10 Awesome New Inventions For Homesteaders

Handy Camel Bag Clip

handy camel bag clip
The problem: Most bag clips are cheaply-made and used for light stuff like bags of chips.
The solution: A hardy clip that seals bags without puncturing them, since the plastic “teeth” aren’t sharp.
The tech: A handle on the clip lets you carry the bags around by the clip rather than picking them up from the bottom.

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WaterHawk 6″ Smart Rain Shower Head with Water Usage and Temperature LED Display

waterhawk smart rain shower
The problem: On average, showering takes up 27% of water usage. But who among us really knows how much we use, or tries to conserve?
The solution: A device that helps you take the perfect shower with the least amount of wasted water—or at least guilts you into doing so.
The tech: The device contains a water-powered turbine, so it doesn’t need to be plugged in. Real-time temperature and usage sensors keep you informed as you shower.
Note: The founder invented the product as a way to show her teenage daughter just how much water her long showers were using.

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GO Outfitters Go Hammock

The problem: Bulky, uncomfortable hammocks.
The solution: A 1.2 lb. hammock that’s large enough to allow people to lie in many different positions.
The tech: An exclusive fabric tensioning system that reduces annoying loose fabric.

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Sun King Pico Portable Solar Lantern

sun king pico portable lantern
The problem: Light costs money, or you’re off-grid.
The solution: A solar-powered lamp that works for up to 72 hours on a single charge.
The tech: The solar panel is built-in, both the light and panel can be tilted 360 degrees.
Note: The lamp costs $19.95 in the U.S., but they sell it to buyers in developing nations for just $8. Your purchase is a contribution that keeps the price low.

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Postmodern Compostable Compost Bin

postmodern compostable compost bin
The problem: Kitchen composting is good, but stinky in-home plastic containers and bags are bad.
The solution: A sturdy, sealable, compostable container that doesn’t stink.
The tech: Their patent-pending system sits on a hanger that goes under the sink. The container is angled so that the cover creates a vacuum-like seal.

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reCAP Mason Jars

recap mason jars
The problem: Not so much a problem but an opportunity—with the right caps, Mason jars can be used for storage, for making salad dressing, as shakers…and then used for canning again when the time comes.
The solution: A line of stylish, multi-functional caps.
The tech: The BPA-free plastic caps are each designed for a specific purpose.

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Stasher Reusable Silicone Food Bags

girl getting snack from stasher resuable bag
The problem: Waste caused by the use of millions of disposable plastic food storage bags.
The solution: Reusable silicon bags that seal as tightly as plastic ones. (Also, unlike plastic bags, you can use them in the microwave).
The tech: The self-sealing technology took years to perfect.

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Renegade Broom

renegade broom
The problem: Traditional outdoor push brooms don’t collect that much debris, and don’t get into crevasses.
The solution: A curved bristle broom that you pull rather than push.
The tech: The curved bristles scour uneven surfaces like grooves in paving and the backs of trucks.

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Aquor House Hydrant

aquor house hydrant
The problem: Worn-down outdoor faucets are a pain to connect hoses to. Many waste water from leaks and drips. In some areas, they can freeze and break, with disastrous effects.
The solution: A new “plug” system design (no more twisting) that replaces old faucets.
The tech: High-performance polymer plastic rings and water pressure make this drip-free and leak-proof.

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Saltnets Reusable Snow & Ice Melting Mat

snow ice melting mat
The problem: Shoveling snow is the worst. And dumping rock salt on the ground runs off into storm drains and pollutes water.
The solution: A mat with the salt inside.
The tech: Patented nylon tubes and a “melting agent” that’s a proprietary blend of salts.

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What Is Amazon Launchpad

Amazon’s Launchpad went live in July 2015 as a marketplace dedicated to startups. Think of it as a store that only stocks cool, new products—the companies that make them are funded by big venture capital firms like Andressen Horowitz, “accelerators” like Y Combinator, and crowd-funding platforms like Kickstarter.

If you’re buying on Launchpad—Amazon’s marketplace for startups—you know you’re buying something innovative. So if you like trying new technology, or prefer to support new companies rather than corporate behemoths, Launchpad is worth a look. Check back, we’ll be updating this list as new products become available.

Written by Seth Kolloen

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