• Growing Saffron Crocus Bulbs

    Known around the globe as a spice worth more than its weight in gold, saffron is expensive, but the intense color and incredible flavor it brings to food is priceless. A single grain of pure saffron will add distinctive bright yellow color to 10 gallons of water, or embellish the flavor of 10 pounds of […] More

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  • Storage Benches

    Storage benches may be one of the most versatile pieces of furniture we can own. For anyone needing to maximize space, they’re the answer to solving storage and seating problems. They can also serve as a beautiful piece of home décor. The options for storage benches are endless. We’re using them in our living rooms, […] More

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  • shed

    Storage Sheds

    Whether it’s time for some spring cleaning or winter decluttering, chances are the biggest project on your to-do list is organizing the garage and backyard. You’ve got your kids’ bikes in one corner, garden tools strewn about in another, and let’s not even get started with the holiday decorations that are shoved in that less-than-weatherproof […] More

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  • natural skin care products

    All About Organic Skincare

    Organic and natural products are coming out of the shadow of mainstream beauty preparations, demonstrating likely and proven restorative results. Both women and men are more frequently choosing not to apply products with chemicals and possible noxious toxins that may irritate or damage delicate skin. Instead, they are opting to only use pure organic/natural preparations. […] More

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  • living

    Ten Green Storage Solutions

    People often characterize the proliferation of self storage in the United States as a sign of consumerism or a materialist culture. To me, consumerism means consuming products. Buying a bunch of stuff and then throwing it away when you get bored with it — or buying items that are designed for just once use before […] More

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  • volcano smoke stack

    Top Global Warming Causes – Natural or Human?

    If you’ve followed the debate over climate change even a little, you likely know the main causes of global warming: concentrations of greenhouse gases build up in the Earth’s atmosphere, and create a “greenhouse,” or warming effect. You’re likely also aware that evidence of past warming periods has fueled the argument that natural causes are […] More

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  • ‘Natural’ Label Should Be Easy To Pin Down

    Marion Nestle, the esteemed food politics author and professor, recently wrote a column in the San Francisco Chronicle titled ‘Natural’ label not easy to pin down in which she discusses why the FDA has failed to define the term ‘natural.’ She says its “difficult to pin down” but I say it isn’t. It her column, Nestle points out […] More

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  • food industry

    Most “Natural” Cereals Likely to Contain GMOs

    Does “natural” mean non-GMO? Not likely. Many breakfast cereals labeled natural are likely to contain ingredients from genetically modified corn, soy, canola, and sugar beets. This was a key finding from a survey of natural cereal manufacturers conducted by The Organic & Non-GMO Report. Several natural cereal manufacturers admitted that their products may contain GM ingredients, one manufacturer refused to comment, and three are putting their products through a non-GMO verification program to avoid the use of GMOs. More

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