Pallet Garden: 19 Ideas For The Ultimate Upcycle

Pallets are more than “having a moment”. They’ve made their way in and onto nearly surface imaginable. From furniture to shutters, to walkways and light fixtures, pallets are one of the best upcycling opportunities around. And you can often get them for free. Not only are pallets an eco-friendly option, they have many, many uses. Pallet garden builders have taken advantage of this versatility.

Gardening has traditionally been something that required a fair amount of space and workable land in order to make it functional and worthwhile. This meant that anyone living in apartments or condominiums, or who rented their homes instead of owned them, was left out of the loop when it came to having a garden of their own.

Enter the pallet garden, and several problems have been solved. They don’t require much space at all and can even be hung vertically aside walls and fences. Additionally, they can be easily dismantled when it comes time to move. Another benefit of the pallet garden is its built-in ability to create rows, which makes it simpler to plant and separate vegetables and herbs. Pallets are hard for weeds to get established in, which means less maintenance.

Getting your hands on a few pallets is relatively simple. Ask your local recycling center where you can find them or contact businesses you know that receive shipments on pallets to find out what they do with them once they’ve unloaded their product.

If you haven’t given gardening a try because of a lack of space, or, because of the time and effort it requires, read on to see if any of these pallet garden options may have you considering growing radishes and carrots in your own backyard.

1. Traditional Pallet Garden

Making your own pallet garden requires little more than pallets (look for those that haven’t been treated with chemicals), soil, and seeds or plants. Pallet gardens can be as small as one pallet, or as large as you have room for. Simply lay in your chosen, sunny spot, fill with dirt, and plant your seeds or plants in the provided rows.

2. Succulent Plant Pallet Wall

Before we get too far down the path of vegetable gardens, remember that pallets are also a fantastic option for flowers and other plants as well. Take a succulent wall, for instance. This is especially nice for anyone who is in love with succulents and needs to consider a vertical option to maximize space.

3. Vertical Pallet Garden

To make the most of a vertical pallet garden, use straw within each layer to retain moisture.

It’s hard to believe the large volume of herbs and vegetables that can come from such a small space.

4. Backyard Pallet Garden

Our backyards are a place of respite and relaxation. Incorporating a pallet garden into where you rest and play is an opportunity to spend even more time outside. Enjoy the fresh air and the bountiful harvest.

5. Vertical Herb Garden

For some, growing herbs is one of the first ways they get started in gardening. It’s also a nice option for the accomplished cook who’d like a low-maintenance, easily-accessible herb garden just outside the door. This vertical pallet herb garden is simple to make and looks lovely as well.

6. Large Stacked Pallet Garden

Saving space is one of the largest advantages of a pallet garden, and stacking them not only does exactly that, but it provides more growth opportunities that one may expect.

7. Raised Bed Pallet Garden

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This may take just a bit more time to create as it requires disassembling and reassembling pallets, but the results are raised pallet gardens that prove easy to work in, since they require less bending and stooping to tend them.

8. Flowering Pallet Wall

The visual effect of a flowering pallet wall is quite unexpected. This is an especially nice option if you like cascading varieties such as petunias. A flowering pallet wall fits nicely in virtually any spot, so it’s a good choice for those without much outdoor space to work with.

9. Hanging Pot Pallet Wall

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If you’re interested in something a bit simpler, consider using a pallet as a wall to hang potted plants, flowers or herbs from.

10. Vine Grown Pallet Garden

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People with smaller yards often avoid from growing things like squash and melons because they require so much space for their vines to spread. With a pallet garden, you can grow such things vertically, taking up a fraction of the space.

11. Painted Pallet Garden

To really dress up the look of your pallet garden, go ahead and splash a few shades of your favorite color on them to brighten up your outdoor space.

12. Pallet Garden Table

What about a multi-purpose way to upcycle a pallet? This clever table is a recycled pallet with a succulent garden built right in.

13. Supported Pallet Garden

If you’d prefer to use a pallet to grow your produce vertically, but have no wall or fence to work with, just give your pallets a little support.

Now you can put them wherever they’ll get the right amount of sunlight in your yard.

14. Built-In Pallet Garden

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Sometimes we’re looking for a creative way to display flowers, or perhaps herbs and plants. Check out this unique way of using pallets to work with roses within cedar wood chips.

15. Pallet Garden Walls

Create some separation by placing two or more vertical pallet gardens at adjacent angles to provide privacy in the most beautiful way.

16. Lattice Pallet Wall

Pretty up your deck or patio with a pallet garden adorned with lattice to create a flowering wall.

17. Small Pallet Garden

When you’re really only looking to grow a few herbs or some flowers in a smaller area, you can use portions of a pallet to build a mini garden. This is perfect for spaces like windowsills or balconies.

18. Backyard Pallet Garden Oasis

The more you can incorporate into your outdoor spaces alongside your pallet garden, the more time you’ll spend working and playing in your backyard oasis.

19. Pallet Compost Bins

Many gardeners choose to maintain a compost bin to take advantage of the nutrients compost provides to the soil. Pallets are a simple, economical way to create your own compost bin in a short amount of time.

For more information on how to make your own pallet garden, check out these easy steps.

Written by Jessica Barrett Halcom

Jessica is an outdoor enthusiast who can be found dreaming up any excuse to make her way to the woods, the mountains, or the beach. Growing up in the country in a small town in Wisconsin, she had aspirations of one day moving to a big city to make her living as a writer. Her love of the country won out over the city, and though she makes her living writing, she has chosen the hills of Tennessee as her home where she lives with her family.

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