25 Sustainable Stocking Stuffers

It’s not always possible to buy that new greenhouse or build a rain garden as a holiday gift. At Insteading, we understand that garden gifts can easily run on the large and expensive side. We wouldn’t want to substitute our love of natural and sustainable products for a plastic and battery-operated gadget, though, so we’ve compiled a list of less spendy items.

Our sustainable stocking stuffers are pulled from some of our favorite websites and feature smaller items, all under $50. Check out our top 25 favorites for some eco-friendly fun.

Gifts to Eat & Drink

I just love gifts I can eat and drink. I have a weakness for cheese, chocolates, and coffee. Also wine. As a former restaurant worker, I’m a bit of the foodie and am always on the lookout for new ethically sourced goodies or artisan eats for a holiday treat.

Organic Flowering Tea Set

Organic Flowering Tea Set

Enough for 18 pots, this flowering tea set also comes in a pretty bamboo case. Brew a cup and enjoy some beautiful blooms in the coming winter months.

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Honey Taster Gift Set

honey sampler

This honey sampler kit is perfect for someone sweet in your life. Flavors include honey for the grill, honey for your tea, and honey for cheese.

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DIY Cheese Kit

homemade cheese kit

I’ve got one of these in my cupboard ready to try. I’ve found some great milk options to use at our local co-op.

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Ethical Bean Coffee

Ethical Bean Coffee

This medium/dark blend boasts flavors of wood and smoke. The beans are fair-trade certified, and you can request carbon-free ground shipping.

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Barnana Snacks

barnana snacks

Barnana snacks are both tasty and sustainable! Made of bananas that weren’t pretty enough to be sold in grocery stores, these are both gluten-free and a good source of energy!

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Habanero Hot Sauce Set

Habanero Hot Sauce Set

Spice up your holidays with this handmade habanero hot sauce from Colorado. Flavors in this sample pack include Broja (tomato-carrot), Purple Blaze (blueberry-infused), Habacado (avocado), Strawbanero (strawberry) for a unique and fruity twist.

Buy it at Uncommon Goods

Tea Drops

tea drops

Available in a pack of 8, these cute little tea drops can be added to a cup of hot water and dissolve completely. The perfect pick for the tea drinker on the go.

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Equal Exchange Chocolate Set

equal exchange dark chocolate

Sourced from small farmer organizations, these USDA certified organic chocolate bars are made with the purest ingredients available. The six flavors include Panama dark chocolate, mint dark chocolate, orange dark chocolate, very dark chocolate, lemon ginger dark chocolate, and caramel milk chocolate.

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Gifts for Kitchens & Homes

As someone who loves to cook, I constantly see kitchen gadgets that I’d like. I also have a hard time justifying the expense of these terrific gadgets, so I’m thrilled when someone sends me one as a gift.

Vacuum Insulated Steel Water Bottle

simple modern water bottle

These leak-free bottles are super tough. Save yourself from disposable plastic and BPAs with this hot or cold insulated drink container.

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Foodie Dice

Do you have a foodie in your life? Check out these dice! Roll the dice to choose your ingredients and you’ll be making a one of a kind dish in the kitchen.

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City Cedar Coasters

City Cedar Coasters

FSC-certified red cedar plywood is used to create these unique city impressions β€” choose from one of eight major cities. Each coaster is also 100 percent biodegradable, down to the formaldehyde-free wood.

Buy it at Bambeco

Chardonnay Bottle Tumblers

wine glass tumblers

Wine bottles have a proven track record in storing wine, so why not use them for drinking too? I recommend these upcycled tumblers for a nice white.

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Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

himalayan salt shot glass

The makers say these shot glasses will add a touch of salt to every shot and recommend you use them for a nice tequila or mezcal. As an added benefit, these glasses are Kosher, gluten-free, non-GMO, AND biodegradable.

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Bamboo Cutting Board

bamboo cutting board

Fast-growing and organic bamboo also helps prevent bacteria growth by repelling water absorption in your kitchen.

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Reclaimed Wooden Beer Caddy

Reclaimed Wooden Beer Caddy

It carries beer AND opens bottles. Your favorite beer drinker can also rest easy knowing this was created from reclaimed lumber and won’t contribute to deforestation.

Buy it at Uncommon Goods

Reusable Snack Bags

reusable snack bags

Because using plastic snack bags is so last year.

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Bamboo Tea Tumbler

bamboo tea tumbler

Skip the disposable cup next time you get your tea to go with this beautiful bamboo tea tumbler. It includes a BPA-free reusable infuser and is insulated to keep your drink hot for up to 12 hours.

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Recycled Bike Chain Coasters

bike chain bamboo coaster

Sustainable and charming, these coasters are crafted out of bamboo and recycled bike chains. This set of 4 is a great gift for the bike rider in your life.

