Water Security, Out of Thin Air

The ongoing drought in California is taking the issue of water security from outlying prepper culture to the mainstream- and one company thinks it can help.

humidity = drinking water from the air

With much of California experiencing record levels of “exceptional” drought- and with what little water there is available being tainted by the fracking industry– water security has recently gone from a “prepper” topic to a mainstream concern for many people inside and outside the troubled state.

For the guys behind Molecular Water Tech (MWT), water security isn’t just a recent concern- they’ve experienced water crises firsthand. This …


… used to be the back porch of their waterfront home.

“This is what I see when I look from the pier outside my backyard. This used to have crisp, blue waves rolling up underneath it,” reads the Molecular Water Tech website. “… years of drought have taken its toll. I personally feel the effects of a lessening water supply. And, I won’t sit by and do nothing. This is why Molecule New Water Technologies came into being.”

MWT manufactures atmospheric water generators. Like a dehumidifier, atmospheric water generators extract water from the humidity of ambient air. Water vapor in the air is condensed by cooling the air below its dew point. Unlike a dehumidifier, however, the atmospheric water generator (AWG) renders the water potable, making it suitable for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and growing fruits and vegetables.

Here’s more on the AWGs, direct from the source:


With your own Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG), you will have your own safe supply of clean water. But, rather than having (drinking water) stored away for possible future use, with an AWG, you don’t have to store it away, you can begin using it today!

Have you ever lifted a 5 gallon water bottle onto a dispenser? They’re heavy! The water in our subdivision is such that you really don’t want to drink it from the tap. So, every week, I would go and get a couple of heavy water bottles filled. Then, they’d be empty. I’d go back and forth, week after week. I’d bring them out when needed and lift them up. It was time consuming and a difficult nuisance. And, who’s to say that water was truly clean and pure?



I learned about the EcoloBlue Atmospheric Water Generator that not only offers the most advanced water condensation system, but it also offers the most options. What started as something to ease my families’ lives turned into a piece of equipment that allows me to have the assurance of fresh, clean drinking water should this sign (at right) ever go to Stage 5.

And, because it has made so much sense for us, we have turned it into our business. We now help others take back control of their basic needs, to be more self sufficient and to be prepared in the event that something unfortunate does indeed happen. One truly nice aspect of being prepared with an AWG is that you get full benefit of it today -AND- assurance for the future.


When crisis strikes, if you don’t already have emergency drinking water, food and supplies on hand, you will be faced with rushing into the stores like thousands of others and scrambling for whatever stock might be left on the shelves. While we don’t recommend living life as if you’re living in a compound, we do believe that if there’s a way to live your life today that ALSO prepares for tomorrow, it is the smartest and best approach. You can either get a smaller unit that produces 5-8 gallons a day, depending on temp/humidity or there are a multitude of sizes available for cabins, homes, ranches, mining camps, and other businesses that produce from 30 gallons a day up to several thousand gallons a day.

Content generously supported by Molecule Water Tech.

Written by imcp

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