Bark Furniture And Accessories

Birch-Bark is waterproof and will not rot, its familiar surface is richly graphic.
Birch-Bark has been used for millennia in the making of canoes, wigwams, scrolls, Buddhist manuscripts, maps (including the oldest maps of North America), art, torches, fans, musical instruments, shoes, clothing, as a substratum for sod, birch-bark roofs and more…

bark furniture

Birch Armoire-style-Cabinet-Louis-XV-style
by Marché Dauphine – 140, rue des Rosiers 93400 Saint-Ouen FRANCE.
The artisans have spent years mastering birch marquetry.
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5.7 feet high, slate top.
bark furniture

Birch Armoire
by Marché Dauphine – Saint-Ouen FRANCE.
The artisans have spent years mastering birch marquetry.
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birch bark furniture

Werner Neumann’s Birchwood collection.
Each birch bark drawer opens. Some pieces are epoxys, others are left natural.

birch bark furniture

Werner Neumann’s Birchwood collection is born from his love of natural materials and lightness of form. Covered in natural birch bark yet with clean lines.

bark cabinets

Birch bark Secretary Desk ca. 1900 – 1911.
Birchbark and yellow birch by Ernest Stowe.

bark furniture

Rustic birch bark chest of drawers.


bark cabinets

Birch Bark Cabinets.

birch bark furniture

Birch bark nightstand.
Via: pinterest-source unknown.

birch bark furniture

Bark Chest of Drawers in California.

birch bark bed

Birch Bark Bed.

birch bark art
Birch Bark as Art.
Tuohi birch bark squares are produced ecologically and are fully recyclable. Manufactured in Lahti, Finland.

birch bark sculpture

Birch Bark Sauna.
Birch bark is a good thermal insulator.
The light walls of the sauna are supported by a wooden structure that is hidden inside two layers of braided birch bark structure. By Finnish architects Teija Losoi, Anne Varsamäki and Ilari Pirttilahti.

birch bark lamp

Birch Bark Lamp.
How to:

bark lamp

Bark Shade.
(No longer available.)

bark lamp

Curly Birch Lamp Shade.
by Suzie Thaller

bark frame

Birch Bark and Mineral Frame.
by Marché Dauphine
140, rue des Rosiers 93400 Saint-Ouen, France.
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bark art

Birch bark also makes a good canvas.

bark art

Bark Marquetry.
By Evgeniy Aleksandrov.
“The most important thing is to find original colors of birchbark. The bark of dead trees is used basically. In lowlands, bogs, at streams is one color of a bark, in mountainous, hilly district is the other color. The bark of a birch after big fires is used for contrast.”

birch bark art

Birch Bark Mosaic
‘My Brother’s Blanket’ by Pat and Gage Kruse.

birch bark canoe

Birch Bark Canoe.
‘the indigenous peoples of Canada and the US made canoes of paper birch, which was harvested in early spring by stripping off the outer layer of bark in one piece. Next, the two ends (stem and stern) were sewn together and made watertight with the pitch of balsam fir. The ribs of the canoe were made of white cedar, and the hull, ribs, and thwarts were fastened using watap, a binding usually made from the roots of various species of conifers and then caulked with pitch.’

bark plate
Birch Bark Plate Varnished.

birch bark drawing

Birch Bark Abstracts

birch bark art

Birch Bark Abstracts
‘I go to the forest and look for pieces of Birch Bark with fascinating patterns, texture, different colors on a dead tree. Sometimes I use moss, fungi, nodes etc. that naturally grow on a bark. The interesting bark can be on the outside or the inside. Although it is very important part of the work, it is still just the beginning. The next stage is to clean the bark, to flatten the pieces, to dry them and spray on several protective layers of fixative.’ By

birch bark paper

Birch-bark letter no. 202 contains spelling lessons and drawings made by a boy named Onfim who lived at the end of the twelfth century or beginning of the thirteenth century in the city of Novgorod, Russia. Based on draftsmanship, experts estimate his age as between 6 and 7 at the time.

birch bark basket weave

Birch bark shoes
have been keeping feet protected for centuries, if not millennia.


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