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Gifts for Gardens & Outdoors

No Insteading list would be complete without at least a few garden gifts. Here are some of our smaller items. For a more extensive gardeners’ gift guide, check out our Garden Gift Guide.

Garden Dibble

garden dibber

What is a dibble exactly? Only the garden tool you never knew you needed. I was unable to find info on sustainable manufacturing, but this quality tool can be reused from season to season to cut your planting time in half, thanks to a comfy handle and point for hole-making.

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Eco-friendly Fire Starters

Eco-friendly Fire Starters

Keep harsh chemicals away from your s’mores β€” give your outdoors, fire-loving friends these eco-friendly fire starters. Sold in sets of twelve, these tiny muffin cups are made from macadamia nut shells and soy wax.

Buy it at doublebrush on Etsy

Hori Hori Gardening Knife

hori hori knife

Whether your loved one is a new or experienced gardener, they will appreciate this stocking stuffer. Hori Hori knives are one of our favorite gardening tools, and they will quickly become theirs, too!

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101 Organic Gardening Hacks Book

101 organic gardening hacks book

We all know that the holiday season tends to all be the gardening off-season. So rather than wallow in the fact that you have to wait till the spring to get back outside, why not read up on some ways to make your spring garden the best it can be?!

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Gardener’s Gold Soap

gardener's gold soap

Handcrafted in Seattle, this gardener’s gold soap is made out of coconut oil, carrot, rosemary, lavender, and grapefruit. This artisan soap is packaged in a recycled, reusable tin and is free of any chemicals or preservatives.

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Gift for Children & Babies

Kids help us enjoy the holidays, but it’s easy to fall into a plastic and battery-operated trap with their toys. Try some of these sustainable creations for a child and planet-friendly alternative.

Recycled Owl Crayons

Ever wonder what happens to the little end bits of crayons? Well, some of them turn into these cute owl crayons!

Buy it from WinterberryOriginals on Etsy

Organic Wooden Teether

Organic Wooden Teether

This tiny teether is made from hand-carved beechwood and organic linseed oil, safe for even the smallest tot.

Buy it at tinyfoxhole on Etsy

Soy Dinosaur Crayons

Soy Dinosaur Crayons

Take coloring to a whole new level with these soy-based crayons. The colors come from non-toxic pigments molded into fun dinosaur designs.
Buy it at earthgrowncrayons on Etsy

Natural Inspirations Coloring Book

Natural Insipirations Coloring Book

Combine coloring with conservation, thanks to this animal-themed coloring book from the World Wildlife Fund. The gift comes as a thank you for any $25 donation. Proceeds go to help their conservation efforts across more than 100 countries.

Buy it at World Wildlife Fund

Natural Wooden Stacking Toy

wooden stacking toy

Just about everyone will recognize this time-honored children’s toy. Rather than being made out of plastic, however, this stacking toy is handcrafted out of oak and maple. This is the type of toy that your kids will want to pass on to their kids.

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Crocheted Veggies For Baby Gym Mobile

crocheted veggies

Teach your kids to eat their veggies by playing with them first! These adorable crocheted veggies are the perfect addition to a homemade baby gym mobile.

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Gifts for Bath & Body

Bath and body gifts make great stocking stuffers. Pamper your favorite friend with some eco-friendly grooming solutions.

Handmade Soap Ends Sampler

soap ends sampler

With so many natural soap options available online, it can be difficult to pick just one to give as a gift. Try a whole bunch of different soap samples with this soap ends sampler set.

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Natural Sea Sponge

Natural Sea Sponge

This sponge is biodegradable and naturally sourced. Perfect for toddlers, babies, and adults with sensitive skin.

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Coffee Loves Body Care Gift Set

coffee lovers body care set

Who doesn’t have a coffee lover in their life? This body care set features a coffee scrub, coffee bar, coffee candle, dark chocolate, and a coffee lip balm.

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Calming Lavender Bath Soaks

calming lavender bath soak

Who doesn’t need a little soak after a long day of work? These calming lavender bath soaks are both relaxing and detoxifying, and the apothecary container is beautiful too.

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Sandalwood Comb

sandalwood comb

Described by the seller as eco-friendly, this sandalwood comb is said to promote silky hair.

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Bamboo Toothbrush

bamboo toothbrush

Have you ever considered how much waste is produced by switching toothbrushes every 6 months? These bamboo brushes offer a biodegradable alternative made from highly renewable bamboo. It’s like your giving a gift of sustainability and good oral hygiene all in one.

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Written by Leigha Staffenhagen

Leigha Staffenhagen is our managing editor. When she isn’t writing and editing for Insteading, she’s reading, going to Mariners games, practicing yoga, tap dancing, weeding in her grandma's garden beds, and attempting to grow her own apartment garden.

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