. The best days are those when I […] More

  • clean kitchen floors

    20 Homemade Floor Cleaners For A Sparkly Clean House

    Mopping is one of my least favorite chores. At least, it was until I stopped using store-bought cleaners and transitioned to homemade solutions. The store-bought stuff never seemed to clean my floors (they’re mainly wood, laminate, and tiles) and left them feeling tacky to the touch. I also hated the odor of anything store-bought. Everything […] More

  • dryer

    40 Smart Uses For Dryer Sheets In Your Home And Garden

    When you put laundry in a dryer, static builds up on the clothes, sheets, and towels that bounce and tumble in the heat. Throwing in a dryer sheet can reduce static cling and leave your clothes smelling fresh. That said, dryer sheets have gained a bad reputation because they contain quaternary ammonium compounds that can […] More

  • person planting in straw

    12 Best Plants For Straw Bale Gardening

    Straw bale gardening is an ideal way to overcome nutrient-limited soil. Like other forms of raised-bed gardening, straw bale gardening lets you control the nutrients in your soil. Straw bale gardening utilizes straw bales in place of other types of containers and is a low-maintenance, eco-friendly way to grow plants. Straw bale gardens consist of […] More

  • clean shower head

    How To Clean A Showerhead: 5 Natural Options That Actually Work

    A showerhead is one of many often-neglected home fixtures. When was the last time you gave your showerhead a proper scrubbing — or even thought about it? You might not think much about washing this fixture during regular bathroom cleanings. And why bother? Water spurts out the holes and knocks away any nasty grime anyway, […] More

  • dishwasher powder

    17 Effective DIY Dishwasher Detergent Recipes

    I’m probably one of the few people in this world who loves doing dishes — I love to load up the dishwasher and forget them, that is! Washing dishes by hand is an annoying and time-consuming task. And did you know it often uses more water than dishwashers? Handwashing dishes can use up to 27 […] More

  • cubed lard

    Lard: What It Is And How To Use It

    Lard is a type of animal fat specifically derived from a pig. It’s available both rendered and as unrendered fat. When fatty cuts of pork are cooked, lard is the liquid left behind. Its primary use is culinary, and it’s often used as a replacement for other types of fat in a variety of cuisines. […] More

  • black truffles in basket

    How To Grow Truffles

    If you’ve ever heard of truffles or been lucky enough to taste them, it’s probably been in the context of gourmet dining. A truffle is a type of edible fungi that’s much more difficult to cultivate than other types. Like other crops requiring patience, truffles are considered a delicacy and fetch a high price because […] More

  • lettuce up close

    A Guide To Growing Lettuce Indoors For Fresh, Delicious Greens All Year Round

    Is growing lettuce indoors possible? Absolutely! In fact, lettuce is one of the easiest vegetables to grow both outside and indoors. When the temperatures drop below zero, it’s possible to grow delicious, tender, leaves of lettuce inside the comfort of your own home. Sun Requirements All plants need some degree of sunlight (lettuce included). However, […] More

  • basil

    12 Delicious Types Of Basil To Grow In Your Garden

    It may be hard to believe, but there was a time when I hated all types of basil. I found it overly pungent, and it always seemed to overpower any dish. Thinking back on it, I might have been tasting bad quality basil — either basil that was past its prime or grown in stressed […] More

  • mulch

    How To Mulch For A Beautiful, Weed-Free Garden

    I don’t like to describe anything as a miracle when it comes to gardening, but honestly, mulch comes close. Before I learned how to mulch, my garden was plagued with problems. While my square-foot garden did a good job of choking out weeds on its own (due to close spacing), my garden soil still seemed […] More

  • hummingbird and flower

    20 Eye-Catching Flowers That Attract Hummingbirds

    If you’re wondering how you can attract hummingbirds to your garden oasis, look no further. Here are 20 flowers you can plant that have bright colors, high-quality nectar, tubular-shaped flowers, and other features that will entice the charming flappers to your yard. Read on to learn more about 20 Bee Balm USDA Zone: 4-9 Bloom […] More

  • strawberry in planter

    7 Fruits To Grow In Containers On Your Patio Or Balcony

    Once upon a time, fruits didn’t have much of a place in my garden. I didn’t really know it was possible to grow fruit trees or bushes in my small plot. I always imagined that fruits were best grown in tropical climates and in gardens with a lot of space. At the time, I was […] More

  • pesto pasta with tomatoes

    13 Everyday Uses For Whey

    Whey is the liquidy by-product of cheese and yogurt making. Instead of throwing away the by-product and wasting it, you can use this incredibly nutritious and complete protein. Whey contains all nine amino acids! In addition, it contains a lot less lactose compared to other milk products. Because of its high protein content and nutritional […] More

  • salmon

    15 Of The Healthiest Meats You Should Add To Your Diet

    The American Heart Association recommends limiting the intake of red meat and opting for poultry and fish. Red meat is higher in saturated fat, and a higher consumption may lead to high cholesterol and heart disease. White meats (fish, poultry), on the other hand, contain omega-3 fatty acids which have been shown to reduce heart […] More

  • succulents in pots

    20 Types Of Succulents For Your Desktop Or Rock Garden

    Generally, a succulent refers to a plant with chubby, fleshy greenery. The word on its own evokes a particular image, so if you think it’s a succulent, it probably is. The thick leaves are often plump because they’re designed to retain moisture for these drought-tolerant plants. Most succulents are fairly low maintenance and produce flowers […] More

  • trellis plant on wall

    15 Trellis Plants For Your Wall, Pergola, And Arbor

    Pergolas, arbors, and trellises look mighty boring without a plant wrapped around their nooks and crannies. But why should you bother finding a trellis plant to cover your garden structure? It might be to provide privacy, add a decorative element, or save space in a small area. And if you’ve run out of room on […] More

  • lettuce

    12 Vegetables That Can Grow In Shade

    Just because your yard, porch, or plot of land is permanently sitting in dappled shade, it doesn’t mean you have to give up on gardening or providing your family with homegrown goodness. Plenty of vegetables are perfectly capable of growing in partial shade. You’d be surprised at just what you CAN grow! Full Sun, Partial […] More