Bicycle Art

Every year about 109 million bicycles are produced, and 140 million people are born. That adds up to lots of extra bikes to make art with.

Burning Man Festival 2007 by Mark Grieve and Ilana Spector
Bikes reclaimed from garbage dumps and recycling centers form a 30 foot high archway.
Pic: Jenene Chesbrough

bicycle reuse
Bicycle Shop Germany
Christian Petersen admires the facade of the bike shop he co-owns in Atlandsberg, north east of Berlin. How they get the bikes down when needed is an unknown!

bicycle reuse
Bicycle Fence

bicycle reuse
Bicycle Furniture Tubes as cushions, wheels as frame.
By Andrew Gregg – designs many great pieces – check out his site…

bicycle furniture
Tour Table by Gae Aulenti
Available through:

bicycle reuse
Retread – By Judd Turner
Bicycle tires, wood frame. 26″ x 18″

bicycle sculpture
Robert Rauschenberg Riding Bikes, 1998
With neon, in a fountain, Berlin.
Pic: Hans Bug

bicycle reuse
Bicycle Gate

bicycle sculpture
Bicycle Sculpture Vancouver, Canada
An bike riding artist driven to frustration…
Pic: Dustin Sacks

bicycle sculpture
Sculpture on top of the River City Bicycle Store Portland, OR
Pic: Dr Burtoni

bicycle reuse
SeeSaw Bike – made from Brooks England bike parts…
Designed by Ben Wilson

bicycle reuse
Susan Crownenwett, San Francisco 1999
Have seen extended length fences like this, that look really nice…

bicycle fence
Hanging Bicycle Fence – Myrtleford, Australia

bicycle fence
Bicycle Gate
Popular design for the wheels keep the gate up off the ground.

bicycle fence
Bicycle Gate My favorite!

bicycle fence
Bicycle Fence in Blue Ridge Mountains

bicycle fence
Black Bicycle Fence

bicycle fence
Bicycle Fence
Surrounding Recycle Ithaca’s Bicycle’s (RIB) Old Shop
Pic: Sandy Su

bicycle sculpture
Bicycle Sculpture by Donald Lipski
Washington Convention Center. Lipski’s stool sculpture seen behind.
Pic: Thom Watson

bicycle sculpture
Bicycle Sculpture ‘Surge’ 2006, Chicago.
Lucy Slavinski

bicycle art
Bicycle Sculpture and Windchime
by David James of Alberta, Canada.

bike sculpture
Bicycle Wheel Dome

bicycle sculpture
Bicycle Sculpture by Jake Beckman
Entrance to Morgana Run Bike Trail Cleveland

bicycle sculpture
Bicycle Sculpture ‘Cyclisk’
Artists Mark Grieve and Ilana Spector. Santa Rosa’s 65′ obelisk sculpted from recycled bicycles. It weighs 10,000 lbs and is made from roughly 340 recycled bicycles collected from local nonprofit community bike projects. It took nearly four months of welding to manufacture. Could be the look of the future, obelisks of waste. Pic:

bicycle reuse
Bicycle Wheel Mirrors
By Gilbert VandenHeuvel of Ontario $300.

bicycle sculpture
Ivy League Bikers

bicycle reuse
Rusting bicycle trellis hung on side of houseboat Bolinas, California
Pic: James Gaither

bicycle fence
Bicycle Fence – Golden, Texas

bicycle sculpture
Bike Accident in Denmark
Pic: Tomasz Sienicki

bicycle fence
Bicycle Celebration – St Omer, France
By Phil Nevard

bicycle sculpture
Fish on Bikes – Surrey, England
Artist: Daren Greenhow
Pic: M J Richardson

bicycle sculpture
Bicycle Gear Sphere by James Irving
Pic: Paul Carnahan

bicycle sculpture
Bicycle Sculpture, Palmer Sculpture Biennial, Australia
Pic: Harvey Schiller

bicycle reuse
Bike Cart – After shopping, for flat lands only.
Instructables – How to…

bicycle furniture
Double Bicycle Chair
By Gilbert VandenHeuvel of Ontario

bicycle furniture
Recycled Bicycle Chain & Tire Chair – Inman, SC

bicycle reuse
Bicycle Chain Chandeliers
By Carolina Fontaura Alzaga

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Author: Keiren

Keiren is an artist who lives in New York City. A lover of animals, nature, science & green building.

  1. I am a bicycle artist. Paula LaPorte and I spent two years completing the Twelve Dancing Princesses, a green interpretation of the Grimm Fairy Tale. They are currently on display in Bennington, VT but I would like to get photo’s on your site. Each Princess began with a bicycle frame and grew into her own personality, using found objects, both natural and manufactured. They are kinetic sculpture and audience participation is invited. I love all the wonderful creativity and fun in the photo’s on your site. TY for sharing!

  2. LOVE this!!! Can we add photos – there are very cool bikes hanging on lamp posts in Roturua, (North Island) NZ. And this gives me some ideas for Longmont, CO as well . . . .

  3. Very cool stuff. I was a little relieved at the end to learn why there might be a surplusage of bicycles when I suspect many 3rd World countries would love to have some of the bikes that are throwaways for these purposes. That said, still cool.

    Except for the chair with chains as a backrest.

  4. These designs are amazing testaments to human ingenuity and to the usefulness and versatility of the bicycle. You don’t have to be a cycling enthusiast to enjoy these works of art!

  5. Hi, we made the ‘black bike fence’ that appears in this cool web site. If you are up to it, you can label it ‘bike fence at the Diabase Lodge’.

    Would you like to see more of our bicycle related stuff?

  6. Well so amazing! Trying to track out people who are bike ‘creative’ in UK for bike festival near Cambridge! 2013 …you want to show some of your work off?! Get in touch!

  7. As my husbands, and son are keen cyclist and I am an artist, I have had some fun with bike components. Can I send you a picture of a bike chain dress sculpture I made to upload?

  8. I have made a sculpture in my front yard that incorporates evergreens and bike rims that would look great in the site. Let me know and I could send you the pic

  9. Call for Artists – ‘Unchained – The Art of the Bicycle’.

    Calling all bicycle loving artists and artistically inclined bicyclists. Artworks, the Visual Arts Center of Trenton N.J. is kick’n up the RPM’s with a bicycle themed art exhibit celebrating Trenton Cycling Revolution’s 17th Annual Bike Tour. An exploration into the intersection of Art and Bike Culture, all media will be considered from depictions of bicycles and bike culture to objects made of bicycles. Accepted works will be on display in the Main Gallery in from May 11 – June 8, 2013. For more event/entry process information please visit

  10. awsome,inspirational,phenominal,happy, sister committed seuicide one week ago. Amy was an awsome beautiful loving spirit. She would have adored this site, as do i.

  11. Hi,

    We are organizing an unconventional bicycle expo at the Tinley Park Convention Center (near Chicago), October 2-4, 2015.

    It will include all types of unconventional bicycles, you name it, it will be here.

    We thought you would be a good fit for the expo.

    You can find all the exhibitor information on our web site:

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

    Thank you for your time.

    Julie Keating

    Cube Expo

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