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  • Why is the Government Pushing GMOs?

    The government has had a hand in marketing the least healthy foods for decades. This pro-GMO program isn’t much different from the USDA checkoff programs that promote meat and dairy to consumers. More

  • DIY Ways to Reduce Food Packaging Waste

    Food packaging waste is one of my pet peeves. These are some DIY ways to reduce food packaging waste, like the amount of paper and plastic, that you bring home from the grocery store. More

  • Why Palm Oil is a Problem for People & Planet

    Palm oil is found in everything from vegan butter to shampoo, and it has devastating consequences for people and planet. Learn why palm oil is a problem, and find out which companies are making commitments to more sustainable palm oil production. More

  • Meat Fraud: What’s really in the meat you eat?

    Whether you choose poultry, beef, or fish, it’s likely you’re getting a lot more than you bargained for! Plumped up chicken, injected shrimp, mislabeled fish and so much more happen in the world of meat fraud. More

  • Is a carrageenan ban on the horizon?

    Late last week, the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) voted overwhelmingly to ban carrageenan from certified organic foods. The new rule would take effect in November 2018. More

  • Halloween Pumpkin Waste is Very Scary

    The scariest thing about Halloween might not be zombies or vampires. Let’s take a look at the shocking amount of Halloween pumpkin waste and how we can prevent this yearly horrorshow. More

  • USDA Bails out Big Dairy AGAIN!

    For the second time this year, the USDA is buying up excess dairy. How did we get such an abundance of dairy, and why are our tax dollars being used for this AGAIN? More

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