We built the Insteading Marketplace to curate products from across the web that our readers will love. We manually select every product on the site from vendors on Amazon, Etsy, and other top tier online retailers.

We specifically look for products that meet the following criteria:

  • High quality non-disposable products:Β We advocate for paying more for the best products so you won’t have to replace a broken one in 2 years.
  • 4-Star or higher product rating or seller rating: We look for established sellers and products that have a track record of high ratings from non-biased reviewers.
  • Sustainable materials & packaging: While it’s not always available for every product type, we specifically look for materials that are more sustainably manufactured or harvested.

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Affiliate Disclosure:

Many of the products in our marketplace earn us affiliate fees, however the criteria listed above are taken into account for all products. Please see our full affiliate disclosure here.