Chia Pet Zombies are a Halloween Must-Have

The new Chia Zombies (form the makers of Chia Pet) are an absolute must-have for zombie fans this halloween! SO fun!

new chia pet zombies

Whether it’s brought on by an extraterrestrial pathogen, a mutated rabies virus, or an extra-special Voodoo ritual, we simply cannot wait for a proper zombie apocalypse to get started. That’s partly because we love post-apocalyptic survivalism here at Insteading, and also partly because we have a Vipkures LeverAxe hanging in the closet that – if I’m being honest – serves no real purpose in urban Chicago. While we wait, however, we can enjoy the upcoming Halloween season even more thanks to the new Chia Pet Chia Zombie line!

Made by the same people who brought you classics like the original Chia Pet and, of course, Chia Uncle Si, the Chia Zombie line follows the same sort of “spread seeds onto the terracotta thing that’s shaped like a thing and watch it grow. Except, in this case, it’s zombie stuff and not, you know, like a pig thing.

You can see the Chia Zombie “restless hand”, above, and check out the Creepy Holden and Lifeless Lisa zombie busts (decapitated, living heads?) below. Let us know which one’s your favorite in the comments!


Chia Zombie | Lisa + Holden

new chia pet zombies
new chia pet zombies

Sources | Images: Chia, via Geekologie.

Written by Jo BorrΓ‘s


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