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  • 25 Sustainable Stocking Stuffers

    It’s not always possible to buy that new greenhouse or build a rain garden as a holiday gift. At Insteading, we understand that garden gifts can easily run on the large and expensive side. We wouldn’t want to substitute our love of natural and sustainable products for a plastic and battery-operated gadget, though, so we’ve […] More

  • Gardening Gifts

    ‘Tis the season of gift-giving. Since colder weather has many of us stuck inside instead of in the dirt, we figured this holiday season is the perfect time to find the best in gardening gifts including gear, decor, reading – and of course, don’t forget some of those extra homesteading specialties. We’ve compiled over 70 of […] More

  • kitchen

    10 Smart Small Kitchen Ideas

    Small kitchens can be challenging. Especially when you love to cook and entertain. It’s easy to feel the walls caving in when you have a few cabinets open and the pot is about to boil over and your kids are asking when dinner will be ready. Before you do something rash — like throw a […] More

  • kitchen

    30 Kitchen Shelves To Declutter Your Space

    Your kitchen serves many purposes. It’s the place where you make your morning cup of coffee and pack the kids’ lunches. It’s also where you cook your famous macaroni, and above all, spend time with the ones that you love. There’s a reason that the party always ends up moving to the kitchen. There’s something […] More

  • maple trees tapped for sap

    Homesteading Stories: Maple Sugaring

    There are a lot of different types of maple trees – at least 128 species. Some grow better than others. Some are a harder wood, making them ideal for use on bowling alley floors, while others are considered a weed maple because they grow too big, too fast and too soft. There’s the silver maple, […] More

  • kitchen island

    Kitchen Islands

    It often feels like the kitchen is one of those rooms within our homes where we really wish we could add just a few more drawers, some extra cabinets, and a bit more surface space. If you’re not building a new home, and have no intentions of moving, rather than opting for an entire kitchen […] More

  • Homestead Stories: Memories Of Carving Pumpkins

    The shape isn’t perfect – it never is. It’s rather flat on one side since that’s the way it laid on the ground while it grew. Its shape adds character. At least, one can imagine that it does. Washed and then dried, it sits on the kitchen table awaiting its demise. Or, perhaps, its re-creation […] More

  • Plantain Weed

    Learning about Mother Nature’s edible and healing plants is a critical component of living a sustainable, self-sufficient, and prepared lifestyle. Broadleaf Plantain Broadleaf Plantain, commonly pronounced plan-tin, is a “common” weed that most folks recognize. You likely see it in your lawn, but chances are you don’t know its name. However, there is nothing common […] More

  • Planting Currant Bushes

    Currants are a great addition to any homestead. Native to the United States, currants are a flavorful and versatile berry used in jellies, jams, wine, cordials, puddings, and pies. Currants, no matter whether they are black, red, pink, or white, establish readily in the homestead garden where they will provide an annual abundance of sweet […] More

  • cat in a box

    Homemade Pet Food

    One day, I realized that the pre-packaged food I was giving my pets wasn’t healthy for them. I took the time to consider what they would be eating in the wild, and it definitely wasn’t highly-concentrated food pellets. Sure, grains are good for them, but it just didn’t seem to be enough. The switch to […] More

  • milk being poured

    Raw Milk

    There is nothing more bucolic and familiar in our imagination of a farm than the image of milking a cow by hand into a bucket, and then pouring a glowing glass of milk for two or three smiling children. How charming. How American. There is a serious disconnect between that image and the reality of […] More

  • bones for bone broth

    How to Make Bone Broth

    Bone broth has recently come into vogue, showing up in health food stores and gourmet restaurants—for a pretty penny. Making your own bone broth is a simple and rewarding practice for a fraction of the price you’ll find on the shelves. Bone Broth Basics For homesteaders or hunters, bone broth is a wonderful thing to […] More

  • Farm Sinks

    It’s with good reason that homeowners are installing the farmhouse sink once again. Not only are they an aesthetically pleasing design element, they’re highly functional. The farmhouse sink has no extra counter space to reach or lean over, making it more comfortable to stand at, which is especially important for people spending hours in their […] More

  • fried chicken gizzards

    How To Cook Chicken Gizzards

    The gizzard is an extremely strong and tough muscle with grit inside it, which doesn’t sound appetizing, but it is actually my favorite chicken organ. It’s the part of the chicken’s digestive tract that holds small stones and grit which helps them grind their food. It is shaped like a small fist, with a cavity […] More

  • root cellar

    Root Cellars: The Original Refrigerator

    Root cellars are the original refrigerator. Back in the days before refrigerators were invented, homesteaders stored their produce, among other things, in the root cellar. They have been around for a very long time. Many homesteaders still prefer letting the Earth’s natural coolness keep our vegetables fresh, rather than refrigerating. Root Cellars: The Basics Root cellars […] More

