• Adirondack Chairs

    Almost no vacation would be complete without the addition of an Adirondack chair somewhere on the property. Whether you’re lounging beside the sea, or circled around a campfire with friends, an Adirondack chair is practically essential. These comfortable, spacious chairs have become staples on beaches and shorefront cottages, and we’ve started to incorporate them into […] More

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  • Hammock Chairs

    When the sun comes out there’s nothing more relaxing than lounging in your backyard garden. Once you’ve worked hard all spring to care for your flowers and plants, the only thing you’ll want to do is kick up your feet and relax. Hammock chairs are a great spot to chill out with a good book, […] More

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  • Educating Our Children

    We are influenced throughout our life by the company we keep, the groups and issues we engage in, and the people we respect and learn from. But is there anything that compares to what we learn from our parents as children? We can see the way children imitate their parents, even as adults. Children learn […] More

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  • Is Organic Food Better For Kids?

    Last week the American Academy of Pediatrics released a report addressing relative benefits of organic versus conventionally grown food, for children. Various media outlets reported conflicting conclusions: some cited the AAP report as recommending organics for kids, and other sources cited the same report in asserting that organic food offers no benefits to pediatric health. So which is it? And why the conflicting reports? More

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  • chair_1_growing_furniture

    Growing Furniture

    Train and graft a tree for half a dozen years or so and you have strong, local, one piece (tree) furniture. One piece wood chairs, no joints. Partially planed. The first chairs are expected to be in galleries mid-2017. byΒ FullGrown, UK. One piece tree chair. The trees are harvested in winter and then allowed to […] More

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  • Happy Meal Marketing is Actually a Crime

    We covered the San Francisco Happy Meal toy ban from beginning to end and then some, delving into a couple of different angles and topics. But one thing we didn’t spend a lot of time looking at was the strictly legal precedence for the ban, the legal details. Well, we aren’t lawyers, so it’s not a big surprise, but I recently read a cool, interesting, easy-to-read post on this topic (written by a lawyer) and thought it not only warranted but required a quick share. More

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