  • thyme rosemary indoor herb garden

    Growing Herbs Indoors

    The long, cold, winter months or even the fate of living in a small apartment are not enough to stifle the need for fresh herbs. The smell of basil, the sight of green cilantro, is something that we should be able to enjoy all year round, no matter where we live. If it’s the weather, […] More

  • Kitchen Stools

    To have a nice island or snack bar, you’ll need different seating than traditional dining areas, namely, kitchen stools. The stools you’ll want depends on your style, the size of the space, and the functionality required. Happily, you can now pick from an amazing array of stools. Let’s take a look at a few. Our […] More

  • red onions

    Growing Onions

    Onions are easy to grow, and they’re the first ingredient in my culinary toolbox. Almost every dish I make starts with caramelized onions, so my garden is never complete until I have grown my season’s worth of onions. Since organic onions are so cheap, it can be easy to put off growing onions in favor of other, […] More

  • asparagus ready to cook

    Growing Asparagus

    If you had told my 10-year-old self that I would one day be deeply emotionally invested in growing asparagus, I would have said “Gross!” Love it, or hate it, this early spring crop has a unique place in both the kitchen and the garden. But even after I developed a taste for asparagus, I hesitated […] More

  • How To Cook Leeks

    Leeks are a must-grow star of the winter garden. Leeks are milder in flavor and have a longer growing season than onions, another member of the allium family. Because the edible bulb of a leek grows underground, it can withstand far colder temperatures than onions. Depending on where you live, you can keep leeks in the […] More

  • Live Edge Slab Furniture

    Although it may seem like the modernized live edge wood slab furniture is a relatively new trend, it began and was popularized back in the 1940’s by furniture designer George Nakashima. The widespread appeal is easy to understand. Each piece is unique, telling its own story, and standing out as the focal point of the […] More

  • goat cheese made without rennet

    How To Make Goat Cheese

    At our goat dairy, we run summer workshops on making cheese. We like these cheeses because they don’t require rennet or even aging. In this article we’ll go through everything from getting the milk to setting up your operation so you can sell the cheese you make. We have pure Saanen goats, Nubian goats and […] More

  • organic labelled meat on store shelves

    Buying Ethical Meat At The Store

    So you’re at the supermarket, standing in the chilly wasteland of the meat aisle. You’re looking at all the options and wondering how do you really know which brand or label is better for the environment, the animal and your body. Perhaps wondering if there is any substantial difference at all. The biggest problem with […] More

  • cows at an organic farm eat

    How To Buy Meat Direct From A Farm

    So you eat meat, and you want to get it from a farm you know and trust. Don’t we all! If you are considering buying meat direct from a local farmer for the first time, you may have some questions and uncertainties. When I was growing up, my parents bought meat from Safeway and other […] More

  • leeks growing in a garden

    Growing Leeks: From Starting Seeds to Blanching Bulbs

    If you’ve never grown leeks, you don’t know what you’re missing! This straight-laced member of the allium family has a milder flavor than onions, and it’s extremely cold hardy, making it a great choice for Northern gardeners looking for fresh vegetables in the dead of winter. To reap the fancier flavor of leeks for your […] More

  • lodge enameled dutch oven

    Cast Iron Dutch Ovens: The Ultimate Guide

    My enameled Dutch oven is my favorite cooking tool. But only since I graduated from my 20s. The impatient, impulsive, careless me and the Dutch oven were not compatible. I had a date to meet, a show to see, a new bar to check out…and you, Dutch oven, wanted me to stay home all night […] More

  • bokashi compost bin

    Kitchen Compost Bin Options

    With a greater focus on the environment than ever before, more and more people are trying to figure out how they can make a positive impact. If this sounds like you, then indoor composting might be a top solution for your home! Indoor composting is environmentally-friendly. Plus, the compost can also provide excellent fertiliser for […] More

  • homemade soap

    DIY Soap Recipes

    As an urban homesteading enthusiast, I definitely have the DIY bug. Gardening, landscaping, and chickens are all great for outdoor ideas, but in rainy Seattle it’s nice to find an indoor project too. I love all of the crazy scents available at our local farmers market (thai basil & lemongrass?!), that I chose this as […] More

  • Dirty Dozen Produce (And 2 To Really Avoid)

    Using data from tests conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Environmental Working Group has picked their “Dirty Dozen” produce for 2016. These 12 foods contain the most dangerous pesticides out of the 48 that EWG analyzed. To the list: 1) Strawberries More than 98% of strawberries tested positive for at least one pesticide […] More

  • canned asparagus in jars

    Best Canning Recipes

    Canning is a fun project that gets your hands dirty, keeps your food fresh, and gives you a last-minute gift option when the holidays roll around. The key to successful canning is starting with a recipe you can trust. We pulled these gems from our favorite homesteading and farming blogs. We also recommended the best […] More

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